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Special Report on

OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

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The NEA established the High-level Group on the Security of Supply of Medical Radioisotopes (HLG-MR) in 2009. The HLG-MR is comprised of 20 experts who are representatives from the governments of Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, South Africa and the United States, as well as from the European Commission and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Members of the HLG-MR are nominated by governments. They include experts from government agencies and from research and industrial organisations with interests in medical radioisotopes. The principle objective of the HLG-MR ...
or when bombarded with fast neutrons, the much higher probability of uranium-235 and to a lesser degree uranium-233 to fission when bombarded with slow neutrons generates the heat in nuclear reactors used as a source of power, and provides the fissile material for nuclear weapons . Both uses rely on the ability of uranium to produce a sustained nuclear chain reaction . Depleted uranium (uranium-238) is used in kinetic energy penetrators and armor plating . 1 Uranium is used as a colorant in uranium glass , producing orange-red to lemon yellow hues. It was also used for tinting and shading in early photography . The 1789 discovery
Industry leaders calling for standardization
The major players of the nuclear industry today pledged support for a cooperative effort between the industry and regulatory authorities to achieve greater standardization of reactor design requirements across the world. Great savings could be made in future nuclear projects if a reactor design already approved by the safety regulators of one country could be used in others without major design changes for each. This would mean quicker, less costly build as well as greater safety thanks to more meaningful sharing of experience. The World Nuclear Association established a special working group dedicated to this issue in ... market research, surveys and trends
wildsingapore news: Thinking small for Singapore nuclear needs
OFFICIALS from different agencies led by the Ministry of Trade and Industry will begin a study later this year into the feasibility of nuclear power for Singapore. The questions they will consider include whether future costs and technology advances could make nuclear generation systems more suitable for countries like Singapore with relatively small land space and electricity grids. The answers to both questions appear promising. A recent survey of fossil fuel and low-carbon electricity generating plants found that when financing costs are low, as they are in Singapore, nuclear energy is the most competitive. The survey, ... market research, surveys and trends


Nuclear Energy Technologies Worldwide: Components and ...
Manufacturers of nuclear reactor components are entering a pivotal period as the new global landscape of global nuclear energy production takes shape. Nations committed to constructing next-generation nuclear facilities that leverage the latest technology will depend on manufacturers to provide high quality products that foster a safe, secure, and enduring environment for nuclear energy production. Governments, meanwhile, are challenged by the weak global economy that has tightened credit needed to fund some of their long-term nuclear energy initiatives. Suppliers to the nuclear energy construction market are also attempting to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Nuclear Energy Agency Country Profiles - Canada
There are currently 22 nuclear power reactors in Canada which are operated by public utilities and private companies in Ontario (20), Quebec (1) and New Brunswick (1). Of the 22 reactors installed, 16 reactors are currently in full commercial operation, and they generate around 13% of Canada's electricity, over 40% in Ontario. Moreover, nine CANDU reactors are currently in operation or under construction outside of Canada. In 2002, CANDU reactors in operation in Canada and abroad performed very well. Their performance averaged 85%, slightly higher than the lifetime average performance of 83%. Table 1 gives an overview of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
June 11th Press Review
Ankara argued yesterday that legitimacy, consistency, and a principled stance, rather than an alleged "axis shift," led to its vote on Wednesday at the UN Security Council rejecting new sanctions against Iran. Turkey and Brazil, both non-permanent members of the council, were the only states among the council's 15 members to vote against the imposition of a fourth round of sanctions against Iran over a nuclear program the West suspects is aimed at developing atomic weapons. Lebanon abstained. A uranium swap deal brokered last month by Turkey and Brazil – a deal almost identical to one proposed by UN atomic ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The nuclear option is back
LONDON (MarketWatch) -- For 30 years Sweden stood proudly at the forefront of the world's antinuclear movement. Now, in one of the clearest signs of a nuclear-power renaissance sweeping the globe, it's striving to lift a decades-old ban on new reactors. And it's not alone. Ballooning energy needs, volatile oil and gas prices, increased competition for dwindling supplies, and rising concerns about global warming are all pushing countries around the world to reconsider nuclear energy. Meanwhile, memories of accidents like those at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl have faded, while a continuing string of deadly and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Read about the NEA and its work in - OECD Nuclear Energy Agency ...
mm. Basic Facts and Figures. The Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA} i:; a specialised agency within the Organisation for Economic Co- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Technology Goals NERAC Subcommittee - Technology Goals for ...
International Atomic Energy Agency. – OECD/Nuclear Energy Agency. – European Commission. – Nuclear Regulatory Commission. – Department of State ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
On 13 June, the OECD Council approved the mem- bership of the Slovak Republic in the OECD Nuclear. Energy Agency and its Data Bank. The Slovak Re- ...
Nuclear Power: Nuclear Power Plants, nuclear power plants, nuclear ...
ANSWER: Definitely you should keep the nuclear power plants in operation and if you can build more. Nuclear power is the most economical, safe and environmentally acceptable way of producing electricity. If you read articles in Wikipedia, NRC, DOE, IAEA, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency and other related sites you get much more up to date information and see interesting pictures and tables. No nation can shy away from nuclear energy. The more nuclear power plants we have the less coal plants we need and thus much less air pollution and climate change. ---------- FOLLOW-UP ---------- QUESTION: But there has to be something wrong with ...
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method used to reprocess spent nuclear fuel, in order to extract uranium and plutonium, independent of each other, from the fission products. The irradiated fuel is first dissolved into nitric acid . After the dissolution step it is normal to remove the fine insoluble solids because otherwise they will disturb the solvent extraction process by altering the liquid liquid interface. It is known that the presence of a fine solid can stabilize an emulsion . Emulsions are often referred to as third phase s in the solvent extraction community. An organic solvent composed of 30% tributyl phosphate (TBP) in odorless kerosene (or hydrogenate