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Office of Patent Legal Administration

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The U.S. Supreme Court has decided several important patent cases and the Federal Circuit has issued many critical decisions in the last year. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued new rules and made significant prosecution practice changes. Recent court decisions and other events have greatly affected numerous aspects of U.S. and international patent licensing and related transactional practice. PLI’s 3rd Annual Patent Law Institute is designed to cover the practice impact of recent developments on all three sub-groups in the patent law community: patent prosecutors , patent litigators , and patent transactional ...
PTO Proposes Major New Patent Application Processing Rules ...
The United States Patent and Trademark Office is seeking public comment on a major new patent examination initiative that would provide applicants greater control over the speed with which their applications are examined and promote greater efficiency in the patent examination process.  This newly proposed Three-Track program aims to provide applicants with the ability to go faster or slower through the patent process, which will in turn hopefully reduce the pendency of those patent applications that are the most time sensitive. There will likely be those who oppose this Three-Track proposal, but as far as I can tell what is ... market research, surveys and trends
Merged Proceedings at the USPTO | Patents Post Grant Blog
MPEP § 2686.03.  The reason for this policy is to permit timely resolution of both the reissue and the inter partes reexamination, to the extent possible, and to prevent inconsistent, and possibly conflicting, amendments from being introduced into the two files on behalf of the patent owner.  If both a reissue application and an inter partes reexamination proceeding are pending concurrently on a patent, a decision will normally be made to merge the reissue application examination and the inter partes reexamination proceeding or to stay one of the two. [1] Where a reissue application and an inter partes reexamination proceeding ... market research, surveys and trends


Jeanne Clark, Legal Advisor, Office of Patent Legal Administration .... Cohen and Boyer had increased exponentially to $139 million. .... ninety-four percent of all the glass made in the United States, which allowed its members to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
NIH Extramural Nexus | September 2007
One of the most important aspects of my job is to hear your concerns, and to the extent that I am able, address them so that you can continue to conduct the groundbreaking biomedical research that in this 21 st century will help us predict and prevent disease and personalize treatments. In the last two years, I have heard increasing concern for the health of the “the pipeline”—the new generation of investigators that will make the discoveries of the future. And many of you tell me that you are unable to recruit and retain the best minds to conduct research. I can assure you that the NIH remains committed ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Energy-Hedging Patent, 3M-Avery, Amazon, Wimbledon: Intellectual Property
ruled against two men who sought to patent a system for hedging energy trades, while leaving the door open to allowing limited legal protections for registering business methods. The ruling in the so-called Bilski case was the first time in 29 years that the court voted on what types of innovations qualify for legal protection. While the decision was unanimous, the justices divided 5-4 in their reasoning, with the majority declining to bar all patents on methods of conducting business. The justices voting in the majority said there needs to be a flexible test for emerging technologies. The case drew record interest for a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Most of Sarbanes-Oxley survives ruling
WASHINGTON — The first group established by Congress to regulate the accounting industry survived a constitutional challenge Monday, emerging only with its members having a little less job security. The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board still faces a major problem of dealing with a number of countries that refuse to cooperate with it. In its ruling, the Supreme Court unanimously rejected a challenge to the constitutionality of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, which established the board and sought to reform corporate America after the Enron and WorldCom accounting scandals. A small accounting firm and a group called ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Robert A. Clarke Deputy Director Office of Patent Legal ...
May 3, 2006 ... Office of Patent Legal Administration. Office of the Deputy Director for Patent Examination Policy. Dear Mr. Clarke, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Office of Patent Examination Policy
The Office of Petitions, under the authority of the Associate Commissioner of Patent Examination Policy (ACPEP), reviews and decides petitions, requests, and related inquiries, regarding the filing of patent applications, revival of abandoned applications, reinstatement of expired patents, withdrawal of patent applications from issue, small entity entitlement, review of previous decisions of the Technology Centers, suspension of regulations, and questions not specifically provided for by regulations. Further information about the Office of Petitions Back to top The mission of the Office of Patent Legal Administration (OPLA) is ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Prior Arts in Patent Description | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
What are the pros and cons of mentioning the prior arts in a patent application (in the background of the invention or so)? How detailed should this be? Is it a good pratice to include analysis for the prior arts in the background of the invention? What is the best or most used industry apporach with regards to mentioning prior arts in the background? (Are they mentioned or not? If yes, how detailed?) And how does one decide about it (whether to mention or not)? posted 2 months ago in Intellectual Property | Closed Share This This was selected as Best Answer Hi Pranjali, In the post-KSR world, I tend to shy aware from discussing ...
Copyright & Patents: transfer of patent ownership, patent subject ...
Hello, Can you tell me how to transfer US patent ownership?  (I currently own the patent and want to transfer ownership to someone else.)  Can I do it myself?  What forms do I need?  Thank you. Answer To trasfer ownership you can file an assignment.  I believe the USPTO has a form for filing an assignment.  Check the website at   Alternatively you can license the patent to the other person or entity.  A license is basically a contract and therefore, you should consult an attorney if you are going to use this route.  There are two basic forms of licensing, exclusive and ...