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Special Report on

OHADA and the Harmonization Process

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The U.S. Department of Commerce's 2007 Country Commercial Guide reported that bankruptcy and insolvency legislation in Cameroon is a part of its Commercial Code. Cameroon is a member of the Organization to Harmonize Business Laws in Africa (OHADA), which promulgates uniform laws applicable to its member states. As an OHADA member, Cameroon observes the Uniform Act Organizing Collective Proceedings for Wiping off Debts, Sections 2 and 3 of which directly address bankruptcy issues. A 2006 International Monetary Fund Financial System Stability Assessment of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community region stated that ...
curving around the east and south. It covers a land area of nearly 270,000 km² and has an estimated population of 1,500,000. Its capital and largest city is Libreville . Since its independence from France on August 17, 1960, Gabon has been ruled by three presidents. In the early 1990s, Gabon introduced a multi-party system and a new democratic constitution that allowed for a more transparent electoral process and reformed many governmental institutions. The small population density together with abundant natural resources and foreign private investment have helped make Gabon one of the most prosperous countries in the ...
from the new book shelf - january 14 – 18, 2008
Allison, J.W.F.  The English historical constitution:  continuity, change and European effects.  Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press, 2007. KF 4486 A43 2007 Culture and Law Sherwin, Richard K.  Popular culture and law.  Aldershot, Hants, England:  Ashgate, 2006. K 487 C8 P67 2006 – D – Double Taxation — European Union Countries — Treaties — Congresses Lang, Michael (et al.).  Tax treaty law and EC law.  Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands:  Kluwer Law International, 2007. KJE 7114 T39 2007 – E – Environmental Law, International Selected texts of legal instruments in international environmental law.  Nairobi, Kenya: United ... market research, surveys and trends
OHADA网站发布的消息 vous informe : OHADA / CHINE / Parution de la traduction chinoise du livre « Business Law in Africa OHADA and the Harmonization Process - 2ème Edition ». Auteurs : Boris Martor, Nanette Pilkington, David S. Sellers, Sébastien Thouvenot - avocats chez Eversheds. Cette nouvelle édition du livre, entièrement traduit en chinois, propose non seulement un éclairage plus complet et réactualisé sur les missions de l'Organisation pour l'Harmonisation du Droit des Affaires en Afrique (OHADA), ses réalisations, mais explique aussi en détail la réglementation adoptée à ce jour. Analyse de référence sur l'initiative ... market research, surveys and trends


Articles Harmonizing Business Laws in Africa: OHADA Calls the Tune
OHADA AND THE. HARMONIZATION PROCESS 295−97 (2002) [hereinafter BUSINESS LAW] ( discussing ..... Saharan Africa did not manage to rise by even ten percent.25 This ..... In July 2004, Senegal's population was approximately 10.9 million ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
President Yayi, in office since April 2006, aims to establish double digit economic growth in Benin before the end of his term in 2011 and is cognizant that he needs foreign investment to reach that goal. In an attempt to attract increased investment, President Yayi set up the Presidential Investment Council (PIC) in 2006. The objectives of this organization are to reinforce dialogue between the government and investors and speed the process of identification and implementation of reforms in order to improve the business environment. The PIC includes local and foreign private investors and government representatives. The ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


The Preliminary Draft OHADA Uniform Act on Contract Law as Seen by ...
Law in Africa: OHADA and the harmonization process” was launched. An. OHADA Resources Centre was also inaugurated in Accra. Similarly, on 30 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Togo has traditionally provided a hospitable environment for foreign investment. During the last twenty years, political instability has diminished both opportunities and investor confidence. The government distinguished itself through the 1980's as a western-oriented, entrepreneurial hub in the region. However, in the early 1990's, investor interest fell sharply due to overt political unrest in Togo. As the country emerges from the negative economic impact of that period and its poor political and human rights record, foreign investment is even more welcome than it was previously. The government continues to seek ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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