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OHADA Four Years On

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creating a uniform system of business laws. There are eight OHADA statutes (uniform acts), the first of which became effective in 1998. [2] They cover business organizations from formation to dissolution, and through bankruptcy, arbitration and execution of judgments. The uniform acts concerning operations govern commercial and secured transactions, transport by road and accounting. The uniform acts are inspired by civil law, but have other sources as well. Institutions: Council of Ministers (legislature, composed of ministers of finance and of justice); Common Court of Justice and Arbitration ("CCJA"); Permanent ...
Golf Holidays - Customized Luxury Vacation Packages - Scottsdale, AZ
Being a golfer in Scotland, as I am, can be a cause for some weather concerns as when the weather turns bad it turns really bad. I remember playing St Andrews on a winters day. The wind was gale force, putts were rolling back off the green due to the wind, in fact it was so bad that after 10 holes we headed for the clubhouse for soup and cups of tea to try and get the circulation going. Don't get me wrong, there are other times I have played St Andrew in beautiful weather and to be honest there is no better place in the world to play golf at any time. However there is nothing I like better than planning a golfing holiday to ... market research, surveys and trends
Medical Evacuation Insurance - How it works
I do not think will happen to you if you travel abroad, when suddenly finds to be evacuated for medical reasons. The medical evacuation occur more frequently than we ever thought about travel insurance to cover medical evacuation, is important. An international medical evacuation is provided over 14,000 posts in a single year. It 'an average of about 35 movements per day! Let's look at the cruise industry. The majority of travelers -- and there are more than five million of them each year taking cruises from ports of the United States - no cover medical evacuation of their health insurance. The American Medical ... market research, surveys and trends


Articles Harmonizing Business Laws in Africa: OHADA Calls the Tune
of four official languages,9 and the treaty is in the process of ... l'Arbitrage , and is a long-standing authority on OHADA. See Interview with Mag. Kenfack ..... Saharan Africa did not manage to rise by even ten percent.25 This ..... In July 2004, Senegal's population was approximately 10.9 million people. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Policy Diagnostic on Access to Finance in the Democratic Republic ...
In a population estimated at 62 million people, the Association of Congolese ..... [SSA]).18 Return on Assets for Congolese MFIs averages 1.8 percent in ... 19 The MIX data on portfolio quality for DRC is limited to only four institutions. ..... membership in OHADA.31 Further, OHADA is drafting a Uniform Act on ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


The Treaty on the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa was signed in Port Louis ... OHADA comprises four institutions responsible for the formulation and ... It comprises of seven judges elected for seven years, reeligible once, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
International Commercial Arbitration and African States
Tung, born in Beijing, China, on 25 July 2000, to a five-year term as ICSID's ... Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa (the OHADA Treaty) holds sway.8 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Someone help me translate some Arabic. Possibly the Morroccan ...
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