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Ontario Sole Proprietorship

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This service includes registration of a business name for your sole proprietorship. We will register the business name and email you your Master Business Licence in 0.5 to 3 business hours. Upon receiving of the Master Business Licence you should print it, visit your bank, open a business bank and start your business. The Master Business Licence is valid for 5 years. You may renew it thereafter.         This service is highly recommended . It allows you to avoid a situation, when you register a business name, which is already in use by another small business or corporation. It also gives you a proof that ...
Ontario Sole Proprietorships – Read this Before You Register
Ontario Sole Proprietorships are governed by the Business Names Act (Ontario). An Ontario Sole Proprietorship is sometimes called an Ontario Trade Name. It is a good idea to look over the statute requirements to ensure you comply with them properly. The law requires that a person must not give the public the opinion that he or she is carrying on business under another name unless that name has been registered. Further a person must be registered in order to be legally allowed to use a name other than his or her own. If you decide to register an Ontario trade name you should be aware that an Ontario Nuans name search is not ... market research, surveys and trends
Important Information You Should Know Before Ordering Your Ontario ...
An Ontario Nuans Name Search Report is a seven page report which is generated from the Nuans name search system in Canada. This database compares a proposed company name or trade-mark with a database of existing names that have been registered anywhere across Canada. You must obtain an Ontario Name Search for the proposed name you intend to use for your company at the time you incorporate in Ontario. This report allows the Ontario government to determine whether your name is available. Any conflicting names will show up on the report. It is not necessary to provide an Ontario Nuans Name Search Report when registering an Ontario ... market research, surveys and trends


Women in Business - Business Women Numbers in Canada Growing
In the past 15 years, there has been a 50 percent increase in the number of self-employed women in Canada, and one million Canadian women will own a small business by 2010, according to a report released by the CIBC, "Women Entrepreneurs: Leading the Charge" . There are now 800,000 women business owners in Canada and the number of women-owned businesses is growing 60 percent faster than those run by men. Reading this report provides interesting insights into what the "typical" Canadian business woman is like as well as raising some intriguing issues. For instance, we're all familiar with the income ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Ontario Market Investment Fund: Application Guidebook
Ontario consumers are increasingly interested in and committed to buying local food. There are varying definitions of what "local" means and it can cover the purchase of Ontario-produced foods at a supermarket to a basket of vegetables bought at a local farmers market. But we can all agree that eating more Ontario products is good for everyone. It's good for farmers, for the environment and good for our economy. The Ontario Market Investment Fund program is a 4-year $12 million provincial initiative to promote consumer awareness of Ontario-produced foods and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Hemingway's 'Last Good Country'
It's great northern air. Absolutely the best trout fishing in the country. No exaggeration. Fine country. Good color, good northern atmosphere, absolute freedom, no summer resort stuff and lots of paintable stuff.� —Ernest Hemingway to his friend Jim Gamble, 1919 For Ernest Hemingway, northern Michigan was an imagined frontier; his fictional north woods reveal a memory's passionate hold on a brilliantly imaginative mind. Pilgrims to Hemingway country still look for surviving landmarks described by the author through the eyes of his first great protagonist, the semi-autobiographical Nick Adams, nearly a century ago.� market trends, news research and surveys resources


Milo's Works: Best Ontario Forms Package - Corporation Amendment ...
Ontario Sole Proprietorship / Partnership / Trade Name Registration. 45.00. 5.85 . 50.85. ONTARIO INCORPORATION PACKAGE (Not-for-Profit / Charitable) ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Physicians should weigh advantages,
viduals can do in a sole proprietor- ship or partnership." Under Ontario's Business Cor- porations Act, everyone has the right ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Thomas F. El-Maraghi
tem Media and Technology, Hawkestone, Ontario. Sole proprietorship designing database-driven web sites, developing custom programming ...
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Resale Certificate Canada?
I'm in the process of setting up an online business (based in Canada), and I will be purchasing products from the US. We will be "reselling" the said products (very niche based) to the Canadian market which is unfortunately under developed. Many vendors require us to input a "resale certificate number", and I can' seem to find anything of that nature up here in Ontario? Can anyone direct me to something like this? (I have found it for all the 48 states...not for canada). Andrew. Have you applied for a vendor's permit since you are reselling in Ontario? There's also the option of requresting a vendor's ...
WikiAnswers - How do you get tax exemption for a sole ...
Lawyers, accountants, business consultants, etc., etc., are NOT tax exempt. (Either sales tax or income). Business generally (except for Charities and some special instances) are more responsible for tax than individuals. The sales tax is paid under the use tax in the State it is delivered to, or if for export and not touched in the State of purchase, the standard S&U procedures hold and you can claim a credit for the tax paid on your return in the receiving State. A sole proprietorship is a person using a business name. In itself, it doesn't change the taxability of anything. The answer above is absolutely correct based on ...