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Special Report on

Oracle Social Media Participation Policy

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I have designed the report in the Crystal Report Xi . and connecting the Database through JDBC/JNDI . the connecion information are given below which have been used in the designer connection URL :jdbc:oracle:thin:@ Database ClassName : oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver Connection Name Optional :ndu . The report is working fine in the report Designer and fetching the data from the data base .. But when i am opeing this report from the JSP Page the Report Ask for the user name and password . Although i have configured the DataSoure in oracle-da.xml as ;
Urban performance currently depends not only on the city's endowment of hard infrastructure ('physical capital'), but also, and increasingly so, on the availability and quality of knowledge communication and social infrastructure ('intellectual and social capital'). The latter form of capital is decisive for urban competitiveness. It is against this background that the concept of the "smart city" has been introduced as a strategic device to encompass modern urban production factors in a common framework and to highlight the growing importance of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs),
My Personal Blog Policies
has caused me to reevaluate my own personal and previously unwritten policies that affect how and what I write in this blog. In this post, I briefly look at the informal and unwritten policies that I have attempted to follow in writing posts for this blog and why these internally-motivated policies are important. Other developers who blog (and I think more should ) may wish to similarly take an inventory of their own blogging practices. Mixing of Personal and Technical One of the main differences Justin calls out between Oracle's policy and Sun's policy is the mixing of personal with work-related content. In an ... market research, surveys and trends
조직의 소셜미디어 가이드라인, 강제규범과 자율지침 사이
사실 잘 들여다보면 트위터들이 우려하는 식으로 트위터에 대한 적대감이나 최소한 깊은 우려감을 발견하긴 힘들다. 오히려 소셜미디어의 속성에 대해서 잘 이해하고 있다고 판단이 된다. 또한 이런 소셜미디어 가이드라인은 매우 자세하고 구체적이며 상식선에서 작성되었다는 것을 알 수 있다. 아래는 IBM에서 작성한 블로그 가이드라인을 간단하게 요약한 버전이다. 1. IBM 비즈니스 행동 지침(Business Conduct Guidelines)을 숙지하고 준수하십시오. 2. 블로그, wikis 등 모든 형태의 온라인 대화는 개인적인 상호작용일 뿐, 기업의 커뮤니케이션이 아닙니다. IBM 직원은 본인이 게시한 게시글에 대하여 개인적인 책임을 지게 됩니다. 본인이 작성하는 글이 오랫동안 공개된다는 점을 명심하고, 본인의 프라이버시를 보호하십시오. 3. IBM이나 IBM 관련 사안에 대하여 블로깅을 하는 경우에는 성명과 IBM에서 맡은 직함 등을 밝혀야 하며 1인칭으로 글을 써야 합니다. 본인이 본인의 의견을 말하는 것일 뿐 IBM을 대표하여 말하는 것이 아님을 분명히 해야 합니다. 4. 본인이 블로그를 개설하거나 블로그에 게시글을 게시하는데 있어 그것이 본인의 업무와 관련돼 있거나 IBM과 관련된 주제에 관한 글인 경우에는, 이하와 같은 ... market research, surveys and trends


sarà la possibilità di navigare "indietro nel tempo" all'interno delle proprie cartelle e, di conseguenza, di  poter recuperare versioni precedenti o cancellate dei propri file. Ciò è possibile grazie all'integrazione all'interno del desktop Gnome (ed in particolare dell'applicazione Nautilus) di uno "slider" che permette di consultare gli snapshot creati su un file system ZFS . Infatti la distribuzione OpenSolaris 2008.11 sarà al 100% su ZFS, inclusi swap e dump device, con l'ulteriore vantaggio di non dover partizionare lo spazio tra i file system e l'area di swap. Ecco un'immagine che ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Social Marketing Do's And Don'ts (as learned by Target and Walmart ...
SAN FRANCISCO It's a pretty safe bet that all marketers now know engaging in social media can be a gamble. But the question is whether opting out is really a choice. By most accounts, one of the smartest moves a marketer can make is to solicit, and interact with, consumers' comments and critiques about their brands. What they learn from these modernized focus groups can lead to new products, inspire new positionings and inform marketing programs. Besides, public commentary will happen with or without them---on blogs, in forums and even in readers' comments on news sites. So if marketers don't grab a mitt and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Funding roundup - week ending 06/25/10
It's like that creepy scene from Being John Malkovich where everyone in the room looks like the actor and every word that comes out of anyone's mouth is "Malkovich." Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich. Except instead of "Malkovich," everyone's saying "social gaming, social gaming, social gaming." Playdom picked up another big one, $33 million , from new backers Bessemer Venture Partners, New World Ventures, and Steamboat Ventures. The funding is a second tranche of the Series A round that Playdom first closed late last year, when it picked up $43 million on a $260 million pre-money ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Get Set Go for Way to Transform Shridhar University Pilani Rajasthan
An initiative of the Sarvhit Trust, Shridhar University has been established under Section 2(f) of UGC Act. 1956 incorporated by Government of Rajasthan vide Ordinance No. 3 of 2009 and the same ratified by the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly vide Act No. 4 of 2010 as The SHRIDHAR UNIVERSITY ACT BIGODNA, JHUNJHUNU. Vide letter F.No 8-3/2010(CPP-I/PU) dated 31 May 2010, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has also notified Shridhar University under Section 2(f) of UGC Act 1956. Pilani is well known for the host of educational institutions as well as CSIR Laboratory CEERI as well as upcoming assembly centre for the prestigious ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Code of Ethics and Business Conduct | Oracle
Social Media . ...... and Oracle policy permit it. See the. “Business Courtesies You May Extend” section and consult with the Oracle ... participation, and/or sponsorship of political candidates, parties, campaigns, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
participation in the Task Force, either organizationally by the .... 3.8.2 All applicable federal, state, and local media policies will be .... Individual or Corporate name must exactly match that which is registered with either Social ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Social-Media-In-The-Organization-MISRC - Microsoft PowerPoint ...
Oct 28, 2009 ... ORACLE'S COMMUNITY. 9. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR HUMAN RESOURCES. ○ According to a CareerBuilder .... INCENTIVES FOR MARKET PARTICIPATION. ○ Hard Incentives ... Anchor social media policies to business conduct guidelines. ...
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What important advice should I share with students about LinkedIn ...
Consider every person they meet from this point forward to be a potential linkedin connection. As law students, they will have access to many well connected attorneys, judges, professors, business people etc. over the next three years. 1. Every time they collect a card and follow up with a call or an email, they should try to make that person a connection. In my experience, professionals (especially alumni) love to help law students and are generally receptive to students who take the initiative to build a relationship. A linkedin connection is worth far more than a business card that can eventually be misplaced. 2. If they ...
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"It sort of hit us that, wait a minute, XP will be gone as of June 30. What are we going to do?" he said. "If no one does something, it's going to be gone."   Microsoft, Novell Reach Agreement On Linux "Once bitter rivals, Microsoft Corp., and Novell Inc., entered into an agreement on Thursday to allow open-source Linux software to work with Windows."   Microsoft's Ballmer: XP May be Saved if Consumers Show They Want It "XP will hit an end-of-life. We have announced one. If customer feedback varies we can always wake up smarter but right now we have a plan for end-of-life ...