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Special Report on

Perfection Of Proceeds

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While its share price has exploded, we wonder whether it is setting itself up for a major disappointment. The stock price has basically increased ten-fold over the last year. The main driver seems to be the promise of their newly acquired Columbian properties (and due to recent liberalization, Columbia is indeed a hot new oil exploration prospect ). Adjacent to one of these (the CPO-4 block), two wells (Candililla 1&2) produced rather great results, and the stock price subsequently began to take off. However, we think the shares are priced for perfection and anything less could trigger a substantial sell-off. 2) What Do ...
is a property interest created by agreement or by operation of law over assets to secure the performance of an obligation, usually the payment of a debt. It gives the beneficiary of the security interest certain preferential rights in the disposition of secured assets. Such rights vary according to the type of security interest, but in most cases, a holder of the security interest is entitled to seize, and usually sell, the property to discharge the debt that the security interest secures.
Austerity, BN style. « Dean Johns Ad Lib
     In the light of financial scandals of fantastic proportions and more plunder-prone projects on the drawing-board or actually underway, it was astonishing last week to read of the claim by Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin that the federal government “has been practising fiscal austerity.”      Certainly the government is crying poor as far as public welfare is concerned, claiming to be unable to afford sufficient scholarships for gifted students or to continue subsidizing staples like fuel, food and utilities. Or indeed any basic services at all for a great many rural people.      But it shows no sign of cutting back ... market research, surveys and trends
Jumping Anaconda » Blog Archive » Spirituality and kabbala ...
The following exercises are designed to assist in freeing the most potent energy known to humanity and resident in creation. They are not designed for someone with little or no esoteric experience. In general, it would be advisable to have at lest one to two years of practical, daily experience with the Middle Pillar and/or Pentagram Rituals; in addition, an equal amount of time with the Hexagram Rituals. Several working of the 32nd through 24th Paths on the Tree of Life would also be desirable[a), and regular practice of once a week or so of “Rising on the Planes”[b). Common sense, a willingness to “Make haste slowly”, and a ... market research, surveys and trends


Secured Credit Facility Authorized for AIG on September 16, 2008
14 percent and were secured by a wide range of assets of AIG, including its ... AIG may use the proceeds of advances made under the Credit Facility solely ... Credit Facility, and as of October 29, 2008, AIG had $89.6 billion in borrowings ... such as real estate, motor vehicles and aircraft, the perfection of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Main directions of the government's investment policy | The Russia ...
For the third consecutive year, Russia has been experiencing an economic rise triggered by the precipitous fall of the ruble in the wake of the August 1998 financial crisis and fueled by the favorable world-market situation for Russia's traditional export commodities. But, when these factors lost momentum by the second half of 2001, it became clear that this potential for growth had been exhausted. An economic slowdown began in September 2001, and, during November, the tempo of industrial growth in the country declined 5.4 percent. This occurred against the background of a declining rate of investment: According to the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
End to long national nightmare finally within view
Shortly after 9 p.m. EDT Thursday, we know now, and more convenient still, on live TV, as part of an hour-long ESPN special. And just like that, LeBron James will no longer be homeless. This much attention for a guy who has yet to win a championship — let alone a game in the finals — is wrong on so many levels that it's hard to know where to begin. But we'll venture a guess: Sometime in the early 1990s, right around the time cameras turned up in high school gyms to broadcast "signing ceremonies," giving kids with an already bloated sense of self an unhealthy dose of more. Thanks to inflation, 15 ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Plaintiff Timothy Hoffman is the Chapter 7 trustee of the bankruptcy estate of debtor Sanmill Pacific, Inc., which filed a Chapter 11 petition in 2005 and converted to Chapter 7 in 2007. By this adversary proceeding, he seeks a declaration that the bankruptcy estate is the owner of the single family residence at 4519 Dry Creek Road in Napa, California. The property was deeded to Virginia Sanborn, the sole shareholder, officer and director of the debtor, in 2003. Hoffman alleges that the deed was defective and therefore the property belongs to the bankruptcy estate. Not only does he seek a declaration that he owns the property, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


6-8. Automatic Perfection of Proceeds .......................................... ....................... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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(A) a security interest or agricultural lien continues in collateral notwithstanding sale, lease, license, exchange, or other disposition thereof unless the secured party authorized the disposition free of the security interest or agricultural lien; and (B) a security interest attaches to any identifiable proceeds of collateral. (2) Authorization to sell, lease, license, exchange, or otherwise dispose of farm products shall not be implied or otherwise result, nor shall a security interest in farm products be considered to be waived, modified, released, or terminated if such disposition is conditioned upon the secured ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
U.C.C. - ARTICLE 9 -§9-306.
or proceeds. Insurance payable by reason of loss or damage to the collateral is proceeds, except to the extent that it is payable to a person other than a party to the security agreement . Money, checks, deposit accounts , and the like are "cash proceeds". All other proceeds are "non-cash proceeds". (2) Except where this Article otherwise provides, a security interest continues in collateral notwithstanding sale, exchange or other disposition thereof unless the disposition was authorized by the secured party in the security agreement or otherwise, and also continues in any identifiable proceeds ...
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Which Bible verse says to be Christ-like to others? - Yahoo! Answers
As of 09/07, our member Confuzzled asked this question and said that she had an essay to write for a college course. I'm pretty sure the assignment has long been submitted, and graded. Therefore, I'd like to answer her. Answerer 1 Another poster referenced different verses of this same chapter in the book of Philipians. I think the answer is in the first eight verses of Philipians Chapter 2 referenced further below. The Apostle Paul says that if there in any comfort in Chirst, love, compassion, spirit, and heartfelt feelings, do as he and make him joyous by being as he is. Then, verse 5 says to let "this ...
Can someone explain to me in detail the emanation theory of Neo ...
emanation (ĕmənā`shən) [Lat.,=flowing from], cosmological concept that explains the creation of the world by a series of radiations, or emanations, originating in the godhead. It is characteristic of Neoplatonism and is frequently encountered in Indian metaphysics. In the history of Western thought it has been to some extent, as in Neoplatonism, opposed to the Judeo-Christian conception of creation, in which the eternal God makes all from nothing. To explain the relation of a totally transcendent God to a finite and imperfect world, the belief in emanation denies that God directly created the world but maintains rather that the ...