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Special Report on

Perkins Coie Legal Practices

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sponsor of the Asia Chronicles. Kinney has made more placements of U.S. associates and partners in Asia than any other firm in the past two years. You can reach them by email: asia at kinneyrecruiting dot com.] Evan here. Please note that we have launched a new daily blog – THEASIACHRONICLES.COM – that will include our posts here at Above The Law, but also add additional daily posts, as well as source relevant Asia biglaw news from various media. You can search through all posts using “tags” (ie, expat packages) or any search term you come up with. Here is the latest post below: *********************** WHY EXPAT / ...
State Investigator: Palin's Legal Defense Fund Was Illegal ...
The legal defense fund set up for Sarah Palin when she was governor of Alaska was illegal, an investigator for the state's personnel board announced today. Investigator Timothy Petumenos found that Palin acted in good faith in setting up the legal defense fund -- but that the fund's website improperly used the word "official," implying the then-governor's endorsement. Petumenos' report comes in response to an ethics complaint filed when Palin was governor. Palin's lawyer said she'll return the money. Former Palin aide Meghan Stapleton defended the former Alaska governor in a Facebook post ... market research, surveys and trends
Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, And The Cost Of Fighting Chicago Thug ...
To fully understand how Barack Obama and his Chicago thug politics work, you must know a little history of just how Obama weaseled his way into political office in the first place. The story of how Obama went from a street thug, rabble rouser, and " community organizer " to being the lackey of unrepentant murdering domestic terrorist William Ayers, to an Illinois State Senator, and then a United States Senator, and ultimately President, is a case study in lies, betrayal, and corruption. This from David Horowitz’s Discover The Networks archives: The Pro-Soviet Alice Palmer Paves Obama's Path to Elected Office: market research, surveys and trends


Economic Conditions-Economic trends-legal profession-lawyers ...
The careers of real-life lawyers are often less glamorous and satisfying than those portrayed by their television counterparts in shows like “L.A. Law.” At the Chicago office of Perkins Coie, partners recently unveiled a “happiness committee,” offering candy apples and milkshakes to brighten the long and wearying days of its lawyers. Perhaps this will serve as an example to other firms, which studies show lose, on average, nearly a fifth of their associates in any given year, in an industry in which about 20 percent of lawyers over all will suffer depression at some point in their careers. Last year, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Financial Services Litigation & Investigation Monitor : Financial ...
The deal between House and Senate negotiators, sealed just before sunrise on Friday, imposes new rules on some of the riskiest business practices and exotic investment instruments. It also levies hefty fees on the financial services industry, essentially forcing big banks and hedge funds to pay the projected $20 billion, five-year cost of the new oversight that they will face. And it empowers regulators to liquidate failing financial companies, fundamentally altering the balance between government and industry. The sponsors of the legislation expect that Congress will approve the legislation this week and that President ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Climate Change Risk Management: a special report
The potential impact of global climate change has generated proposals for new U.S., Canadian and international laws and regulations, and it is likely that North American companies soon will incur costs to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Weather conditions, rising sea levels and changing snow and rainfall patterns may also affect operations, supply chains and profitability. Corporations may face investor claims for losses blamed on company operations, and directors and officers may face similar claims for failure to adequately anticipate the effects of climate change or greenhouse gas regulation on company prospects. market trends, news research and surveys resources
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, Daniel M. Kolkey, S. Ashlie Beringer, Michael B. Smith and Benjamin M. Glickman for Email Sender and Provider Coalition and ValueClick, Inc., as Amici Curiae on behalf of Defendants and Appellants. CHIN, J. Business and Professions Code section 17529.5, subdivision (a)(2) [ 1 ] (section 17529.5(a)(2)) provides that it is unlawful to advertise in a commercial electronic mail (e-mail) advertisement — commonly known as "spam" — if the advertisement "contains or is accompanied by falsified, misrepresented, or forged header information." The issue this case presents is whether, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Read Perkins Coie's 2008 Diversity Year in Review - DIVERSITY
that include best practices for skill development and coaching for business .... of color in the legal profession, Perkins Coie's commitment to increased ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Perkins Coie
Jul 21, 2009 ... On behalf of the Perkins Coie LLP Political Law Group, I appreciate ... Rather, they reflect our distinct experience as legal ... to search the content of opinions for free was a major help to those who practice before ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Some very impressive names to go along...
Draft Last Updated: April 1, 2003 'Spam Forum - Federal Trade Commission' 601 New Jersey Avenue, NW Washington, DC - April 30-May 2, 2003 Day One April 30, 2003 Mechanics of Spam 8:30 - 8:45 am Registration 8:45 - 9:00 am Introductory Remarks and Welcome Chairman Timothy J. Muris, FTC 9:00 - 10:00 am �People of Spam�: Moderator, Eileen Harrington, Associate Director, Division of Marketing Practices, FTC � Brian Arbogast, Vice President, .NET Core Services Management, Microsoft � Laura Atkins, President, SpamCon Foundation � Joe Barrett, Senior Vice President, Systems Operations, America Online, Inc. � Mark James Ferguson
Why Did Obama Spend $750000 Fighting Lawsuits About His Birth ...
Don't give me a bunch of tinfoil hat crap, answer the question ! Why spend all that money instead of $10 ! Something stinks go to & do some research ! The answer is because he didn't. You have no way of knowing what he spent in legal fees because it is not a matter of public record. the claims of huge legal fees are usually based off of FEC filings which show distributions to Perkins Coie. The problem with that is that Perkins Coie is general counsel for the campaign and responsible for ensuring compliance with finance laws, handling tax and contract issues, as well as advising and ensuring ...