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Peter Suber, Legal News Sources

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Abstract:   This article statistically analyzes how the citation impact of articles deposited in the Condensed Matter section of the preprint server ArXiv (hosted by Cornell University), and subsequently published in a scientific journal, compares to that of articles in the same journal that were not deposited in the archive. Its principal aim is to further illustrate and roughly estimate the effect of two factors, “early view” and “quality bias,” on differences in citation impact between these two sets of papers, using citation data from Thomson Scientific's Web of Science . It presents ...
online researchers have access to more articles but cite fewer
showing that when researchers have access to more papers, they cite fewer of them in their own work.  The July 18 isn't yet online, but here's an article from today's Economist about Evans' research.  (Thanks to Heather Joseph).  Excerpt: ...[James Evans] found that as more journals become available online, fewer articles are being cited in the reference lists of the research papers published within them. Moreover, those articles that do get a mention tend to have been recently published themselves.... [Evans used Thomson citation data on] 6,000 of the most prominent academic journals, some ... market research, surveys and trends
Academia As Commons
 Now, I don’t really know if say, philosophical blogging, is going to amount to a sea-change within the discipline that many insist upon, but this article about open access technology and higher ed is interesting. Academia as a Commons: How open technologies can help higher education expand collaboration, innovation and public access to knowledge. By David Bollier (David Bollier has been the Croxton Lecturer at Amherst College for the past semester, teaching a course, “The Rise of the Commons.” Below are remarks that he delivered at the Robert Frost Library on April 26, 2010). I realize that any mention of ... market research, surveys and trends


Review of the Year 2008 and Trends Watch—Part 2
In Part 2 I cover the trends I’ll be watching in 2009 that I expect to have an impact on libraries and the information industry. I also present a wrap-up with links to some of the most interesting coverage from other commentators and analysts. Please let me know if there’s something big I’ve missed or you would like to comment on something I’ve included. Add your comments using the link at the end of the article. For ongoing coverage, my monthly NewsBreak Update column in Information Today provides regular news highlights and analysis of trends. And, please, if you have comments on the news, questions, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Emerald | The scholarly communication movement: highlights and ...
To provide an overview of the growing international movement of librarians, faculty members, and researchers who are working together to develop new methods of scholarly communication, including Open Access (OA) journals, digital e-print archives, and institutional repositories, and to press for public access to federally funded research. Design/methodology/approach – Key elements which have created pressures for change in the scholarly communication system are reviewed: the development and expansion of the Internet and networked technologies, and rapidly increasing journal costs due to consolidation, pricing structures and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


legal records, quotations, statistics, calendars, and more. The only limitation ... Other news sources such as CNN, Good Morning America, and CNBC have ... There is a digest of Peter Suber's OA News that includes Jan- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Apr 28, 2009 ... search they support (see Peter Suber's blog. Open Access News for an archive of ... access fees and legal barriers to reuse. ... any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Peter Suber, Legal News Sources
Noteworthy appellate decisions from around the country (other than the U.S. Supreme Court and the New York Court of Appeals). From the Legal Information Institute (LII) of Cornell University Law School. FindLaw Legal News . News in many categories, up to date, searchable. Also see its page of Today's [Legal] News Headlines , organized by area of legal practice. Supports email notification. Jurist . National and international legal news on the front page of this multi-faceted web site for lawyers. More news inside. Also see its Feed feature, displaying legal news relases and related announcements. Supports email ...
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WikiAnswers - What is the difference between Open Access and Open ...
From OpenSourceSoftwarevsProprietarySoftware.htm and WikipeadiaSince the dawn of the computing era, manufacturers and consumers of technology have strived to make things smaller. And though it may... Is SQL an open source software or open access software ? SQL is not software in the sense that you can run it as a stand-alone program. SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is that a language for querying relational databases. It was originally... What is the difference between free software and open - source software ? Free software is software that makes few or no restrictions on what you can do with it or the source code. ...