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Principal legal definition of principal

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The University research community has an interest in recognizing both the holder of the award with the sponsor and the person serving as institutional oversight (if different). In order to accomplish this, the University research community recognizes two types of eligible Principal Investigators. The University recognizes the applicant to the sponsor as the Sponsor Principal Investigator. The institution will allow anyone employed by Michigan who meets the sponsor's guidelines for eligibility to serve in this capacity. The University will recognize the same individual as the UM Principal Investigator as long as the ...
of the items being smuggled. Examples of non-financial motivations include bringing banned items past a security checkpoint (such as airline security ) or the removal of classified documents from a government or corporate office. Smuggling in literature is a common trope or theme, from Bizet 's Carmen to the James Bond book (and later film) Diamonds are Forever .
Diatribes of Jay: Outrage! (The Shirley Sherrod Story)
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Technical assistance to building an integrated child protection ...
Up to date, the Government of Senegal’s response to child protection issues is poor and fragmented as the approach is mainly focusing on short term solutions to address long lasting structural issues. The lack of a systemic strategy to child protection is limiting the potential outcomes of the work undertaken by government authorities, and civil society members. 2- JUSTIFICATION The 2009 UNICEF mid-term review and other rapid assessments carried out in 2010 showed that the main problem lies with the delay in building a focused and comprehensive child protection system. These assessments helped identifying a number of ... market research, surveys and trends


usury legal definition of usury. usury synonyms by the Free Online ...
State laws set the maximum amount of interest that can be charged for a loan of money. A lender that charges higher than the maximum amount of interest is guilty of the crime of usury. In addition, courts may modify contracts that contain usurious rates of interest by reducing the interest to the legal maximum. The charging of excessive interest in exchange for a monetary loan has been considered reprehensible from the earliest times. Chinese and Hindu law prohibited it, while the Athenians scorned persons who charged more than a moderate rate of interest for a loan. The Romans at one time abolished the practice of charging ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Transnational Organized Crime: Principal Threats and U.S. ...
proceeds1 comprise between two and five percent of global gross domestic product . (GDP).2 ... There is no single accepted definition of transnational organized crime. In 1994, .... costs and $67 billion in direct costs to the United States annually.21 .... combat five principal transnational crime areas. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Larry Rivers: Right or Wrong?
which documented the passage of his teenage daughters into puberty with images of their developing breasts and uncomfortable questions about their changing bodies. One of the daughters, Emma Tamburlini, says that the videos were filmed without her consent, and claims that posing for those videos was psychologically damaging. The New York Times published a story on the controversy which led to a firestorm of impassioned calls to NYU Libraries, the University changed its position and requested that the videos not be transferred to their possession with the rest of the archives. For now, the foundation that manages ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
'When Christ Returns, What Will Things Look Like?'
That's a history class question in one of Canada's fast growing Bible-based schools. Here, there's only one definition of 'family.' By  Marci McDonald , 20 Jul 2010, Why I don't agree we should teach evolution, pure and simple. 'Responsible journalism' decision latest to loosen libel law in Canada. My victory in Canada’s Supreme Court should free up speech. [ Editor's note: Yesterday's installment detailed the successful fight led by Murray and Peter Corren to keep gay-friendly books from being banned in B.C.'s schools, a legal ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Durable Power of Attorney Act
The pamphlets of the Legal Hotline for Texans are general in nature and should not ... The principal may put a definition of disability or incapacity into a ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Multiple Principal Investigators FAQ
The Principal Investigator, or Project Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI) is defined as the individual(s) judged by the applicant organization to have the appropriate level of authority and responsibility to direct the project or program supported by the grant. The applicant organization may designate multiple individuals as PD/PIs who share the authority and responsibility for leading and directing the project, intellectually and logistically. Each PD/PI is responsible and accountable to the applicant organization, or, as appropriate, to a collaborating organization, for ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Google Answers: What's the definition of "main home" for tax purposes?
I am married and currently live in Texas where my wife and I just bought a condo. However, I might be accepting a job offer in California soon. If I do, I plan to work in California and rent a studio apartment while my wife lives in our home in Texas. Until she moves to California, I plan to fly back every other weekend, and she will fly out to California on alternate weekends to visit. I don?t know how long this transition period from Texas to California will take. Real estate is obviously expensive in California and it might take several months, maybe even a year or more, to find the right home to buy in ...
WikiAnswers - What is the difference between primary diagnosis and ...
is the main condition treated or investigated during the relevant episode of outpatient (ambulatory) health care. Where there is no definitive diagnosis, the main symptom or sign, abnormal findings, or problem is reported as the first-listed diagnosis. The first-listed diagnosis is reported by physician offices, ambulatory care centers, outpatient hospital settings, and so on. The principal diagnosis is that condition established after study to be chiefly responsible for occasioning the admission of the patient to the hospital for care. The most important part of the defi nition is the phrase after study, which directs the ...