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Special Report on

Procedure For Consularization Of Documents

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Pursuant to the Labour Code dated 23 June 1994 and the Law on Amendment of and Addition to the Labour Code dated 2 April 2002; Pursuant to the Law on Investment dated 29 November 2005; On the proposal of the Minister of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs ['Minister of Labour"], DECREES: Chapter I GENERAL PROVISIONS Article 1.- Governing scope and applicable entities This Decree regulates the employment and administration of foreigners working in Vietnam; the order and procedures for issuance of work permits and the use of work permits; and the responsibilities of foreigners, employers and State bodies in the ...
status by virtue of their connection with Hong Kong, and to let them retain an appropriate relationship with the United Kingdom after the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China in 1997. From 1 July 1987 to 1997, around 3.4 million of British Dependent Territories citizens of Hong Kong, who were mainly ethnic Chinese , successfully gained British National (Overseas) status by registration. Hong Kong's British Dependent Territories citizenship then ceased to exist after 30 June 1997. Upon registration, British National (Overseas) status is for life and will not be lost in case of dual ...
Trademark Registration Appeals in China
This article looks at the rules to follow when filing appeals in trademark prosecution actions in China. It looks at practical steps for filing appeals to the TRAB and to a court. Trademark Appeals in China Trademark appeals in China include the following three types: appeals of objections, appeals of oppositions and appeals of cancellations. Once the application is rejected by China Trademark Office (CTO) or dissatisfied the decision of the opposition, or dissatisfied the decision of the cancellation, the interested party may, within 15 days from receipt of the Notification of Refusal or the Decision on Opposition of Trademark ... market research, surveys and trends
Work Permit Update – Diploma approved by MFA -
A Japanese Amerasian, Former US Marine, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Entrepreneur, IT Consultant, Weightlifter, and Linux Tech Blogger residing in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. Tenobliss. First of all, my apologies to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  They were actually not responsible for my “notarized” diploma being turned down .  It turns out that my “highly qualified” NEVER even took my masters degree to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).  In fact, he has done absolutely nothing since I paid my deposit back in October, 2009.  He had an assistant that came with me to pick up some documents ... market research, surveys and trends


Doing Business in China 2010 Country Commercial Guide for US Companies
China were USD 69.6 billion, or 6.6 percent of total U.S. exports. U.S. ...... consularization of documents. Still developing in China are the relationship .... procedure. Another major challenge is the lengthy delay in examination of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
for kylie - front cover - (for kylie - front cover)
RMIT Training Pty Ltd (ACN 006 067 349) of Kay House, Level 3, 449 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria, trading as RMIT Publishing (the Publisher) grants you, the User, access to the text of the selected and purchased copyright works included in the INFORMIT PAY-PER-VIEW SERVICE (the Service) on the following terms (the User Terms). 1. Definitions Coursepack means a collection or compilation of copyright works assembled by or on behalf of the Licensee for use by students for the purposes of instruction, and includes a collection or compilation of works in digital form; User means an individual who a Licensee has permitted to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


An Evaluation of the Need and Cost of Selected Trade Facilitation ...
classification (16 per cent) and submission of documents for clearance (14 per .... the context of the appeal procedure, this Article requires members to ..... The issue of consularization is a non issue for WTO negotiation as far as ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
CONSULARIZATION. 1. In a joint communication (TN/TF/W/22; 21 March, 2005), ... consular transaction means the procedure of obtaining from a consul of the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
and Trade Policy
GATT through the full accession procedure under article XXXIII and the ..... seeking to introduce goods into Jordan must file the appropriate documents and follow ... consularization or legalization of commercial bills by Jordanian ...
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Succession Certificate Procedure/Rules in Dubai | LinkedIn Answers ...
What is the procedure to claim moveable property (Bank Deposit) from Dubai when applicant is not Dubai resident/citizen but he is the legal heir of the deceased who left Bank Deposit in Duabi’s bank? Location specific: United Arab Emirates posted 8 months ago in Property Law | Closed Share This Partner, TLG, Lawyers and Legal Consultants - Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, Riyadh see all my answers This was selected as Best Answer You shall need to obtain a copy of the death certificate and succession certificate establishing legal relationship between the legal heir/applicant and the deceased. These documents will need to be ...
Venezuela: Relocating to Venezuela, Importing Personal Effects to ...
My wife and I are considering relocation to the Rio Chico area in Venezuela. I have visited there several times and many questions have been answered, however... We are trying to find out whether we will be able to bring our two motorcycles into the country as well as our auto and motorcycle tools. I've looked at the Venezuelan consulate website and can't figure out what the rules are. Thanks for your help! Answer Hi George, I believe you could bring your motorcycles, car and tools under IMPORTING HOUSEHOLD GOODS, PERSONAL EFFECTS and VEHICLES procedure.  The consulate should be able to provide the appropiate ...