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Special Report on

Security Interest in Securities

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Jared D. Giddens (Bryan J. Wells with him on the brief), of Self, Giddens & Lees, Inc., Oklahoma City, OK, for appellee. Before BRORBY, McWILLIAMS, and EBEL, Circuit Judges. BRORBY, Circuit Judge. 1 The issue in this case is whether a perfected security interest in registered and certificated common stock continues in cash dividends paid on that stock under the Uniform Commercial Code as enacted in the state of Oklahoma. 2 * Acquisition Management, Inc., a successor in interest of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, acquired a security interest in shares of stock owned by a debtor, Mr. John Hastie. FDIC/Acquisition ...
is a property interest created by agreement or by operation of law over assets to secure the performance of an obligation, usually the payment of a debt. It gives the beneficiary of the security interest certain preferential rights in the disposition of secured assets. Such rights vary according to the type of security interest, but in most cases, a holder of the security interest is entitled to seize, and usually sell, the property to discharge the debt that the security interest secures.
I received a printed copy from the Deutsche Bank, in reply to a complaint I filed against Deutsche Bank to Federal Reserve Bank New York. Title of the Page is “ROLE OF THE TRUSTEE IN THE US MORTGAGE MARKET” Under the TRUSTEE; It says ” Performs a variety of functions, among them acting as TRUSTEE for the Securitization Trust and sometimes CUSTODIAN FOR THE MORTGAGE DOCUMENTS. A corporate trustee for the mortgage backed securities (MBS) only serves an administrative role, but  has no ownership stake nor beneficial interest in the underlying loans of the securitization. ROLE OF TRUSTEE IN A FORECLOSURE Deutsche ... market research, surveys and trends
The Supreme Court Leaves Domestic Investors Unprotected from ...
United States investors who  buy or sell securities outside the US, cannot sue in the US or use US law, to recover against foreign fraudsters! Nor can foreign investors trading abroad who are victims of fraud perpetrated in the US by US corporate fraudsters! This dilemma is the new result of the United States Supreme Court's opinion in Morrison v. National Australia Bank . As a result, US investors will now be sent overseas, to forums which are not as investor friendly, to seek recovery. Over the past 40 years, Courts have followed the "conduct" and "effects" test to exercise ... market research, surveys and trends


California Government Code Section 53601 - California Attorney ...
This section shall apply to a local agency that is a city, a district, or other local agency that does not pool money in deposits or investments with other local agencies, other than local agencies that have the same governing body. However, Section 53635 shall apply to all local agencies that pool money in deposits or investments with other local agencies that have separate governing bodies. The legislative body of a local agency having money in a sinking fund or money in its treasury not required for the immediate needs of the local agency may invest any portion of the money that it deems wise or expedient in those investments ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
FRB: Fedwire Securities Service: Compliance Assessment
A facility (or an institution) for holding securities, which enables securities transactions to be processed by book-entry. Physical securities may be immobilized by the depository or securities may be dematerialized. In addition to safekeeping, a central securities depository may incorporate comparison, clearing, and settlement functions. Confirmation The process in which the terms of a trade are verified either by market participants directly or by some central entity. Custody The safekeeping and administration of securities and financial instruments on behalf of others. Delivery versus payment A link between a securities ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Two More Setbacks in Securities Fraud Cases
For all the talk about how the government needs to crack down on corporate fraud, two recent cases show just how hard it is prove a violation of securities law. The cases raise questions about whether we will see any significant prosecutions coming out of the financial meltdown or the recent focus on hedge fund trading. In an insider trading case, a federal judge found that the proof offered by the Securities and Exchange Commission did not show that any material information was passed in connection with the sale of a credit default swap. In a criminal securities fraud prosecution, the Justice Department entered into a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Before the Court is Defendants' Motion to Dismiss under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 12(b)(1), 12(b)(6), 9(b), and 17. For the following reasons, the Motion to Dismiss is granted in part and denied in part. Christopher Shirley ("Shirley"), a member of JED Capital, LLC ("JED"), is suing JED and its manager, John Harada, on seven counts: (1) breach of contract, (2) fraud in the inducement, (3) breach of fiduciary duty under the Illinois Limited Liability Company Act, (4) for an accounting and damages, (5) violation of the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act, (6) violation of federal securities ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Limitation that addresses the perfection of a security interest in securities might involve the definitions of ''control'' or ''delivery'' found in Article ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
approval to enforce a security interest in such securities. Such permission shall be conditioned upon and require that the secured party not exercise any ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
U.C.C. - ARTICLE 9 -§9-103.
and to goods other than those covered by a certificate of title described in subsection (2), mobile goods described in subsection (3), and minerals described in subsection (5). (b) Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, perfection and the effect of perfection or non-perfection of a security interest in collateral are governed by the law of the jurisdiction where the collateral is when the last event occurs on which is based the assertion that the security interest is perfected or unperfected. (c) If the parties to a transaction creating a purchase money security interest in goods in one jurisdiction ...
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Etymology (Meaning of Words): Security, plural "securities ...
I have an interest in the meanings of words and phrases, as well as how and when they became part of the English language. I enjoy researching idioms, colloquialisms, dialects, and obscurities of all kinds. I prefer short questions on a particular subject, and I will not accept lengthy research projects or term papers. NOTE: ALLEXPERTS CLAIMS THAT I TRANSLATE FROM ENGLISH TO LATIN AND FROM LATIN TO ENGLISH. I DO NOT. ALLEXPERTS REFUSES TO DELETE THE LATIN-TO-ENGLISH SERVICE -- ONE THAT I DO NOT PROVIDE. TRUST ME ON THIS: ALLEXPERTS IS WRONG. I DO NOT TRANSLATE FROM ENGLISH TO LANGUAGE. LOOK FOR A LANGUAGE EXPERT ...
WikiAnswers - What are the types of debentures
A Debenture is a debt security issued by a company (called the Issuer), which offers to pay interest in lieu of the money borrowed for a certain period. In essence it represents a loan taken by the issuer who pays an agreed rate of interest during the lifetime of the instrument and repays the principal normally, unless otherwise agreed, on maturity. These are long-term debt instruments issued by private sector companies. These are issued in denominations as low as Rs 1000 and have maturities ranging between one and ten years. Long maturity debentures are rarely issued, as investors are not comfortable with such maturities ...