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Simple Retention of Title Clause

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In these uncertain times, suppliers need to protect themselves against losing their biggest clients, say Jonathan Wheeler and John Adams. In recent months we have seen the demise of some of our best-known high street retailers such as Woolworths and MFI. With the closure of further high street names likely as more companies feel the affect of the recession, suppliers of these companies need to ensure they have the best protection in place. One such protection is to supply on retention of title terms and suppliers should be aware as to how best to enforce their retention of title clause if their customer should go into ...
in some jurisdictions) is a provision in a contract for the sale of goods that the title to the goods remains vested in the seller until certain obligations (usually payment of the purchase price) are fulfilled by the buyer.
Retention of Title
is reinforced during difficult economic times, yet no matter how vigilant a supplier is, there is always a risk of the purchaser’s insolvency once the goods are supplied. No doubt a cautious supplier will already be taking the usual steps to mitigate a possible bad debt including checking the purchaser’s creditworthiness, instigating credit insurance (if possible), and ensuring terms and conditions are strict when it comes to payment. What else can a supplier do short of turning away business? A retention of title clause incorporated into terms of trading could be the answer. A ROT clause is commonly referred to as a Romalpa ... market research, surveys and trends
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The ability of any potential federal regulation or federal regulator to provide robust consumer protection for policyholders; The potential consequences of subjecting insurance companies to a federal resolution authority, including the effects of any federal resolution authority; In regard to the operation of state insurance guaranty fund systems, the potential consequences of the loss of guaranty fund coverage if an insurance company is subject to a federal resolution authority; In regard to policyholder protection, the potential consequences of the loss of the priority status of policyholder claims over other unsecured general ... market research, surveys and trends


A $50 Billion Fraud? So Where is the Money? « naked capitalism
If $50 billion really went poof in Bernie Madoff’s self-described Ponzi scheme, where did the proceeds go? This has to top what any dictator ever siphoned out of a banana republic. (Note that the Journal suggests that at least $17 billion has disappeared, so inflation adjusted, the Perons may be ahead). The story also suggests he was merely a very bad trader and merely lost the money. In the case of other Wall Street operations that are now toast, the losses were the result of very big losses on positions and overpaying themselves bonuses in years that appeared to be good, but if the profits had been risk adjusted, were ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Turken v. Gordon
Dec 23, 2008 ... it will collect approximately $1 billion in taxes from ... Law Clause of the Arizona Constitution. Because we find the Gift ..... Simple examples of such transactions .... Creation, retention, and expansion of retail uses and ... making payments equal to fifty percent of the sales taxes ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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In AET Inc Ltd v Arcadia Petroleum Ltd (The "Eagle Valencia") [2010] EWCA Civ 713, the Court of Appeal has considered the circumstances in which a valid Notice of Readiness can be tendered pending grant of free pratique under the Shellvoy 5 form together with Shell Additional Causes (February 1999). Clyde & Co acted for the successful charterers in this case. Switching Bills - The Rights of The Original Consignee (Ince & Co) It is clear that owners will be taking considerable risks where new bills of lading are issued without surrender of the original set. No Need for Speed: Queensland’s new Heavy Vehicle Speed ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
McDonald v. Chicago: Thomas Concurring Opinion
I agree with the Court that the Fourteenth Amendment makes the right to keep and bear arms set forth in the Second Amendment "fully applicable to the States." Ante , at 1. I write separately because I believe there is a more straightforward path to this conclusion, one that is more faithful to the Fourteenth Amendment's text and history. Applying what is now a well-settled test, the plurality opinion concludes that the right to keep and bear arms applies to the States through the Fourteenth Amendment's Due Process Clause because it is "fundamental" to the American "scheme of ordered liberty," market trends, news research and surveys resources


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that Member States should have a simple retention of title clause available, but merely that a clause, if agreed upon, should be recog- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Simple Metadata Annotation Specification Version 6.2 – February 3 ...
Feb 3, 2004 ... A clause is something like an 'atomic sentence'. It is merely a subject plus a single simple predicate. For example, the sentence: ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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A Abandonment: (1) Turning damaged property over to an insurer and claiming its full value. (2) The elimination of an asset or property from use (3) Investments: The refusal of a shipment, because of damage, by the person who is authorized to ship it. Absolute Gift: A gift of property by will which carries with it possession of and complete dominion over the property: opposed to a conditional gift. Absolute Title: A legal document stating that a person or other legal entity has the unqualified right of ownership to some personal or real property. Accelerated Depreciation: A method of asset amortization that attempts to ...
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  A: The first question does not give me enough information to answer, but if you have 1/7th in a "lot" ...   Q: Holland, I own 100% mineral rights on 3.5 acres, small peace of land I know. The land is situated in ...   A: Rodger, The only way to assure the highest royalty rate is to have it included in the terms of the ... Page:   Previous   |   58  |  59  |  60  |  61  |  62  | 63 |  64  |  65  |  66  |  67   |   Next        All