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Special Report on

Sole Proprietorship Law of PRC

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The Enterprise Income Tax Law of the People’s Republic of China, adopted at the 5th Session of the 10th National People's Congress of the People’s Republic of China on March 16, 2007, is hereby promulgated and shall come into effect on January 1, 2008. Article 1 All enterprises and other organizations that obtain income within the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as “enterprises”) shall be the taxpayers of enterprise income tax and shall pay enterprise income tax in accordance with the provisions of this Law. This Law shall not apply to sole proprietorship enterprises and partnership enterprises. Article 2
means law enforcement activities conducted by the country's judicial organs and organizations in handling prosecuted or non-prosecuted cases. Narrowly speaking, it applies to law enforcement activities conducted by the country's judicial organs in handling prosecution cases. This article uses the term in the broader sense. Judicial organs here mean public security organs (including state security organs) responsible for investigation, prosecution, trial and execution of cases, the prosecutors, the trial institutions and the custodial system. Judicial organizations here refer to lawyers, public notaries, and arbitration ...
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PRC Beijing on May 4 (Xinhua Su Nan) 4 from the Ministry of Education's learned the past few days, move quickly around the education sector, have set up inspection teams to start on campus Safety Day reporting system to comprehensively strengthen the security measures on campus. To maintain campus security as the current and future a major political task. It is understood that the Ministry of Education has recently set up headed by the Minister Yuan Guiren campus security working group to carry out special rectification action. Also issued a circular calling for comprehensive measures around quickly and effectively ... market research, surveys and trends
Uni-Bio Science and Global Green Tech
alleging that he conspired with others (as yet unnamed) between Aug-2005 and Jul-2007 to defraud existing and potential investors in Uni-Bio Science Group Ltd ( UBS , 0690). Mr Liang was said to be a de facto controlling shareholder of UBS, and to have conspired with others to conceal that he was the true owner of three mainland companies which were sold to UBS, namely: Dongguan Shi Bo Kang Jian Pharmaceutical Technology Co Ltd ( DG-Pharmaceutical ) Beijing Genetech Pharmaceutical Co Ltd ( Beijing Genetech ) Shenzhen Watsin Genetech Ltd ( Shenzhen Watsin ) In this article, we call these acquisitions the Three Deals . ... market research, surveys and trends


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Business structure formed by two or more parties for a specific purpose. Joint ventures are similar to partnerships, but are usually limited to one or two projects. In the financial services industry, joint ventures have been widely employed for marketing products or services that one of the parties, acting alone, would have been legally prohibited from doing. Prior to financial modernization legislation enacted in 1999, banks often formed joint ventures with life insurance companies to market annuities and insurance to bank customers. Federal Antitrust Laws generally treat financial joint ventures as permissible as long as they ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The MOF Releases Basic Situation of China's Personal Income Tax
    Editor's notes: With the nation's economic development and progress of various social undertakings, taxation is playing an increasingly important role in our life. Taxation is not only a major tool for the collection of financial revenue, but also a key instrument for the nation to implement macroeconomic control. Taxation has drawn growing attention from all strata of society. To facilitate the broad masses of taxpayers to obtain a deep and across-the-board understanding of China's taxation system and relevant situations, we will publish articles in succession regarding the basic situations of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Enterprise Income Tax Law of the PRC
Mar 16, 2007 ... This Law shall not apply to sole proprietorship enterprises and ... enterprise established in accordance with the law of a foreign country ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Do I need an OTI license from the FMC to forward shipments by air or modes of ground transportation in foreign or domestic commerce? � Do I need an OTI license to move cargo by ship domestically within the United States or its territories? � May I share my license to operate as an OTI with an unlicensed person or company? � May I perform ocean freight forwarding activities without being licensed? � How does an ocean freight forwarder OTI get paid? � If I, as a shipper, forward my own shipments, am I entitled to receive ocean freight forwarder compensation from the ocean carrier? � Do I have to renew my license? � My license as ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The enactment of the. PRC Company Law, the PRC Partnership Law, and the Sole. Proprietorship Law has resulted in the protection of the rights and interests ...
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I am a student at Immaculata College, Pa.  For homework I need to find out info about starting a manufacturing business (party favors for children) in China.  The titles of the people I need to talk to, what China would need out of the deal, how it would help their country and their people, land lease agreements,.... and if there are any bribes that need to be dealt with in this country.  Would anything, such as, donations towards medicine or college be necessary? How would it benefit China financially?  What would be the key benefits an American Co. would get out of the deal besides low labor cost.  Any ...
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I am a US citizen residing full-time in the US. What are my US tax liabilities for the sale of real estate in Taiwan? Is any documentation required when filing the personal income tax? How would the gains be determined if the property was a newly built condo? I'm also self-employed/sole proprietor. Will the real estate transaction affect my estimated tax payment liability for the next tax year? Hello cetrans, United States citizens, unlike those in most countries, must report their earned income and file tax returns no matter where they live in the world or how they earned that income. Most countries have tax ...