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Sole Proprietorship Lawyers

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Congratulations! If you start a business with another person and do not form a business entity such as a LLC or corporation, you are not a sole proprietorship. You are a general partnership. Just thought I would be clear on that. There are some major advantages to being a sole proprietorship. First and foremost, it is very simple. Obviously, you don’t actually have to do anything other than get the necessary business licenses for your area. You can just focus on making money with a minimum of administrative issues. This also makes it inexpensive to get up and running. Sole proprietorships are also very simple from a tax point of ...
means law enforcement activities conducted by the country's judicial organs and organizations in handling prosecuted or non-prosecuted cases. Narrowly speaking, it applies to law enforcement activities conducted by the country's judicial organs in handling prosecution cases. This article uses the term in the broader sense. Judicial organs here mean public security organs (including state security organs) responsible for investigation, prosecution, trial and execution of cases, the prosecutors, the trial institutions and the custodial system. Judicial organizations here refer to lawyers, public notaries, and arbitration ...
Kansas Single Member LLC v. Kansas Sole Proprietorship | Evolving ...
The solo business owner has three main choices when it comes to choosing the entity which is the best vehicle for conducting his or her business: 1) the sole proprietorship, 2) a single-member LLC, and 3) a corporation.  The focus today will be on the single-member LLC and the sole proprietorship. When a Sole Proprietorship May Make Sense: The sole proprietorship is the simplest and cheapest of all business entities to form. In fact, as soon as you commence business as a solo you will be operating as a sole proprietorship by default. For this reason, most all businesses start out as sole proprietorships. Accounting for taxes ... market research, surveys and trends
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There are many alternatives of starting of starting businesses. One can start up a new business which was none existent before, one can buy a new existing business or one can buy a franchise. In our case, Mr. Sorefoot is starting a new business. Starting a new business gives one an opportunity for people to realize their dreams, they also have the freedom to select the equipments, location, products and services, employees, avoid undesirable policies and procedures, avoid many legal commitments and requirements. He will be his own boss have freedom to follow any path of business and he cannot be fired. ADVICE: I would advice Mr. ... market research, surveys and trends


Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly
In recent years, Massachusetts has experienced a boom in the number of parties looking for alternatives to traditional litigation and in the number of organizations and individuals stepping up to provide those alternatives. Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly presents its annual survey of the many alternative dispute resolution providers that now exist throughout the commonwealth. These providers of mediation and arbitration options come in many different shapes, sizes and varieties and present a complicated menu of choices for attorneys interested in exploring the ADR option. This special section compiled from answers to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Sole Practitioners - Training for the Public Profession of the Law
From the beginning of the eighteenth century, when the rudimentary elements of a legal profession were established in colonial America, through the first half of the twentieth century, most practicing lawyers were sole practitioners. Although some lawyers might employ a scrivener (a professional copyist) or other office assistant, most lawyers did not associate professionally with other attorneys during the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth. From the post–World War II era to the present, the percentage of sole practitioners within the legal profession has dropped substantially, although sole ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Defendants Coburn Equipment, Inc. (CEI) and Raymond A. Coburn (Coburn) appeal from judgment in favor of plaintiff Sandi Capel (Capel) in her action for breach of contract and wrongful termination. Defendants contend: (1) the trial court's factual findings contradict the award of contract damages; (2) the award of contract damages was duplicative; (3) the trial court erred in its valuation of contract damages; (4) insufficient evidence supported the trial court's application of the alter ego doctrine; and (5) the trial court erred in admitting irrelevant and inflammatory evidence of a consensual sexual relationship ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
How Linklaters tax ruling affects foreign professionals: 'wide ramifications ...
makes potentially all overseas professional services and law firms subject to income tax in India for the last six years or more if their staff visit India for 90 days in aggregate per year. The repercussions could be serious, according to Indian tax lawyers. "It is no longer necessary that, in order to invite taxability under [the Income Tax] Act, the services must be rendered in the Indian tax jurisdiction," ruled the tribunal on Friday July 16 in the case Mumbai ITA 4896/5085/Mum/03. "The judgment has an impact not only on the legal sector but it has wide ramifications on all service sectors where foreign ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Unlock Your Potential: An ABA/YLD Member Service Project
or several years, the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division (the ..... The Sole Proprietorship is the most basic form of entity for the practice ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
of the business usually die with the sole proprietor. A competent estate planning lawyer can assist the sole proprietor in arranging for the business to be ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Do I Need a Business License?
I run a site that gets about 45,000 unique visitors and half a million page views a month. We are mainstream and fairly respected in our field, but the people who ran it before me never aggressively pursued advertising. We are being courted by advertisers and potential affiliates, and I intend to market the site more sensibly. My question is, should I look into incorporating or setting up an LLC if I expect to make (and spend) thousands of dollars off the Web site in 2003? I think I can make at least hundreds a month easily. I got us a Federal Employer Identification Number because a trade show we wanted to cover required it. ...
WikiAnswers - How do you get tax exemption for a sole ...
Lawyers, accountants, business consultants, etc., etc., are NOT tax exempt. (Either sales tax or income). Business generally (except for Charities and some special instances) are more responsible for tax than individuals. The sales tax is paid under the use tax in the State it is delivered to, or if for export and not touched in the State of purchase, the standard S&U procedures hold and you can claim a credit for the tax paid on your return in the receiving State. A sole proprietorship is a person using a business name. In itself, it doesn't change the taxability of anything. The answer above is absolutely correct based on ...