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Special Report on

State Self Storage Lien Laws

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(1) "Default" means the failure to perform on time any obligation or duty set forth in the rental agreement or this article; (2) "Late fee" means a fee or charge assessed for a default; (3) "Leased space" means the individual storage space at the self-service facility which is leased or rented to an occupant pursuant to a rental agreement; (4) "Occupant" means a person entitled to the use of a leased space at a self-service storage facility under a rental agreement, or the person's sublessee, successor or assign; (5) "Owner" means the owner, operator, lessor or sublessor of a self-service storage facility or ...
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Resolving Self-Storage Defaults and Avoiding Lien Sales
Based upon economic forecasts, 2009 will shape up to be a year of higher unemployment and lower wages, which will undoubtedly have an impact on all businesses, including self-storage. Although the accompanying transitions that come with job changes, residential moves and commercial downsizing all can have a positive impact on the use of storage, there is a related risk that rent delinquencies, lease defaults and property foreclosures will increase. Based on that expectation and the underlying risk of liability that goes with holding personal property foreclosure sales, more emphasis has been given to finding resolutions to avoid ... market research, surveys and trends


Self storage is highly decentralized, and it is reported that 85 percent of the ... This fact and the usual $3 million plus loan amount ... facility operates, including state laws governing handling of accounts, .... Today, most states have enacted some version of the Self Storage Association's model lien law ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Delinquencies, Collections and Liens
Ultimately, self-storage is about collecting rent. The overwhelming majorities of customers pay their rent when it is due and cause very few problems for facility owners and site managers. A relatively small number (3 percent to 7 percent) of the customers are collection problems. Collection problems can frequently turn into legal problems if not handled carefully. The largest verdicts against self-storage operators have been awarded in wrongful sale cases. Just consider the sheer size of the three highest verdicts: $1.2 million (reduced to $750,000 by the trial judge) by a Texas jury $590,000 by a Los Angeles jury ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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Feb 17, 2010 ... modernize the state's lien laws for self storage facilities. Self storage or self-service storage facilities offer an opportunity for ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Oklahoma Real Estate Commission does not have jurisdiction ...
Self-Service Storage Facility Lien Act. Title 42, Sections 191 - 200 .... liens arising at common law in equity, or by any statute of this state. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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common law liens. An example is the Labor and Storage Lien Act,18 ..... attorney's fees,69 a matter that should be worked out in state court, if ...
Self-Storage Auctions: Auction Law, landlord tenant law, unclaimed ...
I am able to share my experiences and answer questions covering: Storage unit auction buying/selling as a business opportunity; how to find storage unit auctions; storage unit auction protocol and procedures; what to look for, how to bid and other techniques; the mechanics of selling for profit; questions on how to start your own storage unit auction business; and supply resources for additional support. Experience I hold a seminar entitled, "Buying & Selling with Auctions at Storage Lien Sales" twice a year; run a blog called Storage Auction Cash ; provide consulting to storage facilities on conducting proper lien ...
WikiAnswers - Repossession Questions including "How do you have ...
Seizure of property bought on credit for which loan payments are not being received. Please note that when asking a car repossession question, it is often useful to include the state that you live in. This will enable people to give you better answers. Total questions 36100 How do you have your car voluntarily repossessed? Call the lender and tell them due to certain circumstances, you can no longer afford the payments. Tell them you will take it... What do you do if you have completed bankruptcy and the lender has not picked up aut? Call the bank and ask. They will not lie about it. If your car has been repo'd, ...