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Tampa Unfair Competition Lawyer

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At the Baird Law Group, our firm's mission is to serve our clients in a professional and competent manner that provides a better life for them, our staff members and ourselves. When lawyers say they serve their clients, what exactly does that mean to you? Does that mean that they simply guide you through the legal process? Or does that mean that they treat your case as their number one priority? At the Baird Law Group, we believe all our clients want personal attention from a lawyer who actually cares about them. We feel that being a caring attorney does not mean that we are unable to fight aggressively for your rights in ...
selection methods, rock-paper-scissors can be played with a degree of skill. Especially if the game extends over many sessions with the same player(s), it is often possible to recognize and exploit the non-random behavior of an opponent.
Dozier Internet Law Federal Court Report: April 2010 Domain Name ...
The facts are unproven allegations of the Plaintiff and all commentary is based upon the allegations, the truthfulness and accuracy of which are likely in dispute. SOUND SURGICAL TECHNOLOGIES LLC v. LEONARD A RUBINSTEIN, ET AL. MIDDLE DISTRICT OF FLORIDA (TAMPA) 8:10-CV-00970 FILED: 4/23/2010 We get this question all the time: “Can I buy domain names using the trademark of the company for which I am marketing its products or services?” The first step is to look at the contract you entered into and determine whether your business has agreed not to do so, or has received permission to use the trademark. Oftentimes this ... market research, surveys and trends
How To Use Your IRA To Buy Real Estate
which can be very beneficial to us. Sometimes understanding these processes can take a while. Sometimes after proper explanation …BLAM, you get it. That is exactly what happened to me. When I first heard about the topic, I will discuss in this E-book, it was perplexing, however, I knew that it could reap huge rewards in the future. It took a while for me to understand the process. I remember trying to tell a buddy who owned an apartment building about _________ and what it could do for him. I remember getting it all confused (like telling someone a good joke, but while you are trying to say the good joke, in mid ... market research, surveys and trends


SurfWax: News, Reviews and Articles On Unfair Competition
"As employers we are forced to drive this compliance matter on the basis of unfair competition from non-compliant companies. Currently we are sitting on 100 writs of execution, which could leave a further 5 000 workers unemployed.". The Southern African Clothing and Textile Workers' Union (Sactwu) deputy secretary general, Wayne van der Rheede, said the union was consulting the NBC, but no decision as to the fate of these companies had been taken yet. (Business Report, South Africa) Minimizing the Legal Risks of Using Online Social Networks    Jun 26, 2010 To the extent that your social networking ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
What is the Big Secret? | Tampa | News | Cover
Louis E. Miller appeared before a U.S. House committee four months before he was hired to run Tampa International Airport. "I am pleased to be here today to discuss the issue of airport revenue diversion," Miller began his 1996 congressional testimony. Speaking on behalf of airport executives across the nation, Miller said they shared the committee's view that funds generated by airports should be used for airport purposes. "In a time of declining federal funding for airport development and rapidly growing airport capital development needs," Miller said in his prepared remarks, "it is not in the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Demonstrating Potential Reach of its Section 5 Authority, FTC ...
Jun 9, 2010 ... Moreover, various state unfair competition statutes (e.g., Cal. Bus. ... Tampa. 813.318.5700. Tysons Corner. 703.749.1300 ... of a lawyer is an important decision. Before you decide, ask for written information about the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
ATT's claim for unfair competition under Florida law because the claim did not ..... Tampa Bay Shipbuilding & Repair v. Cedar Shipping Co., 320 F.3d 1213, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Fall 2001 Trademark Law Exam
Casebeer received a federal trademark registration on "Tampa Toys" in 1999. Other toy ... (3) unfair competition under federal law and at common law. ...
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US Supreme Court allows minimum price requirements
There are to many companies out there that can't calculate their P&L and our setting the prices so low, that in the end when they do go out of business they drive the prices down so far that the only way to compete is to have some cheap copy of it made in China and close our factories down in the United States. In my opinion, I think it's a good move for the US Surpreme Court to slow down the loss of jobs. Except the manufacturing has been/is being/will be outsourced on the "quality" product anyway to grow margins. > Wow! But what if company goes bust and has to sell all remaining stock at any price? And what if a ABC ...
Is there a rule about MLB uniform showing city vs. team name ...
The official rules of Major League Baseball require that all players on a team wear matching uniforms, although this rule was not in force in the early days. Originally, teams were primarily distinguished by the colors of their stockings and the success of the Cincinnati Red Stockings popularized the adoption of sock color as the explicit identity of the club. The 1876 Chicago White Stockings actually wore caps of different colors. In 1882, the National League assigned stocking colors to the member clubs: red for Boston, white for Chicago, grey for Buffalo, blue for Worcester, gold for Detroit, green for Troy, and so on. That ...