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Tenant Favorable Lease Clauses

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“Retail chain loses capped market rent opportunity due to missing the date to exercise their option period…..” A National, multi-site retailer held a long term lease over a shop of approximately 160 square metres (1,600 square feet) in a small suburban shopping complex which was sold to a prominent property development group. The tenant had been in the same shop for nearly 5 years and held a 5 year option period which, like many typical retail shop leases, had a “window of opportunity” within which the tenant had the right to exercise its option period (extend the lease for the further 5 year ...
between 1845 and 1852 during which the island's population dropped by 20 to 25 percent. Approximately one million people died and a million more emigrated from Ireland. 1 The proximate cause of famine was a potato disease commonly known as potato blight . Although blight ravaged potato crops throughout Europe during the 1840s, the impact and human cost in Ireland—where a third of the population was entirely dependent on the potato for food—was exacerbated by a host of political, social and economic factors which remain the subject of historical debate. The famine was a watershed in the history of Ireland . Its effects ...
5 clauses to consider when you lease commercial property | Advantage
commercial real estate leases often contain what appear to be insignificant terms—but these terms are critical to the success of small business owners, who hold the majority of commercial real estate leases. From the start, the landlord has the advantage over the small business owner because leasing is likely the landlord’s only business, while it is often your first time leasing real property. When you negotiate a lease, consider five important clauses concerning: • Cost, • Terms of use, • Transfer and termination, • Renewals, and • Attorney’s fees. Cost When you negotiate any contract, your chief concern should be how the ... market research, surveys and trends
Negotiating the Renewal Option
assisting corporate users with their office and facility requirements, identifying optimal, cost effective locations, structuring transactions and real estate planning that compliment their business objectives Negotiating the Renewal Option Posted by: Coy Davidson  on June 27, 2010  at 10:18PM EST Most commercial office leases are long-term in nature, typically 5, 7 or 10 years in length, but also typically contain provisions for extending the lease beyond the initial term. A renewal clause in a real estate lease allows a tenant to decide whether or not to extend the lease once the initial lease term expires. The key ... market research, surveys and trends


CIRE Magazine :: Retail Details
Due to the economic downturn, property owners and real estate companies that work with retailers and restaurants have seen a record number of requests for restructured leases or renegotiated rental agreements. According to real estate industry experts, the trend is likely to continue until 2012. Until there is a full economic recovery, lease and rent negotiations will remain a necessary strategy for maintaining the viability of shopping centers and malls. In some instances, it even can provide a win-win situation for riding out the financial crisis. But with requests coming from every direction, it’s not always easy for ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
commercial lease —the key to the future of your business
to carry between one million and two million dollars in ..... A jury trial is often viewed as more favorable to the Tenant because the request for a jury ... The following section will provide additional Lease Clauses, and you can look there for a Clause .... rendered, Two Hundred Percent (200%) of the daily Base ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Renewing your Office Lease
Building owners recognize corporate office tenants need a compelling reason to relocate their office facilities and opt to renew their lease approximately 70% of the time. “Tenants that congratulate themselves for renewing their lease simply to avoid the cost of relocation should put an ear to the wall and find out that the landlord is celebrating, too!” Lease renewals are not as simple as they may appear and formulating an effective renewal strategy is a key component of the overall leasing process. One of the first steps it to create a financial model evaluating the costs and risks associated with vacating your space at the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Rental brokers one option for help finding office space
Physicians increasingly are using rental brokers to find space and negotiate leases for their medical practices, primarily because the recent crash in commercial real estate means that brokers are willing to take on smaller clients, experts say. "Those working in the general office market are getting more involved in medical office, since medical office is doing better than regular office around the country," said Walter Neilsen, a partner with the health care law firm Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis in Nashville, Tenn. "The owners of health care real estate would rather not have a broker involved, but they ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Model Green Lease Lands in New York City at Urban Green Expo
Sep 29, 2009 ... Environmental performance objective clauses (broad ... assist the tenant in renegotiating more favorable lease ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
in determining whether a lease clause restricts or conditions assignment as ... right to purchase in the Lease, as is reflected in the favorable Lease rate ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Obnoxious Lease Clauses
Any lease provision that restricts your rights as a tenant may prove to be obnoxious if and when the landlord chooses to use it against you. There are probably as many oppressive lease clauses as there are landlords and their inventive attorneys. Standard form lease are notorious for including many such clauses. If is perfectly legitimate and worth your effort to try to negotiate the exclusion or modification of obnoxious provisions. The following is a list of common lease provisions the tenant should watch out for. Again, remember that you must carefully read and understand the entire lease, because often the most potentially ...
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My first lease | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
I'm currently looking to lease a retail store front in a new development. This is my first one. The sent me a document to fill out titled a Personal Financial Statement and is the SBA Form 413. It looks to me more like a loan app. Please help understand what this form, what it is used for, and why I'm being asked for it? posted 2 months ago in Commercial Real Estate | Closed Share This When a landlord enters into a lease with you they are entering into a financial relationship similar to a loan. As a tenant, you are committing to pay regular defined installments to the landlord over the term of the lease. In ...
E-Commerce, Web Businesses: Buying an established business, buying ...
I have also spoken with an owner of a shipping and business service owner who plans to sell his business.  This is a one man business and has been in operation for 14 years. His shop is located in a commercial area where l work. Is there anything l need to look for when buying such a business? Thanks again for the quick response and thanks for your time. ------------------------ Followup To Question - Hello, I am in the dilema of choosing the right business or franchise to buy.  I have been to franchise shows and I have been very impressed but after speaking to several business owners, they believe franchising is not ...