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Texas Leasing Attorney

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Not too long ago, “green” concepts such as recycling, alternative energy, waste reduction and even public transportation were considered inconvenient methods reserved for new age idealists.  Now, such concepts have become everyday aspects of how Americans live and even do business.  The leasing world has been slow to adapt to these changes in the United States, but a new movement toward “green leasing” is getting the attention of landlords and tenants who want to show customers, investors and employees that they are committed to seeing positive returns while imposing minimal negative effects on the ...
Providence Attorney Shares Tips to Keep Rhode Island Bicyclists Safe
The Winning Team -- a Southern California based manufacturer of custom apparel announced it has been named the Official Outfitter of the Sports Car Club of America and the SPEED world challenge. Our staff is very excited about the opportunities our partnership with the SCCA will offer us." Said Harris Birken, President of The Winning Team. The SPEED World Challenge is one of the largest road racing series in North America today. Eleven events are scheduled for 2005 to run in conjunction with either Indy Racing League (IRL) events, or American Le Mans events in both the United States and Canada. Birken went on to say: This ... market research, surveys and trends
UPDATED: No money for charter school facility plan, discussion ...
UPDATE: The State Board of Education voted not to dedicate public school endowment money to a charter school facility plan but Chairwoman Gail Lowe said she will seek an opinion to from the Texas Attorney General to keep the idea alive. An effort to include as much as $100 million for the charter school investment failed on a tie vote. EARLIER: David Bradley, R-Beaumont, said he wants to keep alive a plan to use public school endowment dollars to finance charter school facilities. He said this morning there were too many questions to move forward now and would not push for the State Board of Education to include an allocation ... market research, surveys and trends


The GSA's Curious Houston U.S. Attorney Office Leasing Deal ...
from the federal court building, along with its access to the downtown tunnel system and its 25,000-square-foot floorplates. The GSA was represented in lease negotiations by the Houston office of Jones Lang LaSalle. Bruce Rutherford is a managing director in the office: “The building is a short walk to the federal courts, and when it’s really hot or raining, the lawyers can use the tunnel to get there,” Rutherford says, adding that Wells Fargo Plaza is also a “straight shot” by cab if necessary. But the reasons for the move cited in the article — which include an impending lease expiration, proximity to the federal ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Mineral Rights | Oil & Gas Lease and Royalty Information
In most countries of the world all mineral resources belong to the government. This includes all valuable rocks, minerals, oil or gas found on or within the Earth. Organizations or individuals in those countries can not legally extract and sell any mineral commodity without first obtaining an authorization from the government. In the United States and a few other countries, ownership of mineral resources was originally granted to the individuals or organizations that owned the surface. These property owners had both "surface rights" and "mineral rights". This complete private ownership is known as a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Plan to invest in Texas charter schools gets first defeat
The State Board of Education opted Thursday not to dedicate public school endowment dollars to finance charter school facilities. But that decision probably will not be the final word on the proposal to invest as much as $100 million of the $23 billion Permanent School Fund into developing and leasing Texas charter schools. The 7-7 split that scuttled the proposal Thursday could change when a final vote is taken today . Even if Thursday's decision holds, the proposal could be revived if the Texas attorney general deems the investment approach suitable. Chairwoman Gail Lowe , R-Lampasas, agreed to seek the attorney ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The entry titled "House, Senate leaders deadlocked over Lege Council pick."
Key post remains unfilled, Forensic Science meeting today could end Willingham investigation and SBOE says no to charter-facility funding, for now. (Happy birthday on Saturday to Jenifer Sarver of Burson-Marsteller.) Leaders of the House and Senate have been unable to agree so far on who should be the next head of the Texas Legislative Council, a job that’s been open for more than a year. Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst favors Frank Battle, his general counsel, for the job. But key House members appear to prefer Jeff Archer, who is already a top hand at the Council. The job has been open since Milton Rister stepped down in June ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


TEXAS ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. RESIDENTIAL LEASING AND PROPERTY ...... understand the effect of this agreement, consult an attorney BEFORE signing. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Fair Housing Tenant Law
For a landlord to evict anyone, he or she must deliver a written "notice to vacate." This may be any kind of written note saying that the landlord wants you out. He or she may give you from 1 to 30 days to move. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MOVE. Next you'll receive an official eviction notice with a court date on the back. Go to court on the date assigned to you, and the Judge will decide when you have to move. If you do not appear in court on the given date, you will probably lose by "default". If you feel you cannot get a fair hearing in the court assigned to you, ask to have your case changed to another court. Here is how:   technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Attorney Aimee Hess - Streetman, TX Lawyer - Cornell LII Lawyer ...
Aimee was born in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1949. The oldest of nine children, she was raised in Chicago, Illinois and Detroit Michigan. Aimee graduated from Marian High School in Birmingham, Michigan in 1967, with honors. She graduated summa cum laude from Southern Methodist University in 1973 with a B.A. in Economics. She spent a year in graduate studies in economics at SMU, and then attended Southern Methodist University Law School, graduating in 1977. While in law school, she was a law clerk for the Texas Attorney General's Office and wrote for the Southwestern Law Journal. After graduation from law school, Aimee joined the ...
Oil/Gas: Mineral rights leasing attorney ?, woodford shale ...
Recently an attorney has offered our family, heirs to 80 acres of mineral rights in Atoka County about $3500.00 to outright purchase the mineral rights. Currently the sections directly adjoining our 80 acres on at least 2 sides are leasing for 300 per acre with a 3/16 royalty( I have been in contact with the surface and mineral owners of the adjoining properties to confirmand have also been told there are producing wells within the adjoining parcels). We were contacted on March 21st by this attorney and received a transfer deed by overnight mail on March 26th, which he asked us to sign for the 3500.00. The offer seemed fishy ...
Deferred adjudication in Texas? - Yahoo! Answers
I was just released from jail about 2 weeks ago after getting arrested for possession of a controlled substance less than a gram. It was roxycodone (oxycotin), so instead of being a misdemeanor charge like the cop first said. I found out later while waiting for probable cause court that It was actually classified as a felony charge. the quick story of what happened is. I was pulling out of a known drug complex and got pulled over, they asked me where I was coming from when they asked for the last name of the "school friends" house I was coming from, and I couldn't come up with one, So they took me out of the car and ...