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Thailand Law and Legal

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for spray painting graffiti on a Singapore train. Pleading guilty, the 32 year old was sentenced to 5 months in jail and 3 cane strikes. For people who are not familiar with medieval corporal punishment techniques, caning means being struck on the back with a rattan stick. Perhaps no crime is so antithetical to the spirit of Singapore than graffiti art. Graffiti, which arguable reached its pinnacle with New York subway artists in the 1970s, is unique in that it is an art form that is free from the academic structures of art schools and museums and is also free from commercial restraints of the need to be bought. Finally it ...
Purchase of a leasehold condominium in Thailand
There is no interest from Thai nationals in these tourist resort condos. The remaining condos in the Thai side are often sold under a leasehold contract to foreigners. In the end part of a Hua-Hin, Pattaya or Phuket condominium will be owned freehold and leasehold by foreigners. Whether you buy a condo leasehold or freehold the purchase price for the condo is the same and foreigners often buy a leasehold condominium in Thailand for the freehold price because the leasehold contracts suggest more rights than is possible under Thai law. Foreigners often do not understand the concept of lease in Thailand. What a foreigner gets when ... market research, surveys and trends
Thailand: Three Years On, Cyber Crime Law Stifling Debate ...
Many netizens worldwide have long realised that the Internet is not completely without fetters, but those in Thailand say a three-year-old law is now practically choking Thai self-expression and right to information in cyberspace. More to the point, Thai netizens, journalists and media advocates say that the country’s authorities have taken advantage of ambiguities in the Cyber Crime Act (CCA) to censor or close down altogether websites or forums that the government deems 'offensive'. 'The problem with the cyber crime law is its lack of clarity, which leaves it wide open to misinterpretation,' Chiranuch ... market research, surveys and trends


Privacy and Human Rights 2003: Thailand
Section 34 of the 1997 Constitution states, "A person's family rights, dignity, reputation or his right to privacy shall be protected. The assertion or circulation of a statement or picture in any manner whatsoever to the public, which violates or affects a person's family rights, dignity, reputation or the right of privacy, shall not be made except for the case which is beneficial to the public." Section 37 states, "Persons have the freedom to communicate with one another by lawful means. Search, detention or exposure of lawful communication materials between persons, as well as actions by other means so as to snoop ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
THAILAND: Migrant Worker Law Hits Hurdle as 500000 'Disappear ...
BANGKOK, Mar 8, 2010 (IPS) – Thailand’s labour ministry is on the hunt for half a million migrant workers from neighbouring Burma who have gone underground rather than join a new foreign workers’ programme, one that some critics have described as a "confusing" initiative. Labour ministry officials are now toying with extending the deadline, which ran out on Mar. 2, to lure the over 500,000 migrant workers from military- ruled Burma to renew their work permits and sign on to the nationality verification process. Only 850,000 of the eligible 1.3 million migrant workers from Cambodia, Laos and Burma, also known as Myanmar, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Questions for Robert McDowell, Heir to Ted Stevens, on His International Legal ...
that would probably land any law student an F in telecom law class, if not a trip to the school psychologist.  McDowell has a long history of factually challenged op-eds on Internet deployment and net neutrality , as well as using Glenn-Beck-style rhetoric comparing everything to the fairness doctrine . He'll just throw anything at a wall and hope it sticks. Today's op-ed makes some garbled, bizarre claims about the UN betraying a fundamental misunderstanding of law. His op-ed claims that (1) back in the late 1990s, nations in the International Telecommunications Union (a UN agency) decided "not to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
This Tiger's still roaring
He�s reached an age when most people would have happily retired and gone to pasture. But not Karpal Singh, aka the Tiger of Jelutong. StarMag catches up with one of the country�s most colourful, controversial � and much admired � politicians. ALMOST unnoticed, a Malaysian institution turned 70 recently. It wasn�t a building or an organisation, but an individual. For better or worse, Democratic Action Party (DAP) national chairman Karpal Singh has been a part of public consciousness for nearly four decades now. Despite being seriously injured in a car accident in 2005 that left him with nerve damage and wheelchair-bound, he has ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand, law and legal education have changed, but the changes have been relatively small and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Thailand is a constitutional monarchy. Thailand adopted its current constitution following an August 19, 2007, referendum. Multi-party elections held on December 23, 2007, under the provisions of the new constitution resulted in the People's Power Party (PPP) winning a plurality of the seats in the lower house of Parliament and the formation of a coalition government. In December 2008, a revised coalition led by the previous opposition party, the Democrat Party, came to power. Most of the population is Buddhist and ethnically ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Thai Law
Thailand is a Constitutional Monarchy. The Thai Constitution allows for a division of the government into three branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. The Executive Branch has two acting heads: The King, who serves as Head or Chief of State, and The Prime Minister, who serves as Head of Government. The King has little Constitutional power. He serves more as a symbol of national identity and unity. The King is not elected, but rather comes to power through the Law of Succession. The Prime Minister is chosen from the members of the House of Representatives. The members of the House are elected by popular vote, and the ...
WikiAnswers - What is the legal age of consent in thailand
Although Thailand's age of consent is usually said to be 15, the laws can be interpreted to allow prosecution for sex with someone under 18. Look at this site to see all ages of consent worldwide First answer by Redhead87 . Last edit by Redhead87 . Contributor trust : 15 [ recommend contributor ]. Question popularity : 8 [ recommend question ]. Can you answer these teenage relationships questions? Related answers: What is the legal age of consent in Missouri? The age of consent is 14 for someone up to the age of 20. It is 17 for anyone over the age ...
Pls clarify eight difference between law and legal system ...
In the United States, the law is what is passed by a legislative body and signed by the chief executive (President or Governor. It governs any number of issues, including crimes, requirements for contracts, requirements for professional licenses, traffic laws, laws setting forth the powers and responsibilities of governmental agencies, etc. The legal system is the system of courts where alleged violations of these laws or disputes between parties are heard before a fact finder (jury, or a judge in the case of a bench trial) and a judge servers as an interpreter of the law as applied to the facts of the specific case before him ...