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The Definition of "Turnkey"

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According to a 1996 version of Webster’s Dictionary, turnkey is a noun meaning “jailer.” Fast-forward more than 10 years, and the term has escaped its narrowly defined imprisonment to live freely in the world of business. The word turnkey is tossed around cavalierly in press releases all the time by suppliers looking to succinctly express their full range of capabilities. Brands increasingly approach their vendors with the same word: turnkey as in a turnkey project or a turnkey contract. In the beauty business, turnkey is no longer a noun. It’s an adjective, describing outsourced services ultimately ...
The microFish Farm
The microFish Farm is a small recirculating aquaculture system (with a capacity of 600 to 1200 litres) characterised by a square fish tank and an overhead bio-filter. It earns its place in our list of system layouts because it has been replicated many hundreds of times throughout Australia. When we first developed the microFish Farm concept, several years ago, it was innovative for a number of reasons including: It was the first turnkey backyard-scale aquaponics system in Australia. It featured vertical stacking of components.  The bio-filters were located on top of the tank which avoided the need for a support frame. Its ... market research, surveys and trends
How To Create Your Own Web Site.
If you are thinking of creating your own web site first of all you should determine if your company or personally you really need a web site. And if the answer is “yes” you should make some research on line to get the necessary information about how: * to choose the most appropriate type of a web site * to register a domain (a name of a site) and hosting (disk space in the network) * to create a web site by your own or how to find a web designer and programmer * to win over visitors to your web site * to make money on your own web site What for do you need a web site? Each company has its own answer on this ... market research, surveys and trends


RMG Consultants, Inc. Performance of Turnkey Library Systems: A ...
Most of the turnkey automated library systems being sold today may be characterized as online, transaction- .... formance using this definition of response- ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
2010_03_19_OC_A 3.pdf - RP game developers eye slice of billion ...
Mar 19, 2010 ... million, equivalent to an underem- ployment rate of 19.2 percent, up ... also be deceptive because the new definition of unemployment ... are eyeing their slice of the billion-dollar game development industry as ... player online (MMO) games ), SunGame SEA, Inc. (design and turnkey delivery of Social ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Medical Marijuana Has 53 Days Until Launch of "The Hemp Network," the World's ...
FOOTHILL RANCH, CA, Jul 06, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Medical Marijuana Inc (PINKSHEETS: MJNA) reports significant progress on staffing of The Hemp Network. President Don Steinberg states, "In the past, Bruce Perlowin and I have created a global network of over 125,000 agents in 50 countries. We have the experience in all aspects of running a global MLM. Now we are in this new, exploding industry with a team of Doctors, immunologists, PhDs, and world renowned nutritionists to round out the products division. We have top network marketers signed up who have already created hundreds of web sites to support this ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Gesturetek's Touch Table Hooks Together To Form Giant Touch Screen
It would seem that the multitouch table is now a dime a dozen.  Well not quite, but you get the picture.  Gesturetek, hot on the heels of Merel Technologies mTouch table announcement has unveiled their 42-inch and 70-inch interactive table, the GestTable.  We’re not sure about the 70-inch version, but the 42-inch unit can be locked together in multiples to form one cohesive display, complete with multitouch capabilities. Not to be outdone, Gesturetek has also developed some sort of interactive 3D display where guests “can interact in free space with on-screen computer-generated characters, avatars or real-time video ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


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The definition of turnkey as it applies to transit does not imply ... Ultimately , the definition of turnkey fits into a broader context of system ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
vsers who were contentto rely on "turn-key" programs 0195-4210/86 ...
vsers who were contentto rely on "turn-key" programs now want to play a greater role in the definition and impiementation of an application; this change in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
This definition allows the "Turn-Key" contract to incorporate the owners needs. In the case of the CFE, the bidding basis for the technical part of the ...
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WikiAnswers - What is financial turnkey project
Let me attempt to answer part of the question - about Financial Closure. The explanation provided by World Bank can be regarded as useful. What does financial closure mean in the PPI Project Database? The definition of financial closure varies among types of private participation. For greenfield projects and concessions, financial closure is defined as the existence of a legally binding commitment of equity holders or debt financiers to provide or mobilize funding for the project. The funding must account for a significant part of the project cost, securing the construction of the facility. For management and lease contracts, a ...