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Special Report on

The Indonesian Legal System

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In terms of the legal system in Indonesia, the three most commonly used services in the legal profession are provided by notaries (notaris), lawyers (pengacara) and legal consultants (konsultan hukum). A notary is required to hold a bachelor’s degree in law (SH), a Masters Degree in Notarial Law followed by Ethics and Company incorporation courses and one year of practical training with a licensed notaris. Licenses to practice are issued by the Ministry of Justice. Notaris typically provide legal advice, handle civil and commercial agreements/contracts, leases, deeds and company incorporation. Many notaris also hold PPAT ...
Anti-terrorism legislation usually includes specific amendments allowing the state to bypass its own legislation when fighting terrorism-related crimes , under the grounds of necessity. Because of this suspension of regular procedure, such legislation is sometimes criticized as a form of lois scélérates which may unjustly repress all kinds of popular protests. Critics often allege that anti-terrorism legislation endangers democracy by creating a state of exception that allows authoritarian style of government. Governments often state that they are necessary temporary measures that will be dispelled when the danger finally vanish.
Joint Press Conference with Singapore's Foreign Minister, George ...
Topics: Australia-Singapore bilateral relationship, Asia-Pacific community, ASEAN, counter-terrorism efforts in Indonesia, visit to Australia by Chinese Vice President Xi, mining tax, FIFA World Cup Canberra Transcript, proof E&OE 16 June 2010 STEPHEN SMITH: Thanks very much for turning up. Can I officially welcome Singapore's Foreign Minister George Yeo to Canberra and Australia. George is here in the course of this week as a guest of the Australian Government. He visits Canberra, Sydney and also Perth, so we're very pleased to host him. It's not George's first visit to Australia. He was last here as Foreign ... market research, surveys and trends
Racial profiling rapant in Indonesian courts
Indonesia, a country which is well known for its multicultural society and high tolerance among its residents may not seem to be a likely breeding ground for skin racial discrimination in the judicial system. The state’s motto Bhinneka Tunggal Ika –taken from old Javanese, means unity within diversity”- is introduced to Indonesians from when they are very young.  The Indonesian government has even proudly claimed in its report to the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in April 2006 that ‘Indonesia is a multicultural nation which does not discriminate against any of its people according to ... market research, surveys and trends


PRESS RELEASE Indonesia's Ambassador to United States Sudjadnan ...
GDP is expected to grow by 6.3 percent. In the past two years, ... billion. The United States is an important trading partner of Indonesia, both as an export ... incarcerated in accordance with the Indonesian legal system. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Country Information: Indonesia
The Indonesian legal system is somewhat complex because it is the convergence of two distinct systems: namely, laws inherited from the period of Dutch colonization and Indonesia’s modern law. Since independence, there has been a general trend toward replacing outdated Dutch laws with laws enacted by the Indonesian legislative body. Yet many Dutch laws remain in place. Associations, for example, are still governed by a Dutch law enacted in 1870. Foundations, by contrast, are governed by Indonesian statutes. Law No. 16 of 2001 on Foundations was subjected to strong criticism even before it took effect in August 2002, and it was ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Indonesian Terrorist Sweeps Raise Concern Over Police Tactics
Indonesia police officers show off weapons found from a suspected terrorist hideout during a raid by an anti-terror squad, at a police office in Central Java, Indonesia, 24 June 2010 Since February, Indonesian security forces have killed 13 terrorist suspects during police raids. Police defend their tactics, saying they act to protect themselves and the public. But human rights groups and security analysts are questions the motives behind what they call "shoot-on-sight" tactics. When Indonesia's elite counterterrorism unit, Detachment 88, took out the country's top terrorist suspect several months ago, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Religious Tensions Rise in Indonesian City
Radical Muslim groups in Bekasi on the Indonesian island of Java have made the latest move in Indonesia’s ongoing religious tensions, reports Compass Direct News . Leaders from nine groups announced on June 27 that the hard-line groups had agreed at a meeting of the Bekasi Islamic Congress to unite the city’s Islamic groups with a youth army and a joint mission center to halt what they see as a growing “Christianization” of the Jakarta suburb. “We are planning to station members [of the group] in every mosque in the city,” said Tunggal Sawabi of the Bekasi branch of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) and one of the “field ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Understanding why the Indonesian legal system currently still falls .... from other laws in the Indonesian legal system are: 1. Marriage law ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Guide to Law Online: Indonesia - Law Library of Congress (Library ...
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Indonesian legal system based on Roman-Dutch law, custom and Islamic law. Most of archipelago was under Dutch rule by start of 20 th century. Under Dutch Netherlands Indies population was divided into Europeans, Natives, and Foreign Orientals; established separate tribunals for Europeans and �Natives�. Indonesians subject to � adat law, with Netherlands East Indies divided into several jurisdictions based on cultural and linguistic criteria. Basic principle was dominance of the received civil law system, and application of � adat for �natives� as far ...
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How is Schapelle Corby doing in prison?
Schapelle Corby was yesterday moved from Denpasar's Police Hospital, where she has been trying to recuperate from depression. The convicted drug smuggler was admitted to the international wing of Sanglah Hospital, Bali's general hospital. Corby's psychiatrist, Denny Thong, wants her transferred to Bali's State Psychiatric Hospital in Bangli, where he was the director for 19 years. "It's not the best place for her, but it's better there than prison," he said. "The longer she can stay the better" until she can go to Bangli. "She has to be stabilised before she returns to ...
The story of Schapelle Corby; Innocent or guilty? - Yahoo! Answers
If you know about her story, let me know what you think. I thought about sending her some care packages. I feel so bad for her. I truly believe she is innocent. It's a shame the australian government can't do anything for her. =/ What do you think? Maybe the girl is innocent.My advice is do not go in countries where the legal system is not fair like Indonesia,Thailand,Malaya,Turkey. Australian tourists should boycot Indonesia if she is considered innocent.This case is similar to Brokedown Palace Starring Claire Danes,Kate Beckinsale,Bill Pullman . It deals with two American friends imprisoned in Thailand ...