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Special Report on

The Industrial Relations Court

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The Commonwealth of Australia (‘Australia’) is a federated constitutional monarchy with power divided between the federal government (also referred to as the Australian or Commonwealth government) and the states and territories. Australia has a common law legal system with a strong tradition of separation of powers, particularly between the legislative/executive and the judicial arms of government. However the legislative and executive arms of government are not entirely separate as the heads of government departments are government ministers that are elected parliamentarians. The Prime Minister (Commonwealth) or ...
A listed company, (ASX Code: TTH) historically one of Australia’s oldest companies. Established as a partnership in 1835, listed on the then Sydney Stock Exchange, July 1961.
Zain Zambia sued over dismissal |
Why were you fired and what reasons were given to you in the letter of termination? Since you have decided to go public, let us have all the facts – half truths wont help you. Did you do anything wrong or where you victimised for associating with wrong people? Di d you use the name of the Company wrongly or just what did you do? Learn to be honest and save us time reading half-truths, its not fair!!! the so called investors we have sold our country to these animals definately some ****** zambians shall go and assist these animals and win the this zambian otherwise we shall go the chilekwa way Good luck.with ... market research, surveys and trends
Finger amputation and arc flash burns « SafetyAtWorkBlog
SafeWorkSA has issued media releases on 20 January 2010 concerning two recent decisions from the Industrial Relations Court.   The first of these will a situation of bypassing a machine guard that is all too familiar to OHS professionals - “a pair of vice grips had been attached to the finger guard at the front of the press, restricting its full range of movement and allowing access to the main moving parts during operation”. The plant was a Hallbank 40 Tonne Front Press and the operator, Karen Carter, was unfamiliar with the machine.  Prior to this hearing there was a dispute of facts hearing concerning who set up ... market research, surveys and trends


Labour experiences in Malaysian EPZs
THE world's leading electronics companies began investing in Malaysia in the 1970s. The government responded by banning unionisation in electronics firms. It rescinded labour laws that restricted night work for women, enabling the factories to operate 24 hours a day. And refused to set minimum wage standards. NGOs have been active in Malaysia's EPZs since 1985, when retrenchments started to take place. The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC), a moderate trade union centre, has attempted to organise EPZ workers. Yet its organising has been relatively ineffective since women have not been integrated into the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Government of the Kingdom of Swaziland (GKOS) encourages foreign direct investment by providing factory shells to the textile and apparel industry and extending tax allowances to foreign firms. Financial incentives for all investors also include generous tax allowances and deductions for new enterprises, including a 10-year exemption from withholding tax on dividends and a low corporate tax of 10 percent for approved investment projects. New investors also enjoy duty-free import of machinery and equipment. The 2008 Companies Bill, replacing the outdated Companies Act of 1912, affects incoming foreign direct investment. The ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Keeping pilots longer lands Garuda in court case
While Indonesia’s airline industry is expected to grow 10 percent this year, many airlines are struggling to find professional pilots, due to the limited output of available flight training centers. The situation has forced airlines to resort to unconventional measures that have at times yielded negative side effects, such as what is currently being faced by the flag carrier Garuda Indonesia. Recently, Garuda’s pilot association (APG), which caters to more than 500 pilots, pursued a case against the management of the company for implementing an allegedly unfair policy on retirement age and pension funds. APG chairman Stephanus ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Hot Seat & Limelight
helped to create or save 42,000 jobs in Alabama since the bill passed in February 2009, according to a report from the Council of Economic Advisers cited by the Birmingham Business Journal . Nationally, the unemployment rate was at 9.5 percent in June. Recently, economists and historians, including 16 who signed a letter in the Daily Beast, have argued for a second round of stimulus, citing the high unemployment rate, the success of the first stimulus, and the relatively minuscule impact a stimulus would have on long-term deficit projections. State teachers union boasts of ‘finishing’ fight with Byrne: The Alabama ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


May 25, 1997 ... holds office as a judge of the Industrial Relations Court of Australia. Categories of documents available. The Industrial Relations Court of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Indonesia is readying a new court system for labor disputes to take effect in January 2006, one year behind the schedule set out in a 2004 labor law.   �       The ILO, with funding from the U.S. Department of Labor, has helped to prepare newly recruited judges for the Industrial Relations Court.     New Dispute Settlement Procedures under 2004 Law In December 2003, Indonesia's House of Representatives passed the Industrial Disputes Settlement Act, which former ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
resolved by the High Court. These questions as examined in this article are: could a single national law for the regulation of industrial relations ...
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How can i get court transcripts of a trial? - Yahoo! Answers
Transcripts (ie: Reporters Record) are usually obtained from the actual court reporter that transcribed them, and who usually charge several dollars per page to do so. Unless one of the parties had paid for this and provided a copy to the court, the court will not usually have a copy. 3 years ago Member since: July 17, 2006 Total points: 41385 (Level 7) Get the name of the court reporter from the court file or court clerk & order it. Unless you can get a copy of one someone else has ordered, you are looking at a $4.00-$6.00 page charge (and there are only 25 or so lines per page). An all day trial can easily cost a couple ...
What are the CA employment laws governing models who travel ...
I am aware of a photo shoot that took 10 models, including 2 children, in group out of town in supplied transportation for a shoot that—including travel—lasted just under 12 hours before being returned to the departure city. Although meals were promised, none were provided. However, food was available for purchase at inflated prices only by the photographer's client, who was also the transportation company. Models, though in a pleasant, traveling work environment, were ‘captive’. Does anyone know what laws in California governing this situation? There was special concern for the kids present from ...