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Special Report on

The Legal Employment Market

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The Paul M. Hebert LSU Law Center seeks a Fall Seasonal Recruiter to assist the Office of Admissions in its recruitment and marketing efforts. The Seasonal Recruiter will visit undergraduate universities and colleges throughout the state and out of state to speak with Pre-law advisors and potential law school students.  The Seasonal Recruiter will participate in structured law school recruitment events and national law and career fairs.  The Seasonal Recruiter will spend 95% of his/her time traveling and 5% following up with prospective students after their visits. This is a temporary position. The position will begin ...
Overwhelmed Law Student Declares For The NBA Draft | Dime Magazine ...
Back in high school, I always thought it’d be funny to declare for the NBA Draft. Coming from Vermont, I figured that the story would get picked up by ESPN and at least some scout/GM would have to check to see if I was the real deal or not. Because let’s be honest, no one follows prep hoops in VT. Anyways, this past weekend, I came across a similar story as 2011 J.D. Candidate Ryan McAteer from the University of Kansas School of Law published his intentions to enter the 2010 NBA Draft in the Kansas Law Free Press . Check out his letter to David Stern and Stu Jackson below. Ladies and Gentlemen, First and foremost, ... market research, surveys and trends
TaxProf Blog: NALP Reports Plunging Law Student Employment
As the U.S. and global economies were battered by “the Great Recession” in the third quarter of 2009, recruiting volumes by U.S. legal employers on the campuses of U.S. law schools nose-dived. In fact, the data provided by NALP members about fall 2009 recruiting reveal that most of the trends and patterns that the industry had come to rely upon were upended, dramatically so in some cases. All of the markers that measure the strength of the legal employment market for new lawyers, such as law firm recruiting levels for summer programs and summer program outcomes, fell in 2009, continuing and accelerating the general downward ... market research, surveys and trends


Legal Careers Blog
to domestic and international service providers.� However, it appears that the stigma associated with outsourcing remains.� A new survey conducted by Fronterion , an international legal outsourcing consulting firm, found that few firms are willing to admit to outsourcing "leading to a culture of secrecy around an increasingly important development within the legal services industry." Firms are reluctant to disclose their outsourcing practices for a variety of reasons including the ethical implications raised by legal process outsourcing (LPO).� These ethical issues include�competence and supervision of outsourced work; ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Applying to Law School? Please Reconsider Your Law School ...
Think you want to apply to law school? It might be time to rethink your application decision. While law school admissions are at an all-time high, law jobs are disappearing. Maybe forever. The concurrent trends of increasing legal education cost, decreasing legal employment, and strong debt insulation are setting the law school market up for a crash. Sam recently published an article on MinnPost titled, “ The Law School Bubble is About to Burst .” In that post, Sam makes the case that law school admissions may be experiencing an irrational exuberance that can only lead to collapse. According the ABA , the cost of law ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Now hiring: Local job market starting to recover
It’s not a scientific survey, but 10 Colorado Springs-area employers contacted by The Gazette recently are doing something that many job hunters haven’t seen in a while — they’re hiring. And in some cases, they’re adding hundreds of employees. That doesn’t mean the area’s economy is booming, but it’s a sign that the local job market is starting to recover and that jobs are a bit more plentiful than six months ago. While some of the hiring is to replace workers who left for other jobs, many of the employers say they are expanding their staffs as a result of growth in their business ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Do immigrants help the economy?
As the national debate over immigration splinters into state-by-state skirmishes over Arizona-style crackdowns on illegal immigrants, a new book from the Brookings Institution makes the case that enforcement efforts overlook a fundamental fact: immigration fuels the U.S. economy. At a time of 9.5 percent unemployment, the argument may be surprising. But “Brain Gain: Rethinking U.S. Immigration Policy” hammers home an argument that gifted immigrants have powered American advances in energy, information technology, sports, arts and culture. “The U.S. has benefited greatly over the years from the ’brain gain’ of immigration,” said ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


An Update on Legal Employment Trends for Law - LEGAL EMPLOYMENT ...
The legal employment market for new law school graduates has changed considerably in the last four years, even as many of the fundamentals have stayed ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
PDF - The Employment Situation: June 2010
Government employment fell by 208000 in June, driven by the loss of 225000 ..... collect data on the legal status of workers. The household survey does ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
E-net! - Elon Law students explore changes in the legal job market ...
In a February 2 presentation titled, "Time to Move On -The New Normal in Legal Employment," John Lassiter, CEO and President of Carolina Legal Staffing, shared insights into the legal employment market with Elon Law students. Law students were given the opportunity to learn about which legal practices and markets are currently active and growing, as well as which practices will likely be slow to recover due to the economy. “What happened in 2009 in terms of recent law school graduates having difficulty finding jobs and cut backs in large law firms will likely be here for a while,” Lassiter said. “Certain ...
  1. profile image Corrslawyers Legal employment is on the rise, as the market recovers. Find out John Denton’s take on this employment boom, here:
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How much will a filipino law graduate get paid in Manila? - Yahoo ...
If anything, as outsourcing of U.S. legal work increases there is a strong possibility that the legal employment market will grow in the Phillipines for document review and document production lawyers. There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register . Please be aware of what you are proposing on getting yourself into. Please do more research first. Reminder: We are in a World-wide Recession. Warning> Jobs in the field of Law are drying up fast!! This is just not a good field to invest time and/or money into. This is a SHRINKING vocational field. Many ...
legal pitfalls in employee promotion. What are the biggest ...
Criminal Law (5), Contracts (2), Corporate Law (2), Employment and Labor Law (2), Government Policy (1), Property Law (1), Small Business (1) This was selected as Best Answer Generally, an agreement may take any of three forms: Oral, written, or implied in fact. "A contract is either express or implied."(Cal. Civ. Code, § 1619.) If in writing, it's known as an "express contract." (Civ. Code, § 1620.) You mention no written employment contract, but it is likely you have one. Yet, the legal effect of a written employment agreement may depend on whether it contains an integration clause, which I will discuss shortly.