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Special Report on

The Legal Environment in Bangladesh

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The legal system of Bangladesh is being called upon to develop tools to compel the state to abide by the social justice mandate of the constitution and to promote the human rights of the underprivileged section of the society. The new statute book is rich in progressive laws but lacks a method of translating those laws into real benefits to the millions of people who most need the legal system’s support. Misgovernance and corruption eat into every department of the government, making the life of the marginalised even more difficult. Implementation of laws in Bangladesh is unimaginative, unequal, indifferent, and unjust. ...
is established under the private University Act 1992, as amended in 1998. GUB is a modern, dynamic and innovative academy which provides state of the art knowledge skills and attitude (KSA) in every branch of education. GUB strives to produce professionals with self confidence, versatile skills and ethical standards to meet the challenge of the corporate world and sow the seeds of economic, spiritual and cultural growth. The principal goal of GUB is to provide quality education at undergraduate and post-graduate levels relevant to the needs of a dynamic society. The courses and curricula are also designed as to prepare the ...
Is Water a Human Right? At Upcoming Vote, U.S. Isn't So Sure ...
According to the U.N., every person on Earth has the right to marry and found a family, to freely express his or her opinion, to earn equal pay for work and enjoy reasonable rest and leisure. But how useful are those guarantees if you or your child is dying from a waterborne disease? Or if a big corporation is polluting all your town's water, or if China has diverted your stream for a hydropower dam? What if seasonal rains are more frequently failing to arrive because our planet is warming? On July 28, this upcoming Wednesday, for the first time since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed 60 years ago, the ... market research, surveys and trends
Changing The Conversation
The entire Breitbart-Sherrod-NAACP-Tea Party mess is a lesson in how the left tries to sabotage and undermine conversations that don't suit it. It's a real time event version of what the Daily Caller chronicles in the Jornolist archives show about the media strategizing against Palin. The Democrats used their NAACP organization to try and brand the Tea Party as racist, thereby changing the conversation from criticisms of the Obama Administration, to an attack on the Tea Party itself, in order to delegitimize it, and discourage people from participating it. Breitbart's Sherrod attack was the equivalent of the ... market research, surveys and trends


the reduction of the trade weighted average tariff by 40 percent, ..... 250000 one time plus US$ 1.1 million annually for reform and capacity ..... It is expected that the legal environment in Bangladesh, with the aid of presently ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Azam, Mohammad Monirul --- "Establishment of the WTO and ...
The setting up of the World Trade Organization (WTO) was agreed to by 125 countries on 15 April 1994 at a conference in Marrakesh which concluded the strenuous Uruguay Round of General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (GATT) negotiations after more than seven years of hard bargaining. [1] The WTO replaced the earlier GATT, had come into effect from 1 January 1995 with the backing of at least 85 founding members including Bangladesh. Bangladesh did not face any obstacles to become the member of earlier GATT and thereafter of the WTO. Just after its independence in 1972, Bangladesh became member of the GATT on the recommendation of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Hidden shame of ship-breaking industry
Rizwana Hasan is a divisive figure in Bangladesh. Heralded by some as an eco-pioneer, a labor rights campaigner and a "take no prisoners" lawyer, she also is characterized as being on a mission to destroy an industry that employs thousands. Her works focuses on the effects of the ship-breaking industry in Chittagong. Each year hundreds of massive tankers, ferries and cargo ships from around the world are driven onto the mud flats in Chittagong, and then literally attacked by hundreds of men armed with little more than hammers, cutters and brute-force. They strip the ships for their scrap metal, salvaging what they can, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
New Killer - Climate Change Threatens Livelihoods
In 2008, Margaret Okeke awoke one July morning to find the floor of her home sinking beneath her feet. During the night, heavy rains had flooded the gorge near her family’s compound . Washing away soil along their path, the waters rapidly widened the bottom of the ravine – until the hillside where Okeke lived suddenly dropped out from beneath. Okeke’s family – her husband, eight children, a co-wife and the co-wife’s six children – were left with nowhere to go. The family’s struggle for refuge following the disaster is shared by millions worldwide displaced by changes in the environment, varying from dramatic events such as ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Jan 15, 2010 ... I. The Legal Framework. Various laws in Bangladesh restrict ..... some improvement in the media environment in the last two years, with ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Political parties: 30-40 active political parties. Largest ones include Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), the Awami League (AL), the Jatiya Party, and the Jamaat-e-Islami Party. Suffrage: Universal at age 18. Economy Fiscal year: July 1 to June 30. Annual GDP growth rate (FY 2008): 6.2%; (FY 2008 World Bank est.): below 6%. Current GDP (2008 est.): $84.2 billion (official); $226.4 billion (PPP). Per capita GDP (2008 est.): $554 (official); $1,500 (PPP). Inflation (December 2008): 6.03% (point to point basis) and 8.9% (monthly average basis). Exchange rate: Dec. 2009: U.S. $1=69.03 BDT; 2008: U.S. $1=68.55 BDT; 2007: U.S. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Legal Environment in Bangladesh
Bangladesh is a signatory of the GATT Uruguay Round and World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements, including the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), and is obligated to bring its laws and enforcement efforts into TRIPS compliance by January 1, 2000. Bangladesh has also been a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva since 1985. Bangladesh has never been mentioned on a the U.S. Trade Representative's "Special 301" Watch List which identifies countries that deny adequate and effective protection for intellectual property rights or fair and ...
Is bangladesh in Asia? what currency do they use? - Yahoo! Answers
i asked a question earlier about where in the world is it legal to grow marijuana and i got a few answers but where is that? Asia? or close to asia but not in asia? i want to know exactly where it is and i would love to know what currency they use down there? I have answered a similar question from you a few whiles ago. I am repeating the same here with addition to the currency question. Bangladesh is a sovereign country that got liberated from Pakistan on 16th December 1971, after 10 months long guerilla fighting started from the 26th March 1971 when the then Pakistani occupation Army launched attack on the night of 25th March ...
How can I shop groceries in Dhaka, Bangladesh through online from ...
1. If you are asking whether there is any groceries shop in Bangladesh whom you pay online from Canada and they would ship the cargo to your Canadian Address? Answer: No, it involves one to follow Bangladesh export procedures. The amount we usually pay for groceries would not justify opening L/C, without which no export can be done from Bangladesh. However, with 100% advance by TT payment one can send the groceries to you in Canada. 2. If you are asking whether there is any groceries shop in Bangladesh whom you pay online from Canada and they would send the cargo to your given Address in Bangladesh? Answer: Probably No. The ...