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The legal system

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It's essential to fix the legal system without discouraging legitimate lawsuits nor encouraging frivolous ones. Here's one approach. I 'm no neocon, but I was mugged last year by the reality of my daughter's recess. The school wouldn't let her play freeze tag or anything else that entailed…running. When I asked a friend on the Board of Education for the rationale, he replied, "Principals are free to ban that, if they're worried about liability." I put the obvious follow-up: "So the school's been sued by families whose kids got hurt while running at recess?" Oh no, he replied, "It's a ...
has been involved in court disputes in several countries. In some cases, when the Church has initiated the dispute, question has been raised as to its motives. The Church says that its use of the legal system is necessary to protect its intellectual property and its right to freedom of religion . Critics say that most of the Church's claims are designed to harass those it perceives as its enemies . 1 2 According to a U.S. District Court Memorandum of Decision in 1993, Scientologists "have abused the federal court system by using it, inter alia, to destroy their opponents, rather than to resolve an actual dispute over ...
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contradict prevailing legal and psychological thinking and have implications for the criminal justice system, report Charles Brainerd and Valerie Reyna, professors of human development and co-authors of the 2005 book “The Science of False Memory.” The researchers previously demonstrated that adults attach far more meaning to events than children do. But leading memory theories embraced by the legal system claim that adults remember negative events better than children and have fewer false memories about them. Brainerd and Reyna’s data show these theories are not accurate. ScienceDaily (2010-07-23) ... market research, surveys and trends
You Owe Me! Should Our Legal System Protect Male Celebs Targeted ...
After Kelis slapped Nas with back child support payments and alimony, a conversation opened up around the validity and fairness of our legal system. Singer Lyfe has been vocal about the issue, stating the laws should be changed so that people can no longer live off of child support payments. Now 41-year-old singer Brain McKnight is the latest hot topic. TMZ reports the singer was sued for back child support payments by Miriam Lee, a woman McKnight was involved with– reportedly before he divorced his wife of 13 years. The woman claimed McKnight was the father of her 14-year-old son. According to reports, McKnight was ... market research, surveys and trends


47% in Poll View Legal System as Unfair to Poor and Minorities ...
Despite having only a minimal knowledge of the legal system, nearly half of the public thinks it treats minorities and the poor unfairly, a survey conducted for the American Bar Association indicates. In the months before William H. Rehnquist raised his public profile by presiding over the Senate impeachment trial, only 17 percent could identify him as Chief Justice of the United States. More than one-third of those responding held the mistaken belief that in a criminal trial, it is up to the defendant to prove his innocence. But a surprising 96 percent knew that a criminal defendant who is found not guilty can still be sued in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Poll: 41 Percent Support Pot Legalization - Political Hotsheet ...
A CBS News Poll released today finds that 41 percent of Americans think the use of marijuana should be made legal. Fifty-two percent disagree. The percentage supporting legalization has varied a bit recently. In March of this year 31 percent favored legalization but the number was higher in January at 41 percent, matching what it is now. Thirty years ago just 27 percent thought the use of marijuana should be made legal. Demographically, slim majorities of Americans under age 35 and liberals favor legalizing marijuana. By contrast, older people and conservatives are some of the least likely groups to back legalization. Men are a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Netroots Nation: Close Gitmo and Use the Legal System
I’m going to be liveblogging today’s panel discussion, Close Gitmo and Use the Legal System at Netroots Nation 2010. Panelists featured are Adam Serwer, Matthew Alexander, Rep. Jerry Nadler, Vince Warren, and your very own emptywheel, Marcy Wheeler. (Video of this panel may be available later, technology permitting.) This is a rough paraphrase, not a word-for-word transcript. Wheeler: Lists good news and bad news about the topic of detention and Gitmo; we have seen some positive changes but over the big picture, no real change. Nadler: Very frustrated as not much has happened this year. Notes that the administration ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
3 in race for 2 spots on ballot for probate judge
Three people are running for judge of Calhoun County Probate Court to succeed Judge Philip Harter, who is retiring at the end of the year. The two candidates with the most votes on Aug. 3 will be on the Nov. 2 ballot in this non-partisan race. Mike Jaconette, an assistant Calhoun County prosecuting attorney for 17 years, said he is the only candidate practicing in the probate court in Calhoun County. "This is the court that I work in," he said. He asked to be placed in the court and has been assigned as lead attorney in the office's Family Court Unit for the past 18 months. "I was drawn to practice there ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Mar 6, 2007 ... [1] Information is fundamental to the legal system. Accordingly, lawyers ... The resulting landscape has stressed the legal system and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Navigating the Legal System
navigating a legal system that is not designed to serve individuals .... public defender system, funded with state dollars, to provide legal representation ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Battered Immigrant Women and the Legal System: A Therapeutic ...
little attention directed toward the legal system's response to the victimization of immigrants in ... the legal system attending to their plight. This may ...
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  3. profile image WorldPeace2Day Israel in bind as several International investigations question the veracity of its legal system & other horrific acts:
WikiAnswers - Why is the jury important to the legal system
the jury is important because the judge will need people to help themmake the dicission and so it is fair that the person does not ger sentanced for no reason What is the jury system ? The jury system is a common law (as opposed to civil law) system whereby a group of "peers" (his/her equals) tries a defendant to determine the facts and establish the guilt or innocence of the... How important is the jury selection to a trial? Very important. No matter how good an attorney is, the decision after arguments falls to the jury. It is important to keep a diverse jury that won't be biased by ethnicity, gender, or age. For...
Why does the legal system reward incompetence? - Yahoo! Answers
So let me get this straight.. what you're all saying, is that if two people both try to shoot someone innocent (we know they both tried because they admitted it), it doesn't make sense for them to have the same punishment? Why not? 2 days ago Please note my question isn't "Do you agree with how it is now (yes or no)" but rather "Why is it this way".. there's a pretty big difference. Either you can't read or you're trolling.. either way reported. 2 days ago Member since: May 23, 2010 Total points: 354 (Level 2) because we cannot read minds Member since: December 03, 2007 Total ...