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Special Report on

The Limited Liability Persona

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AS long as we are willing to relinquish some personal data, Web applications have long allowed us to create virtual identities that can conduct most of the social and financial transactions that typify life in the real world. But the newest generation of these services is starting to collect and store far more than just the standard suite of identity data � name and address, phone, Social Security or credit-card numbers � that populates the databases of banks and credit-card processors. They increasingly store information, generated by us, that is directly linked to those virtual identities. And users are loving them. For ...
Once a customer has been admitted into a strip club, most of the premises, other than employee and premium spaces, are accessible. Portions of a club that are used only for the operation and maintenance of the facility are typically access-restricted to staff and performers only. American-style striptease, closely associated with modern clubs, began to appear outside of North America in the post-World War II era, arriving in Asia in the late 1940s and in Europe, in 1950. 3 As of 2005, the size of the global strip club industry was estimated to be US$75 billion. 4 In 2002, the size of the U.S. strip club industry was estimated to ...
from On The Media yesterday titled “The Net’s Mid-Life Crisis.” Having been accused of having similar crises, I was intrigued. It was entertaining to hear Richard Clarke talk about the ways in which Russia and China had infiltrated US Government networks. For example, he said: Well, that’s exactly what happened two months ago. The people working in the Pentagon on the real unclassified Internet were downloading things and putting them on their thumb drives and then moving their thumb drives over to classified computers. Well, guess what? The Russians figured that out. And the Russians came up with a virus that ... market research, surveys and trends
The End of Online Anonymity
It seems we're approaching a new age here on the Internet. Instead being anonymous, faceless IP addresses, social computing and changing technologies have allowed the lines between the "real" world and the "virtual" world to blur. Web 2.0 helped create a world where your identity is revealed in bits and pieces as you share snippets of your life online - a photo here, a Stumble there, a tweet, a Digg, etc. However, the rise of social media is only one of the changes that is busy shaping the new web. On tomorrow's web, we're no longer going to be anonymous. In fact, one can argue that we're ... market research, surveys and trends


Some experts predict spill's tab will reach $10 billion ...
After an oil spill, response agencies conduct studies to identify the extent of injuries to natural resources and the best methods for restoration. Here are the steps: Initial assessment: To determine the extent and severity of injury, officials collect time-sensitive data and review scientific literature about the released substance and its ecological impact. Restoration planning: Officials quantify injuries and identify possible restoration projects. Economic studies assess the injuries to resources and the loss of services. Restoration work: Officials work with the public to select and implement restoration projects, such as ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Blackboard » Will Christopher Monckton of Brenchly Sue? Poll!
If you read the exchanges, particularly before the public rebuttal, you’ll see that Monckton offered ample and polite opportunity for the matter to be resolved without resorting to litigation and the subsequent charitable donations he’d ask for if he prevailed on the issue. These overtures were ignored. dorlomin ( Comment #48714) July 13th, 2010 at 10:32 am I think he would be mental to try to sue, especialy in the UK after the Simon Signh case. It would be seen as an attempt to stifle debate and be a hand grenade into a flamable situation in terms of the current state of the lible laws here. I am not sure that even ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Sean K. Kennedy and Alexandra W. Yates, Federal Public Defenders, Los Angeles, California, for the defendant-appellant, Alberto Maciel-Alcala. Thomas P. O'Brien, Christine C. Ewell, and Yvonne L. Garcia, United States Attorneys, Los Angeles, California, for the plaintiff-appellee, United States of America. Before: William C. Canby, Jr., Kim McLane Wardlaw and Consuelo M. Callahan, Circuit Judges. Opinion by Judge Wardlaw. Appellant's petition for panel rehearing is granted. The prior opinion filed on March 25, 2010, and reported at 598 F.3d 1239, is vacated concurrent with the filing of an Amended Opinion today. With ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
New York Giants Season Preview 2010
QB David Carr, DT Fred Robbins, P Jeff Feagles, LB Danny Clark, S C.C. Brown, LB Antonio Pierce, CB Kevin Dockery, TE Darcy Johnson Key Rookies: DT Linval Joseph, P Matt Dodge, DE Jason Pierre-Paul, LB Philip Dillard Offense QB: Eli Manning had a great 2009, greatly improving his accuracy and quickness in making the correct decision with the ball. Manning blew away his prior career highs in completion percentage and, more importantly, yards per attempt, where he improved a full yard per attempt. He showed great poise in standing behind a more porous line than he is accustomed, doing a much better job of keeping his eyes ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


not conferred the limited liability persona. Thus, there is no mechanism for expanding business firms to adopt a suitable business structure to cater for ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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limited liability persona which is essentially the same construct, but extend it to individuals and with less cost and fuss at time of creation. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Corporate Human Rights Norms and the Clog of Limited Liability ...
The negative effect of limited liability on tort and human rights ...... persona ,115 among others.116 The consideration of these factors allows for a much ...
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WikiAnswers - Independent corporate existence is a outstanding ...
The outstanding feature of a company is its idependent corporate exitence. A Partnership has no existence apart from its memebers. It is nothing but collection of the partners. A comapny, on the other hand, is in law a person. it is a distinct legal persona exixting independent of its member. by incorporation under the Act, the company is vested with a corporate personality which is distinct from the members who compose it. one of the effects of incorporation is stated in Section 34(2) of the Act. it says that upon the issue of the certificate of incorporation, the subscribers to the memorandum and other persons, who may from ...
The online marketing was a success, the event on site was terrible ...
Recently I did all the online marketing for a huge event that a company was organising. I was hired on a freelance basis but my name was there as the digital marketing director. The online marketing was a huge sucess, through email marketing and social media, and many many people booked for the event and was also a huge success in the social media. The problem is, the event was terrible. The organisation was a shame, many things went wrong and now there Facebook groups badmouthing the event, people wanting their money back, horrible. The problem is, I have my name associated with this event, although I had nothing to do with the ...