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Special Report on

The Medical-Legal Partnership

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The nation's hospitals are struggling to care for low-income patients. Proposed solutions usually involve more money or more doctors. But some medical centers are trying a different approach -- more lawyers. Jeff Tyler reports. Photo of child from Peninsula Family Advocacy Program website (Peninsula Family Advocacy Program) More on Crime - Law , Health KAI RYSSDAL: Most of the time, when you hear about problems in healthcare it's a question of not enough money or not enough doctors. That's usually the case in cities. They're often short on both, and many urban ...
Domestic partnerships in the United States are determined by each state or local jurisdiction, so there is no nationwide consistency on the rights, responsibilities, and benefits accorded domestic partners. Couples who live in localities without civil unions or domestic partnerships may voluntarily enter into a private, informal domestic partnership agreement, specifying their mutual obligations; however, this involves drawing up a number of separate legal documents, including wills, power of attorney, healthcare directives, child custody agreements, etc., and is best done with the guidance of a local attorney. In any case, ...
Medical-Legal Partnerships : HEALTH REFORM WATCH
Sometimes gesturing toward a good idea is worse than ignoring it.  Section 2537 of the House reform bill (HR 3967) would create a demonstration project supporting medical-legal partnerships.  Medical-legal partnerships are a great thing.  So why is Section 2537 bad? Medical-legal partnerships (”MLPs”) help the poor and ignored get well.  Look at a couple of examples. Refnely Jaime .   Refnely was a 3-year old who kept getting sick — pneumonia, rashes, and weight loss.  Her doctors realized that her problems related to her poorly maintained, vermin-infested housing, and referred her and her mother to the ... market research, surveys and trends
Engaging the Legal Profession to Aid Disadvantaged Children - RWJF
Attorney, Community Advocacy Program, a collaboration between the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland and MetroHealth Medical Center, Cleveland The problem : Vulnerable populations, including disadvantaged children, face barriers to health that lay outside the health care system yet directly impact health, such as problems with housing, education, public benefits, adequate food, domestic violence and a whole host of legal issues. While there are many government programs to aid low-income children and their families, access to these benefits and services are sometimes impeded by bureaucracy and some parents' lack of knowledge of ... market research, surveys and trends


ABA HIV/AIDS Law and Practice Conference Offers Latest Trends in ...
The fifth ABA HIV/AIDS Law and Practice Conference brought together healthcare providers, case workers and social service professionals and lawyers to discuss how HIV-related law and policy affects their work. The following are selected highlights from the two-day event, which took place in Orlando, Fla., in conjunction with the American Bar Association 2010 Midyear Meeting. Best of times, worst of times characterize efforts toward prevention, diagnosis, education, care and treatment Fresh from his first meeting as executive director of the newly formed Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS , Christopher Bates spoke to the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Human Services, Health, and Arts and Culture Organizations, Among ...
The Kresge Foundation’s grantmaking continues to seek a balance between responding to the immediate hardships arising from the economic downturn and the longer-term challenges of addressing enduring social, environmental, and economic problems. At its second-quarter board meeting in June, Trustees awarded 73 grants totaling $26 million for nonprofit organizations in 23 states, the District of Columbia, and Ireland. “ We want to help move the needle and alleviate some small measure of human suffering now by supporting organizations that are working on the frontlines to assist those most affected by the downturn ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Jacksonville medical-legal partnership expands as need grows
On his 18th birthday, Joshua York became an adult in the eyes of the law. But in the eyes of his mother and his doctor, he is still a child in many ways. Diagnosed with autism, Joshua is slow to understand what he’s being told and always has relied on his mother to make medical decisions for him. “As a mother of a son with a disability,” Gina York said, “you want to do anything for him to be safe.” And now the Westside mother can, after Joshua’s doctor referred her to an attorney, who helped her navigate the legal process to become Joshua’s guardian advocate. They are among hundreds of Jacksonville-area families referred to the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
WALTER BEEBE, M.D., C. BRADLEY BOWMAN, M.D., RONALD L. FELLMAN, M.D., HENRY GELENDER, M.D., DAVID G. GODFREY, M.D., TYRONE L. MCCALL, M.D., DAVID STAGER, JR., M.D., DAVID STAGER, SR., M.D., AND RICHARD J. STARITA, M.D., Appellees. No. 05-08-01045-CV. Court of Appeals of Texas, Fifth District, Dallas. Opinion issued July 9, 2010. Before Justices BRIDGES, LANG and LANG-MIERS. Opinion By Justice BRIDGES. Appellant Greenville Surgery Center, Ltd. ("GSC") appeals the trial court's decision granting appellees' ("Doctors") motion for summary judgment and denying GSC's cross-motion for partial summary ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Medical-Legal Partnership: Collaborating with Lawyers to Identify ...
community are the Medical-Legal Partnership.” General inter- nists can be natural leaders in this educational innovation to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
LSC: LSC Updates: April 1, 2010
Robert J. Grey Jr., an incoming member of the LSC Board of Directors, and LSC President Victor M. Fortuno participated in a panel discussion on medical-legal partnerships at a March 26 summit in Arlington, Va., sponsored by the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership. Grey, a partner in the law firm Hunton & Williams LLP, discussed the importance of pro bono work in helping ensure that low-income Americans have access to justice. Lawyers, he said, "are a safety net for people," providing them with a level playing field in the judicial system. He noted that his firm operates neighborhood-based pro bono offices in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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WikiAnswers - How do you obtain a legal power of attorney
A principal who has legal capacity must execute a Power of Attorney voluntarily. To create a power of attorney a person must: Be at least 18 years old; Intend to give the power to the person designated in the document; and Be mentally competent, which means able to understands the document; Understand which powers are being granted; and Understand which property is affected by the power granted. Unless you are absolutely sure about what you're doing and fully informed about the consequences, you should consult an attorney. A POA grants sweeping powers to your attorney-in-fact. They will have complete access to your assets ...
How does domestic partnership work for federal returns in these ...
Throughout 2009, I repaid my legal domestic partner for me to to have health coverage on his plan including doctor costs and operations) which were a supplement for legal domestic partners. Do I just deduct these for the year 2009 on my return as medical premiums costs? There were thousands of dollars of premiums I repaid him regularly for me to have health coverage for 2009 operations (which I had), doctor visits, physical therapy etc, 2... What about my paying his transportation costs to accompany me to ongoing physical therapy and doctor appointments after serious knee and other operations? Can I deduct his ...