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Special Report on

Trusted Computing Platforms

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This section investigates on the employment of the so-called information flow analysis (Tse and Zdancewic, 2004) for an encapsulation of a service application for logging events. The aim is to obtain information about the contents of a communication and storage. By this, a communication or storage of non-protection-worthy data should be differentiated from protection-worthy data. The number of suspicious factors should be reduced and distinguishable from actual cases of misuse.  The technical prerequisite for this is that a security typed programming language has been used for implementing the service application. The aim ...
that protect information, as well as the general name of implementations of that specification, often called the "TPM chip" or "TPM Security Device" (as designated in certain Dell BIOS settings). The TPM specification is the work of the Trusted Computing Group . The current version of the TPM specification is 1.2 Revision 103, published on July 9, 2007.
Trusted Computing Platforms: Design and Applications
How can one trust computation taking place at a remote site, particularly if a party at that site might have motivation to subvert this trust? In recent years, industrial efforts have advanced the notion of a "trusted computing platform" as a building block. Through a conspiracy of hardware and software magic, these platforms attempt to solve this remote trust problem, to preserve various critical properties against various types of adversaries. However, these current efforts are just points on a larger continuum, which ranges from earlier work on secure coprocessor design and applications, through TCPA/TCG, to recent ... market research, surveys and trends
Digital Security, the Red Queen, and Sexual Computing
There is a technology trend which even the determinedly non-technical should care about. The bad guys are winning. And even though I am only talking about the bad guys in computing — writers of viruses, malware and the like — they are actually the bad guys of all technology, since computing is now central to every aspect of technology. They might even be the bad guys of civilization in general, since computing-driven technology is central to our attacks on all sorts of other global problems ranging from global poverty to AIDS, cancer, renewable energy and Al Qaeda. So turning around and winning this war might even be ... market research, surveys and trends


Major research awards to ISR faculty
NSF Collaborative Research: Next-Generation Model Checking and Abstract Interpretation with a Focus on Embedded Control and Systems Biology Professor Rance Cleaveland (CS/ISR) is the principal investigator and Professor Steve Marcus (ECE/ISR) is a co-PI for the University of Maryland�s portion of a major new National Science Foundation collaborative research grant, �Next-Generation Model Checking and Abstract Interpretation with a Focus on Embedded Control and Systems Biology.� The five-year, $10 million project is part of NSF�s �Expeditions in Computing� initiative. Maryland�s part of the project is worth $1.8 million. Along ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Biographies - NCS | National Communications System
A native of Plant City, Fla., Mr. Ackerman holds a bachelor's degree in physics and master's degree from Rollins College in Winter Park, Fla., and a master's degree in business from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mr. Ackerman began his communications career in 1964, and has served in numerous capacities with BellSouth. Mr. Ackerman was named president, chief executive officer of BellSouth Telecommunications, BellSouth's local telephone service unit and largest subsidiary, in November, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Ipreo Launches Capital Markets Application on AppExchange 2
/PRNewswire/ -- Ipreo, a leading global provider of market intelligence and productivity solutions to investment banks and corporations, announced the launch of a new addition to its BD Suite of prospecting and CRM applications – BD for Salesforce CRM. Powered by Ipreo's world-renowned Bigdough database of institutional contacts, BD for Salesforce CRM seamlessly integrates Ipreo's institutional data and investor marketing solutions with Salesforce CRM. The Bigdough database is widely recognized as the leading source for institutional contact data and investor profiles, covering over 100,000 equity and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Analyst's View: Will Windows 8 Be A Business-Only OS?
Bolstered by the success of Windows 7, Microsoft is looking forward to the next Windows. Early signs are that it might be a business-focused release, much like Windows 2000. Could Windows 8 be the Windows 2000 of the 21st century? When Microsoft released Windows 2000, it was largely embraced by the corporate world, but few consumers (except hard-core geeks) ran it on their home machines. Windows 95, Windows 98, and the doomed Windows Millennium targeted the average user. A decade later, rumors and hints point to a Windows 8 that appears poised to walk the same business-centric path. The successor to Windows 7 is probably a few ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Trusted Computing Platforms, the Next Security Solution
Trusted Computing Platforms, the. Next Security Solution. Siani Pearson. Trusted E-Services Laboratory. HP Laboratories Bristol. HPL-2002-221. November 5 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
High Assurance Platform Program - NSA/CSS
The High Assurance Platform (HAP) Program is a multi-year NSA program with the vision to define a framework for the development of the "next generation" of secure computing platforms. NSA conducts this effort in collaboration with industry, academia, and other government organizations. The secure computing platforms defined by this program will couple emerging commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) security technologies with a variety of assurance techniques. The results will enable commercial vendors to develop assurable secure, manageable, and usable computing platform component products to a common vetted design and will enable ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Terra: A Virtual Machine-Based Platform for Trusted Computing
purpose computing platform. Terra achieves this synthesis by use of a trusted virtual machine monitor (TVMM) that partitions a ...
Slashdot | How Important Is Protecting Streaming Media?
"In the ongoing battle with the MPAA and RIAA, there seems to be an ongoing argument about who is to blame. If you leave a $20 bill on the sidewalk, can you report it stolen when someone takes it? Of course you can, but will you be taken seriously by the authorities? When my car was broken into, I was told by the responding police officer that I might have prevented it by keeping my seats and visible areas clear of junk that would entice criminals. So, who is at fault when it comes to users abusing their right to capture streaming media for personal use? According to's Legal FAQ , the RIAA will not come ...
Are Cloud Computing concepts applicable in secure national ...
I have been asked to informally consult on this issue and I am a bit sceptical about the storage aspect of cloud computing. The client I was consulting for had some serious legal issues in relation to storing data outside certain geograpical boundaries (where the cloud provider(s) where) which was a big obstacle from the very beginning. Whist lawyers resolved the legalities, we solved data privacy concerns by enabling proprietary strong encryption for the stored data, a standard practice for many serious corporations, irrespective where they have their backup/disaster recovery or remote data centers. And the same goes true for ...