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Special Report on

Unfair Preference Claims

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Many members of the Commercial Finance Association continue to be subjected to costly preference claims by bankruptcy trustees. (Editor's Note: see Merger on page 112.) As the trade group for assetbased lenders and factors, CFA is uniquely positioned to speak to the impact that the application of the current preference laws have on trade creditors and how those laws could be reformed. Representatives of CFA recently met with counsel for Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) to discuss possible legislative remedies that would protect lenders from unfair preference claims. Section 547 of the federal Bankruptcy Code (Editor's ...
rules of procedure.. These cantonal rules of procedure will in 2011 be replaced by Switzerland's first national Code of Civil Procedure ( Schweizerische Zivilprozessordnung, ZPO ).
Premium Income Fund
We believe we there is a reasonable prospect of recovering unfair preference claims and uncommercial transactions within a range of $1.5m to $30m. This may offer creditors a better return in liquidation than they would receive under the ... market research, surveys and trends
Understanding Unfair Preference Payments : : The Quinn Group Blog
If you find your business starting to head in this direction, or perhaps you are already surrounded by the chaos and confusion of insolvency, one of the many  important things to be aware of are Unfair Preference payments and how they could influence your business as well as others. An Unfair Preference is given by a company to a creditor of the company (an entity that the company owes money to) in respect to a transaction. In order to be able to be considered as an Unfair Preference payment, it must be deemed that the company and the creditors are parties to the transaction and this transaction must occur in the six months ... market research, surveys and trends


Yellow Pages Claims Greatest Local Media Reach « Screenwerk
comScore). Announced as a new “Local Media Tracking Study,” the findings of this new survey assert that print and Internet yellow pages combine to produce the greatest audience reach of any medium for consumers seeking local business information. The survey findings also argue that yellow pages are recognized as the most trustworthy and accurate source of local information by respondents. Almost 70% (67%) said “print or Internet Yellow Pages are the source they trust most for finding local business information, compared to 33 percent for search engines. ” Regarding data and listings accuracy, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
GM Bankruptcy Probable as Obama Shields UAW Benefits (Update2 ...
may be more likely to end up in bankruptcy based on the Obama administration’s willingness to place Chrysler LLC into court protection to safeguard union health-care benefits. With GM and its biggest bondholders at odds over resolving $27 billion in unsecured claims by a June 1 deadline, the Chrysler model indicates that President Barack Obama may resort to bankruptcy to end any impasse over that debt, said Martin Fridson , chief executive officer of New York-based credit investment firm Fridson Investment Advisors. Chrysler filed for protection April 30 after the U.S. was unable to persuade secured lenders to swap $6.9 billion ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Ultimate effect - minister pays back royalties
Please log in below to access the full article. If you are not an existing Lexology subscriber, please register for the free daily legal newsfeed service here . The US New York's District Court has ruled that Google Inc's YouTube website is not liable for copyright infringement. A recent High Court of Australia decision, involving actor Paul Hogan, confirmed that private financial and taxation documents disclosed in connection with a court proceeding can be accessed by third parties, including the media. New Zealand's courts have only very recently acknowledged that banks could be liable as shadow ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Jonathan L. Flaxer, Esq., Laura Sulem, Esq., Dallas L. Albaugh, Esq., Golenbock Eiseman Assor Bell & Pescoe LLP., Attorneys for Gerard A. McHale, Jr., P.A. as Liquidation Trustee For the 1031 Debtors Liquidation Trust. Peter B. Fallon, Esq., Attorney for Defendant 1-15 Hartsdale Avenue Corp. Warren, New Jersey. MARTIN GLENN, Bankruptcy Judge Gerard A. McHale, Jr., P.A., as Liquidation Trustee for the 1031 Liquidation Trust ("Trustee"), has moved to impose sanctions pursuant to FED. R. CIV. P. 37 against 1-15 Hartsdale Avenue Corp. ("Hartsdale") as a result of Hartsdale's violation of this Court's ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Unfair Preference to Non-associates
755/2005), liquidators could make unfair preference claims more readily against non-associates. Insolvency. May 2008 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Attorney Fees - Minnesota Legislature - Office of the Revisor of ...
technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Affirmative Action: Twenty-five Years of Controversy
White House Counsel C. Borden Gray created a furor last November when, on the eve of the President's signing a major civil rights bill designed to "fight the evils of discrimination," he circulated a directive to end the use of racial preferences and quotas in federal government hiring. The following month Education Secretary Lamar Alexander drew heavy criticism from civil rights advocates when he proposed regulations to limit the use of race-based scholarships. Time has not ...
Why do so many posts here make irrelevant claims such as ...
Putting aside for the moment whether or not such claims are valid, why do they matter? Is there really any doubt that many scriptures speak against homosexual acts (and declare them to be sin)? Does anybody really believe that many centuries of Bible translations as well as all of the latest ones "mistranslated" the key passages? ======================================… EXAMPLE: ROMANS 1: 26Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. 27In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men ...
Labor Unions: union and sale of business, legitimate expectation ...
Someone wants to buy my business and I don't know if the union contract would continue with a new owner or if the contract would become void.  I don't want to ask the union representative because I don't want my employees to know that I'm thinking of selling. I own a bakery.  Another bakery with representation from the same union was sold a few years ago and this resulted in their contract becoming void.  Is there a common rule that a union contract becomes void with the sale of a business? Answer Aloha, Elaine: In answering your questions, the first thing we need to talk about are the rules of ...