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Use demurrage in a sentence

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Dock scheduling, resource management, demurrage, labor optimization. It's your job to get the ship in, cargo handled, and get it cleared. A phone call to the agent, e-mail to the harbor tugs, another call to a barge operator, and one more check-in with the Pilots. It's your terminal, but somehow you are always the one in the dark. But now you use PortVision, and for the first time, you have perfect clarity. Because PortVision provides complete visibility to all commercial ship traffic, you have the power of perfect information on the waterway. PortVision provides real-time information about every ...
and consists largely of finding the right lever that makes everything else work. Witches rarely do any magic, in fact, relying more on common sense, hard work, and a peculiar brand of psychology known as headology . This can be taken very far - a witch's way of magically setting fire to a log of wood consists of staring at the log until it burns up from pure embarrassment. As a result it is less energy intensive, which means that a witch can do more than a technically equally powerful wizard. However, the same zen-like knowledge that gives them this ability generally discourages them from making a big deal about it, beyond ...
Opinion: Bernanke uncovered: buy gold! |
Last week, the Fed gave markets their biggest shock in living memory. I believe Bernanke tried a de facto devaluation, one he could not admit lest others follow suit. To prove it, I trolled though his works finding a 2002 speech foreshadowing drastic action. In 2002, Ben Bernanke claimed that deflation was a remote because the American economic and financial system was flexible and strong. He even expected inflation to be around 2.9% during the next five to ten years. He claimed modern central bankers could easily avoid deflation: a helicopter could, if absolutely necessary, drop money. The next day the press facetiously ... market research, surveys and trends
The Oil Drum: Campfire | Food-backed Local Money
If the financial system is at a risk of collapse, and if so many of our basic goods depend on the financial system, then what, if anything can we do to be more resilient to economic shocks? Below the fold is a description of a project I am working on that may provide some answers. Image 1. Front and back sides of a Mendo Credits slip. Our first printing of Mendo Credits was for 600 notes sold at $10 each. Proceeds from the sale of Mendo Credits allows us to purchase 8000 pounds of grains and dry beans. Mendo Credits are 100% backed by specific quantities of pinto beans, triticale, and white and brown rice. As a kid did you ... market research, surveys and trends


CRUDE OIL SALES AGREEMENT - Crude Purchase Agreement - Free Search.
”) is entered into on March 19, 2008 and dated effective as of March 1, 2008, by and between PDVSA-Petróleo S.A., a corporation organized under the laws of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (“ Seller ”), represented by Mr. Fernando Valera, Executive Director of Supply and Commerce, and NuStar Marketing LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“ Buyer ”), represented by Mr. Curtis V. Anastasio, its Chief Executive Officer and President. Seller and Buyer may sometimes hereinafter be referred to individually as a “ Party ”, and, collectively, as the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Relationship Between Money Systems, Time Perception and ...
Monetary specialists and Greens alike typically see no connection between the money system and sustainability. What follows will show that this is a massive oversight. The gentlest way to acquaint ourselves with that connection is through a short fairy tale for my godchild: The Man with the Near-Seeing Glasses (Fairy tale for Kamir, Seven years old) Once upon a time, in a very near place, there was a man who had been wearing glasses for so long that he even forgot he had them on. The main problem, however, was that his glasses, instead of correcting his vision, were making him so near-sighted that he couldn’t see anything ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Fertiliser supply thrown out of gear in Maharashtra
PUNE | BANGALORE: Despite the prospects of a good monsoon and availability of fertilisers, labour shortages and the non-availability of railway rakes have disturbed fertiliser distribution in Maharashtra and Karnataka. The uncertainty over the timely distribution of the critical input is such that there have already been two instances of rioting and stone-pelting in the last fortnight. Farmers are agitated over delays in the distribution of fertilisers and seeds in Maharashtra. One of these instances took place in Nanded, the home district of Maharashtra’s chief minister Ashok Chavan. “This is only a local delay in fertiliser ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
New FAME meter can test down to 1 ppm
Kam Controls Inc. of Houston has successfully conducted a test of its upcoming in-line fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) detector�the Kam FAME Meter. Kam Mohajer, president of Kam Controls, said the device uses patent-pending optical technology. �We use one wave length that is absorbed equally by both the jet fuel and the FAME, and another wavelength that is only absorbed by FAME, which is used as reference and it automatically recalibrates and adjusts,� Mohajer told Biodiesel Magazine. He said some of the optics involved are also used by astronomers to study the cosmos, which is why the prototype cost more than $170,000. The test, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Seaview Article - SARS
It has been held that the use of the word "whatsoever" added after "any other ... It has been held that the second sentence of clause 16 is not exclusive to the ... and the owner is not entitled to damages or demurrage in respect of the ... The question is whether a port infected with SARS or situated in a SARS ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
SOLICITATION/CONTRACT/ORDER FOR COMMERCIAL ITEMSREQUISITION NUMBER EP10V000150 2. Description of Supplies and Services. See attached Statement of Work and Appendix 1. 3. Extent of obligation. The government is not obligated to order any supplies or services under this agreement. The government is obligated only to the extent of authorized calls placed against the BPA. The government reserves to right to award contracts or agreements to other vendors for like supplies and services during the same performance period as this agreement. 4. Purchase limitations. An individual call placed under this agreement shall not exceed the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
TOURS OF ONE DAY FOR DEMURRAGE IN COSTA RICA ... the nature and to learn we modify the use of the earth so much to help to preserve our planet about how, ...
What is the definition of sententious? - Yahoo! Answers
Tips: Sententious can be either a critique or a compliment. When used as a critique, it usually refers to someone who is pretentious in their use of maxims and wise sayings, or to describe someone who is overly dogmatic. As a compliment, sententious is used to describe someone who is clear and to the point. Sententious is used more often as a critique. Usage Examples: Angela’s boss welcomed her sententious comments, which were succinct and to the point. (meaningful, pithy) He makes all those sententious remarks and uses cliched maxims just to appear clever and important. (pompous, showy, pretentious) He thought his speech would ...
What does the word demurrage mean? - Yahoo! Answers
The term Demurrage comes from the field of vessel chartering (notably voyage chartering) and refers to the period during which the charterer remains in possession of the vessel after the period of time normally given to him to charge and discharge the cargo (lay time). By extension Demurrage refers to the amount of money that the charterer will have to pay to the shipowner for its extra use of the vessel. Because the supply of a shipping container to a merchant has a very similar nature to the contract of a supply of a vessel to a voyage charter, the industry refers to this container usage beyond the time allowed as Container ...