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W3C Software Notice and License

w3c software notice and license special research report Photo by
This document answers several Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about W3C intellectual rights policies. The primary goals of these policies are: To encourage the widespread dissemination of W3C work. To preserve the integrity of W3C work by eliminating confusion about its source and status. These three: IPR Notice and Disclaimers General web site copyright, trademark, and legal disclaimer statements. This page gives further explanation on the default policies that apply and where ...
Agora was an email-based web browser designed for non-graphic terminals and to help people without full access to the internet such as in developing countries or without a permanent internet connection. 2 Similar to W3Gate, Agora was a server application designed to fetch HTML documents through e-mail rather than http. 3 Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{Reflist}} template or a tag; see the .
Linux Questions
This is my own compilation of some of the interesting C programs. Welcome you to publish your own such interesting C puzzles. And, well recently I have added some C++ stuff as well, hope you will enjoy them. Thanks Here I have collected some of my linux experiences bundled in this blog. Hope you guys will enjoy this blog we well like the earlier ones. Thanks a lot, and keep reading. Here it is: Q1. How to get the version of Linux installed in the system? Ans: cat /etc/redhat-release Q2. How to get the version of Linux Kernel? Ans: uname -a Q3. How to check the current runlevel? Ans: $runlevel Red Hat as well as most of its ... market research, surveys and trends
Net_NNTP 1.3.0
Serious backward compatibility break with v1.2.x (alpha) releases!!! The experimental classes Net_NNTP_Header and Net_NNTP_Message has been droped, since such features does not belong in this package! For now loading either class results in a notice/warning, but later on both classes will be removed! Previously unimplementet NNTP commands now allow access to article headers... - Some backward compatibility break with v1.1.x (beta) releases!!! + Changes in Net_NNTP_Client: - fixed: connect(), now returns false when posting is prohibited (like cmdModeReader()). - fixed: getGroupArticles(), now updates internal group summary cache. market research, surveys and trends


Appendix 1
The purposes of the Consortium are to support the advancement of information technology in the field of networking, graphics and user interfaces by evolving the World Wide Web toward a true information infrastructure, and to encourage cooperation in the industry through the promotion and development of standard interfaces in the information environment known as the "World Wide Web." The roles of MIT, ERCIM and Keio University (KEIO) are to provide the vendor-neutral architectural, engineering and administrative leadership required to make this work. The Consortium began operation October 1, 1994. The Consortium is ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
jeffrey heer >> blog >> archives (geekitude)
As an undergraduate student at Berkeley, I was interested in studying both computer science and psychology, which led naturally to questions of how the design of computer applications could better take advantage of human capabilities. This got me excited about pursuing research in Human-Computer Interaction. I was lucky enough to get an internship at Xerox PARC, working with luminaries like Stuart Card, Jock Mackinlay, and Ed Chi, who introduced me to information visualization as a research field of its own. After graduating from Berkeley, I went back to PARC to work for a year before starting graduate school. It was then that I ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Canadian Women Win at Britain's Royal Henley
Canada's women eight beat out the local favourites today to win at the Henley Royal Regatta in Henley-on-Thames, England. The Canadian women set the tone for the race with a solid start and ended up winning by two lengths in a total time of 7.29 minutes over the British team, representing Leander Club and Oxford Brookes University. They raced a distance of 2,112 metres, unique to this regatta, in gusty headwind conditions. "We train in all conditions (on Fanshawe Lake in London, Ont.) and we're accustomed to the wind, but we didn't underestimate the British. We took some sloppy strokes, and so did they.  The ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
WALLACE: In BBM Truck At Iowa
Officials of Billy Ballew Motorsports (BBM) announced today that Steve Wallace will return behind the wheel of the team's No. 15 Toyota of Des Moines Toyota Tundra for the July 11th Iowa 200 at Iowa Speedway. Wallace, driver of the No. 66 5-Hour Energy Toyota Camry in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, has driven in two prior NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (NCWTS) events, both for BBM. In his NCWTS debut, Wallace pedaled his way to a fourth-place finish at Atlanta Motor Speedway in March, followed by a 12th-place finish at Nashville Superspeedway in April. Wallace, the youngest son of Iowa Speedway's chief designer and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Oracle Service Registry
W3C Software Notice and License ................................................ ............................ 11. 6.1.6. Xalan, Version 2.5.1 . ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Note: The original version of the W3C Software Copyright Notice and License could be found at ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Index of /kennylu/www/tabulator-0.8-current
Tabulator 0.8 You have obtained Tabulator 0.8. Documentation for this product is available at: Comments, questions, or other general correspondance should be directed to Bugs and feature requests and inquiries of that nature should be directed to or Everything in this distribution and on the Tabulator web site is bound under the W3C SOFTWARE LICENSE (below). * W3C® SOFTWARE NOTICE AND LICENSE * ...
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Kazaa/TOP text - Discussions about the Legal, Moral, and Ethical ...
carries what is essentially a synthesized version of this thread, offering opinion and links to available responses and remedies to eZula�s (KaZaA) scumbag assault on Web integrity. Sullivan, in concert with those in touch with reality, agrees that third-party meddling with an individual's or organization's original work is a bad thing. Others, including those contributing to the W3C�s Annotea Project (Semantic Web Activity), seem to occupy rarified spaces not known to the common herd elbowing their way towards the trough of invention. The W3C [ ], for those not familiar with it, ��develops interoperable ...
Google Answers: Intellectual property rights and ownership
Hi, My question regards intellectual property rights and ownership. I am developing a technology for creating and indexing documents and knowledge materials. Ultimately, the outcome of this will be an XML type mark-up language that will be used for adding meta-data to textual documents. I am intending to release that technology as an open source but I still want my name to be related to it, no matter who uses it or where it has been implemented. I would like to make sure that there would not be someone else who would claim that they have invented it. There are a lot of open source technologies and solutions that are being ...