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Wisconsin State Law Library

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Peter Boll, WSLL Acquisitions Librarian and a Lieutenant in the US Navy, Reserve Component, returns to work this month after nearly a year of active duty in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Pete was mobilized with Navy Cargo Handling Battalion SEVEN as a part of the Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group out of Williamsburg, VA. Following training and exercises at Norfolk and Williamsburg, he and his unit were stationed in Kuwait for about 9 months. Pete will share more on his experiences in an upcoming newsletter. Welcome Home, Pete! Devin Rogers, formerly a part time shelver and filer, has accepted the full ...
capitol fire of 1904
A program of the Wisconsin Library Association Foundation promoting understanding and appreciation of the history of libraries and librarianship in Wisconsin.                     Two of Wisconsin's most significant libraries were dramatically impacted by the fire that began in the late evening of February 26, 1904 and destroyed most of the State Capitol in Madison. Stanley H. Cravens article "Capitals and Capitols in Early Wisconsin" in the Wisconsin Blue Book for 1983-1984 contains an excellent account of the 1904 fire. A pdf version of that article is located here market research, surveys and trends
Websites Providing Information About Animal Law
As a service to the animal law legal community, for general informational purposes, and to demonstrate how much animal law has permeated the American legal culture, ISAR is pleased to provide the names of organizations whose websites provide useful information about that subject. American Bar Association, Blawg Directory: Animal Law Lists the most popular Animal Law Blogs, based on access by ABA members. American Bar Association, Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section, Animal Law Committee List of American Bar Association programs relating to ... market research, surveys and trends


WisBlawg - From the UW Law Library: Legal Professionals Archives
award presented by the Wisconsin Law Journal. The award seeks to recognize the legal professionals whose efforts are essential to helping law firms and courts run efficiently. Categories include Secretary, Paralegal, Law Librarian, Administrator, Human Resources, IT Specialists, Marketers, and Court Staff. I'd like to give a special mention to my law library colleague nominees: Jennifer Dedolph, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren SC Diane Duffey, Habush Habush & Rottier, SC Carol Hassler, Wisconsin State Law Library Posted by Bonnie Shucha at 1:08 PM Permalink | Comments (0) Robert Ambrogi over at's Legal Blogwatch ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
WisBlawg - From the UW Law Library: Libraries & Librarians Archives
Dodge County Circuit Court Judge Steven Bauer contacted me this morning to let me know he'd linked to WisBlawg on his blog, To Speak the Truth . It's quite a nice post about his positive experiences with libraries and librarians as the following excerpt illustrates: I love libraries and librarians. I was going to write "good librarians", but after using libraries my entire life, I can't remember a bad experience with a librarian. (I find that statement to be quite incredulous, even to myself, understanding the bell curve of human behavior and performance in any profession.) I am almost always impressed ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Immigrants transforming Darlington, dairy industry
Police Sgt. Antonio Ruesga came to Darlington to build ties with its rapidly growing Hispanic population, which initially was hesitant to interact with police. Now, immigrants report crimes just as readily as other residents. DARLINGTON, Wis. -- Before Sgt. Antonio Ruesga arrived in Darlington a decade ago, the police could barely communicate with the few Spanish-speaking immigrants who had come to work at local dairies. Today, while tensions mount in Arizona and elsewhere over how to curb illegal immigration, Ruesga, who is Hispanic and fluent in Spanish, has created an atmosphere of trust among police and local immigrants. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
This appeal concerns a negligence claim by Watertown Tire Recyclers against an insurance agent for the agent's alleged failure to procure a policy that protected Watertown against a substantial and anticipated risk, a stockpile tire fire. More specifically, Watertown alleged that the agent negligently procured a policy with a broad pollution exclusion that resulted in a denial of coverage after a serious accidental tire fire. After determining that the policy would have precluded coverage regardless of the alleged negligence, the circuit court granted summary judgment in favor of the agent. We affirm. ¶ 2 Watertown ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Collection Development Policy
continued development of resources in the Wisconsin State Law Library (the. Library). This document serves as a guide for deciding what materials to add to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Wisconsin Court System - State Law Library
Founded as the Wisconsin State Library by the 1836 Act of Congress that established the territory of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin State Law Library marked its 165th anniversary in 2001. Over the years the library's focus has changed and its services have expanded. Today, the library's mission is to serve the legal information needs of the officers and employees of the state, and of attorneys and the public. It provides the highest quality of professional expertise in the selection, maintenance and use of materials, information and technology in order to facilitate equal access to the law. State Law Library Jane Colwin, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Case Law Guide - Cofrin Library - University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
(Courts of First Instance) are the first level.  Trial courts make determinations of law and fact in both civil and criminal cases.  Juries are generally involved in these cases. Circuit Courts (Courts of Appeal) are the second level.  Appellate courts examine cases for errors in the law in the records of the lower courts.  Decisions are made by judges, no juries are involved. Supreme Court (Court of Last Resort) is the highest appeals court.  A loser in an appellate court case can appeal the case to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ...
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Where can I find published case law? - Yahoo! Answers
Well, I checked all my favorite sources plus Wisconsin State Law Library and Univ of Wisconsin Law Library and it seems Wisconsin appellate court opinions prior to 1995 are not online. Do you have access to a law library? Often county law libraries will allow the public to use their resources and the librarians will be more than happy to pull the cases for you. Also, law school libraries will often be glad to locate cases for you. Bring your cites. 2 years ago There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register . Member since: May 31, 2006 Total points: ...
Google Answers: A brief history of Email
Hello again Joel, Below you will find the results of my research regarding the history of Email. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ?Despite common belief, e-mail actually predates the Internet; in fact, existing e-mail systems were a crucial tool in creating the Internet. E-mail started in 1965 as a way for multiple users of a time-sharing mainframe computer to communicate. Although the exact history is murky, among the first systems to have such a facility were SDC's Q32 and MIT's CTSS. E-mail was quickly extended to become network e-mail, allowing ...