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Special Report on

Worker Ownership American Style

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Employee ownership has attracted attention and interest for a wide variety of reasons. Much of the interest has focused on the potential for better economic performance, particularly through enhanced motivation and commitment from employees who have a direct stake in firm performance. Strong majorities of the public believe that employee-owners work harder and pay more attention to the quality of their work than non-owners, and are more likely than outside shareholders to vote their shares in the long-term interest of the company. 1 There have also been social arguments for employee ownership, based on its potential to ...
founded and continuously published in New York City, NY since 1851. Although it remains both the largest local metropolitan newspaper in the United States as well as being third largest overall, behind The Wall Street Journal and USA Today , the weekday circulation of the paper has fallen precipitously in recent years to fewer than one million copies daily for the first time since the 1980s. 1 Nicknamed "The Gray Lady" and long regarded within the industry as a national " newspaper of record ", the Times is owned by The New York Times Company , which also publishes 18 other regional newspapers including the ...
Daily Digest - Daily Digest - July 5 - Jul. 5, 2010 - Blogs at ...
Small firms are on the sidelines, and it's not just because of tight credit from the financial meltdown, as the Obama administration and others have been saying. Home Closings Mired In Crude (cmartenson) Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate says that six of its 22 sales that failed to close in late May and early June were on waterfront homes and the direct result of buyer qualms about the spill. Fed Made Taxpayers Unwitting Junk-Bond Buyers (cmartenson) The so-called assets included collateralized debt obligations and mortgage-backed bonds with names like HG-Coll Ltd. 2007-1A that were so distressed, more than $40 ... market research, surveys and trends
Sessions Questions Kagan's Stance On The Military | Personal ...
Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) challenged Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan last week after she justified her decision to limit military recruiters’ access to Harvard Law School students during her tenure as dean. Kagan has been heavily criticized over the last month for her decision to ban military recruitment personnel from the law school’s career office due to her condemnation of the "don’t ask, don’t tell" policy, which bans openly gay individuals from serving in the military. During their somewhat heated exchange, Kagan told Sessions that military recruiters had access to students "every single day ... market research, surveys and trends


Work Ownership Implications of Recent Papal Social Thought
Although 90 percent of U.S. ESOPs are unlisted, 62 percent of listed ..... extensive in the West, employing over half a million workers. Although their .... Logue, J. and Yates, J. (1999) “Worker Ownership American Style: Pluralism, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Democracy Economic and Industrial
Apr 8, 2010 ... late 1990s, these schemes covered at least 17 million employees or. 19 percent of private sector employment in the four largest EU coun- ...... Logue, J. and J.S. Yates (1999) 'Worker Ownership American Style: Pluralism, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
News Analysis
Thanks to a Supreme Court that is resolutely stuck in Red State politics, America will be well-armed for the upcoming depression. Last week, Blue State cities that are trying to corral handguns lost when the Court’s Bush-Reagan majority decided that personal firearm ownership is an essential element of “ordered liberty.” Progressives rightly shudder: There are parts of America, like our big northern cities, where folks have figured out that they really don’t like guns and don’t see the need for them and don’t hunt anyway, and if you want to fight, then go to Tae-Bo class or hire a lawyer. Even Red-minded suburbanites are ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Who first gave Tivoli its guns?
IF we should follow the narrative according to Eddie Seaga, the architect of Tivoli Gardens and Jamaica's most confrontational prime minister (1980 to 1989) and political leader (1974 to 2005), there are no guns in Tivoli Gardens. When Seaga openly drank beer with Lester Lloyd 'Jim Brown' Coke (after 'Jim Brown' was freed of murdering eight men in Rema in 1984) in his 'Let bygones be bygones' meeting, and had declared the Shower Posse leader the protector of his community in 1992 as Seaga walked at the head of Coke's funeral procession, there were no guns in Tivoli Gardens, just doves, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Effects of Program Incentive 1 Abstract The purpose of this ...
Worker ownership American style: pluralism, participation, and performance. Economic and Industrial Democracy,. 20 (2), 225-262. Maslow, A.H. (1943, July). ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
USAID CP FY97 - Zimbabwe
Despite Zimbabwe's relatively low gross domestic product (GDP) per capita ($520 in 1994), the country has enormous potential. It possesses an educated workforce, a highly diversified economy, and an abundant natural resource base. This potential enhanced considerably in recent years through implementation of an International Monetary Fund-backed economic structural adjustment program that, though not without problems, has put the country on the path toward private sector-led growth. For example, the foreign exchange regime has now been completely unified (the value of the national currency is determined by market ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Ohio Employee Ownership Center
It used to be that family businesses were passed down in the family. But family size keeps dropping, and the average business owner's children are far more likely to go to college and to become doctors and lawyers than in the past. While over half of business owners still want the business to stay in the family, data indicate that only 30 percent of family businesses will make it to the 2nd generation and only 15 percent to the 3rd. Worse, only a minority of business owners over the age of 55 - 60 have actually formalized a succession plan. As a consequence, the failure to plan for business ownership ...
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Is Obama a socialist? - Yahoo! Answers
The new book, 'Obama's Not a Socialist' ( gives a brief run-down on how Obama is not. But do you think he really is? Socialism = government ownership of wealth and means of production 2 weeks ago Worker ownership of capital doesn't come about until state-less communism. No politician can govern as a communist. lol 2 weeks ago There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register . Its a crime that someone had to write a book explaining he is not one. No he is not. But he is moving in that ...
When considering humanity, does good truly triumph over evil?
In the broad sweep of human history, I think there has been a general improvement in civilization and morals--not a steady march of progress, mind you, so much as a kind of punctuated evolution, a kind of civilization by attrition.  We live in a global technological culture of unprecedented prosperity and trade that is perched precariously on a system of dire inequality, held in place by exploitative relationships and military hegemony.  In this respect, the great shining light of our Civilization rests upon the rotten foundation of a long human legacy of bad faith... as it always has ...