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Special Report on

Chinese military logistics

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It is easy enough to forget that one is in an authoritarian Communist country when visiting Beijing. They have gone to great lengths to avoid that which Communists around the world have most excelled- constructing buildings that display both a complete lack of creativity and not the slightest hint of visual appeal. On the contrary, the Chinese are putting up some very cutting-edge architecture such as the trouser-leg building, the bird’s nest stadium, and they have even been known to bolt visually interesting facades onto buildings constructed in an era during which they were practicing a more traditional form of ...
Ever since Chinese civilization was founded by the Xia Dynasty (2200 BCE-1600 BCE), organized military forces have existed throughout China. The recorded military history of China extends from about 2200 BCE to the present day. Although traditional Chinese Confucian philosophy favoured peaceful political solutions and showed contempt for brute military force, the military was influential in most Chinese states. The Chinese pioneered the use of crossbows, advanced metallurgical standardization for arms and armor, early gunpowder weapons, and other advanced weapons, but also adopted nomadic cavalry and Western military technology. ...
States in January will be a million troops and ammunition to the ...
Most people do not pay attention to the news. This is because, compared with the seemingly ordinary. In fact, we can see that India has been crazy, even to the 27th Mountain Division were transferred to the vicinity of the Sikkim. 27th Mountain Division, where it is immortal? India's north-west of Jammu --- border guards stationed in Kashmir, against our allies in Pakistan. Is full of actual combat experience in major Indian mountain troops. This mobilization, we will be the equivalent of Xinjiang in the northwest of our army to the northeast of Heilongjiang, you can count the movement of small right? This fact has made it ... market research, surveys and trends
Eyeing the Frontiers– The Logistics Command Academy of The PLA ...
Jun.23 (Military Report released by “China Military Power Mashup” and written by Hu Yushan)– Smoke drifts over a military airfield where explosions have blasted craters in the runways. Reports arrive one after another at the command office: The air assault fleet of the red army has encountered enemy air defenses. Four helicopters have been destroyed and two pilots have bailed out. The supply ship at the B naval port has been attacked by missiles and awaiting rescue. The command officer delivers his orders: Repair the airport and rescue the injured with the utmost dispatch. Repair vehicles, armored ambulances and ... market research, surveys and trends


Tsunami and China - “Tsunami and China:
Jan 17, 2005 ... Zhao Namqi, Former director Chinese Military's Logistics Department .... US $5 billion in Sri Lanka, China contributed about $ 4 million. ... This figure accounts for nearly 6 to 10 percent of the GDP of the country. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Chinese Strategic Thinking: People's War in the 21st Century - The ...
People�s war is not a static or dead theory. As the People's Liberation Army (PLA) modernizes through the processes of mechanization and informationization, "China is striving to make innovations in the content and forms of people's war" (2008 China's Defense White Paper). Contrary to the perception that people�s war relies "on �rifles and millet� and overwhelming numbers (e.g. human wave attacks) with an emphasis on guerrilla warfare and protracted conflict," according to The Science of Military Strategy people�s war "is a form of organization of war, and its role has nothing to do with the level of military ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Chinese combat troops 'can be part of UN peacekeeping'
China will consider sending combat troops overseas at the request of the United Nations, an officer from the Ministry of National Defense said on Tuesday. "If the UN indeed needs (China's combat troops) and makes a request to us, we will put forward proposals (on this issue) to the government's decision-makers," said Senior Colonel Tao Xiangyang, deputy director of the ministry's peacekeeping affairs office. But the UN has so far not made any such request to China, Tao said. He added that China has to be extremely cautious about the issue. "We will have to take into account our national defense policy, which is ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Fuel Maker for Reactors Has China as Investor
A Hong Kong company that is partly owned by the Chinese government has quietly purchased a 5.1 percent stake in the only American-owned provider of enriched uranium for use in civilian nuclear reactors, The New York Times’s Keith Bradsher reports . The company that bought the stake, the Noble Group , is the world’s second-largest commodities trading and logistics company after Cargill and is based in Hong Kong. One of its minority owners is the Chinese government’s sovereign wealth fund. The American company is USEC , which is based in Bethesda, Md., and enriches uranium so that fission can occur in nuclear reactors. It ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Full CV - Welcome to Jawaharlal Nehru University
“Chinese Military Logistics: An Evaluation” Paper presented at IDSA Fellows Seminar November 19, 2005. 40. “China and South Asia in Post 9 11 World” paper ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Capability of the People's Republic of China to Conduct Cyber ...
Ground: Chinese Military Writings on Space and Counterspace, ..... The majority of US military logistics information systems is transmitted or ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Chinese Army Modernization: An Overview
PLA is developing joint logistics structures cen- tered in the military regions to support forces of ... modernization, Chinese military officers will obey ...
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They lost a war to manchuria, and chinese were ruled by manchuria for 300 years, chinese were the lowest class citizens in chinese-manchuria empire. They were four class of citizens. the man power was (100:1), 130,000,000 chinese Vs 1,000,000 machuria, china fight with vietnam in 1979, most chinese think they won, 600,000 chinese best troops Vs 100,000 vietnam (20,000 are vietnamese soldiers, 80,000 are vietnamese militias ) but by Us and uk resources: it says the death rate is about 2(chinese): 1(vietnamese). why so many people believe china is No2 or No3 in the world, I am ...
Where do reporters stay and what do they eat when they are ...
The current shortages of supplies like food, water and shelter in Haiti have me wondering about the logistics involved with sending a reporter to a disaster zone. There are also producers, cameramen, etc to worry about. Where do they stay? Do they bring their own food on their back? A secondary question is, what about their equipment? How do they keep it powered up when there are electricity shortages? First hand knowledge would be incredibly interesting, but any info is helpful! Thanks. MRE's/camping-style prepared foods, generators/solar panels, and shipped in fuel. There's a lot of money spent on shipping in ...