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Special Report on

Growth in Logistics

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These include growing complexity, variation in customer demand and increased volumes in their supply chains. Failure to adopt the correct supply chain strategy in dealing with such challenges can threaten a company's sustainability. This is because the quality and level of service delivered is put under threat. The Saudi Arabian Supply Chain Intelligence Report (SCIR) is a study into the supply chain and logistics industry in Saudi Arabia commissioned by Hala Supply Chain Services. The study has highlighted the disparities between supply chain objectives and practises in the region. One of the main outcomes of the study ...
services to commercial businesses, government organizations, international institutions, and relief agencies worldwide. The company specializes in emerging markets and "challenging environments."
Logistics Mobility in Australia and New Zealand | Sydney Logistics
It has become almost passé to note that the future of competition will be supply chain versus supply chain rather than business versus business. As supply chain competition increases, so does the demand for end-to-end visibility throughout those supply chains. Supply chain visibility systems have become increasingly sophisticated and more and more commonplace but, without Logistics Mobility solutions, they are still subject to blind spots created by people and product on the move. This article will examine the use of mobility in the logistics industry both globally and locally, note technical considerations for mobility ... market research, surveys and trends
Gps Market In India Is Expected To Grow Dynamically In The Near Future
GPS Tracking аחԁ Navigation Market іח India 2010  Tһе Global Positioning Systems (GPS) market іѕ valued аt INR 4.7 bn іח 2009 аחԁ іѕ expected tο grow dynamically іח tһе future. Tһе increase іח demand fοr tracking аחԁ navigation services frοm a wide spectrum &#959f;consumer segments іѕ expected tο drive tһе market. Domestic аחԁ foreign participation һаѕ bееח ... market research, surveys and trends


Inbound Logistics: Global Logistics
"China's emergence as a global economic power is having a seismic impact on the global logistics market." This statement, from New Zealand-based international property adviser DTZ's recent Global Logistics Markets report, is not surprising. What is surprising is just how far China's impact reaches when it comes to the international industrial landscape. "The negative impact of China's rise on the manufacturing sector is balanced by phenomenal growth in logistics activity throughout the world's industrial markets," says Simon Lloyd, director of logistics at DTZ. In particular, sites ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
State of Logistics Report
percent in 2006. Business logistics costs were $1305 billion and rose from 9.4 ..... that the growth in GDP outpaced the growth in logistics costs for the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
'Inland port' a vision for jobs, growth in Arizona
Two maps appear on a screen inside the offices of the Maricopa Association of Governments. To Executive Director Dennis Smith, they show the Valley's past and its future. He looks at the first one, which shows a tiny red dot for the location of each Valley foreclosure - a sea of red. "This isn't working," Smith said. "What do we do to shift to a more diversified economy?" The second map is global in scope, and MAG planners hope it answers Smith's question. It shows a massive port in Baja California. Freight lines lead to a huge rail yard west of the Valley. From there, tracks and interstates ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Report forecasts Indiana headed for robust economic recovery
INDIANAPOLIS — A new economic study predicts Indiana’s major manufacturing cities are headed for a robust economic rebound next year, forecasting a 7.3 percent growth in manufacturing income for the state. Three cities hit hard by the recession – Kokomo, Columbus and Elkhart – are headed for double-digit growth in manufacturing income in 2011, according to the report released Thursday. “I am extraordinarily optimistic about Indiana’s short- and mid-term economic recovery,” said Ball State University economist Michael Hicks, who conducted the study for Conexus Indiana, a privately ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


China's Emerging Markets:
There are six key trends in the logistics sector: 1) continued growth in logistics market;. 2) increased outsourcing to 3PLs; 3) increasing foreign presence ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Developed land in new industrial parks Logistics and ...
Logistics and transportation —a critical growth sector. Logistics and transportation services are fundamental to both Afghanistan's rebuilding ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Distribution & Logistics Development in China: the Revolution has ...
However, the growth of the Internet in China does provide companies with a ... development, sourcing, financing, shipping, handling, and logistics as well ...
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12 Tips for Doing Business in the Middle East
The revelation by Dubai World in November last year that it may have to default on some $60 billion worth of loans sent shockwaves through the business world. Dubai, considered a cosmopolitan symbol of new Arab ambition and wealth, was transformed overnight into a castle made of sand in the eyes of the public. Some executives, wary of the possible knock-on effects of a real-estate crunch, shelved plans to expand into a region that is still, in the twenty-first century, something of a mystery to the western business mind. Rightly so, no one can be totally effusive about the situation in the Gulf, given the publicity around the ...
WikiAnswers - Key difference between a logistics growth model and ...
Exponential growth model is one that exists when the the rate of growth is proportional to the existing amount. For this, a population need ideal conditions: bacteria in a petri dish, radioactive decay or compound interest in a saving amount. The logistics is a different kind of behavior which is more realistic to population not in ideal conditions: the rate of growth is proportional to the amount but there is also a damping factor due to competition and limited resources. This model works that at first the rate of growth getting faster then it slows down since there are too many individual competing on limited space. When this ...