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Multi-Purpose Logistics Modules

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The Columbus laboratory is ESA's biggest single contribution to the International Space Station. The 4.5-metre diameter cylindrical module is equipped with flexible research facilities that offer extensive science capabilities. During its 10-year projected lifespan, Earth-based researchers, together with the ISS crew, will be able to conduct thousands of experiments in life sciences, materials science, fluid physics and a whole host of other disciplines, all in the weightlessness of orbit.   To keep costs low and reliability high, Columbus shares its basic structure and life-support systems with the Italian space ...
as the primary payload. Leonardo contained a collection of experiments for studying the physics and chemistry of microgravity. Three spacewalks were carried out during the mission, which removed and replaced a materials processing experiment outside ESA's Columbus module, and returned an empty ammonia tank assembly. 1 The first launch attempt was delayed due to weather concerns, including multiple weather violations in NASA's launch rules, beginning over two hours before the scheduled launch. 2 3 4 The second launch attempt scheduled for August 26, 2009 at 01:10:22 EDT was called off the previous evening due to an ...
ESA - Human Spaceflight and Exploration - European-built Node 3 ...
The official departure ceremony of Node 3 took place at the site of ESA’s Node 3 prime contractor Thales Alenia Space in Turin, Italy, on 16 May. The final European-built permanent module for the International Space Station is now on the way to NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, US, prior to its launch early next year.   Node 3 is the last element of a barter agreement signed in Turin in 1997 by which ESA supplied NASA with International Space Station (ISS) hardware, including two Node modules (Node 2 and 3). In return, NASA ferried the European Columbus laboratory to the ISS in February 2008. Node 3 has evolved ... market research, surveys and trends
Space shuttle, Hot news of day
why does a rocket become progressively easier to accelerate as it travels through space? when it starts, roughly 90% of its mass is fuel Space Shuttle Launch Is One Of The Last So We Look To Movies For During the early hours of Monday morning on April 5, NASA sent the Space Shuttle Discovery hurtling into space on one of its last voyages. After the 6:21am shuttle launch at Floridas Kennedy Space Center, only three more voyages remain Former Vancouver teacher blasts off with space shuttle Discovery Shuttle. JPG View full sizeAP Photo/John RaouxSpace Shuttle Discovery lifts-off from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, ... market research, surveys and trends


SpaceX and Orbital win huge CRS contract from NASA ...
SpaceX and Orbital Sciences Corporation have been awarded the lucrative Commercial Resupply Services (CRS) contract, with SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corp.) earning 12 missions, and Orbital winning another eight missions. The details of the award – worth up to 3.5 billion dollars - equates to Orbital winning 54 percent of the funding. PlanetSpace Inc lose out on the award. The CRS contract deals with the resupply needs of the International Space Station (ISS) after the shuttle retires. However, with a decision date coming within the next few months on extending shuttle to 2012 , there remains the possibility ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Spaceflight Now | Ariane Launch Report | Sophisticated ATV boosts ...
This weekend's launch of Europe's Jules Verne cargo ship and last month's addition of the Columbus laboratory module to the international space station are cornerstone achievements in the continent's growth in space, according to senior officials. Jules Verne is the first of at least five contracted Automated Transfer Vehicle missions to the space station. Blastoff is timed for 0403:04 GMT (11:03:04 p.m. EST) from the European-controlled space base in Kourou, French Guiana. "Europe historically is the exploring continent, and we want to make sure that we don't just explore the world but we explore ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Acomplia generic
At a ceremony today at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the Tranquillity Node was transferred from European Space Agency to NASA, bringing extra living and working space one step closer to astronauts on board the International Space Station. Tranquility Node and Cupola, developed by Thales Alenia Space , continue their path towards their planned delivery to the space station early next year.   Luigi Pasquali, President and CEO of Thales Alenia Space Italy, confirms: “It makes me very proud to be able to inform that Thales Alenia Space plays such a key international role in the ambitious Space Station project. Our ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Shuttle Era Extended to Early 2011
The Era of NASA's Space Shuttle Program will be extended by a few more months into early 2011, slightly staving off the retirement that had long been scheduled to occur by the end of 2010. Space Shuttle Program managers have submitted a formal new "change request" to move the launch target dates of the final two shuttle flights, STS 133 and STS 134. These next, and so far last, shuttle flights had been scheduled to lift off on Sept. 16 with Discovery and in late November 2010 with Endeavour and will now be retargeted to late October 2010 and late February 2011 respectively. The reason for changing the launch dates ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


N ASA Facts
Multi Purpose Logistics Modules for the Space Station Program. The pressurized modules serve as the International Space Sta- tion's “moving vans,” carrying ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NASA - Multi-Purpose Logistics Modules
The three Multi-Purpose Logistics Modules, or MPLMs, which were built by the Italian Space Agency, are pressurized modules that serve as the International Space Station's "moving vans," carrying equipment, experiments and supplies to and from the Station aboard the Space Shuttle. Image to right: The cylindrical object near Space Shuttle Discovery's tail is the MPLM Leonardo. Credit: NASA The unpiloted, reusable MPLM functions as both a cargo carrier and a Space Station module. Mounted in the Space Shuttle's cargo bay for launch and landing, it is berthed to the Station using the Shuttle's robotic ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Space Station
1929 Hermann Noordung depiction of a space station habitat wheel. Hermann Potocnik (1892-1929), also known as Herman Noordung, created the first detailed technical drawings of a space station. Power was generated by collecting sunlight through the concave mirror in the center. This was one of three components of Noordung's space station. The other two were the observatory and the machine room, each connected to the habitat by an umbilical. This the classic space station image from the movie 2001:a Space Odyssey, directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1968. Praised for its special effects, the movie based its space station concept ...
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How many remaining space shuttle launches will NASA do?
HOUSTON -- Following a detailed, integrated assessment, NASA selected target launch dates for the remaining eight space shuttle missions on the current manifest in 2009 and 2010. The manifest includes one flight to the Hubble Space Telescope, seven assembly flights to the International Space Station, and two station contingency flights, planned to be completed before the end of fiscal year 2010. The agency previously selected Oct. 8 and Nov. 10 as launch dates for Atlantis' STS-125 mission to service Hubble and Endeavour's STS-126 / ULF-2 mission to supply the space station and service both Solar Alpha Rotary Joints on ...