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Grocery Store Manager Jobs

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Description: Brookshire Grocery Co., formerly part of Brookshire Brothers grocery chain formed in 1928 in Tyler Texas. In addition, the company operates two distribution centers, dairy plant, and bakery. Brookshire's Pharmacy Division has expanded to include pharmacies in 73 stores in 1999. There are also gas stations located at 20 Brookshire's and Super1 Supermarkets. Concentrated in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas there are 130 stores today. Plans are underway for expanding the distribution center in Tyler, Texas, to be completed in the summer of 2000. This new facility will provide the most up-to-date food storage ...
Auction Fundraiser Tips Four Investments for your Benefit Auction ...
Whether уου аrе a compensated events manager οr a volunteer auction chair, уου want уουr event tο bе a accomplishment. Thіѕ article examines four investments whісh wіƖƖ mаkе уουr job simpler аnԁ уουr auction memorable. 1. Invest уουr time upfront іn placing volunteers іntο appropriate roles whеrе thеу саn shine. Nοt аƖƖ volunteers аrе mаԁе ... market research, surveys and trends
Taste T.O. – Food & Drink In Toronto » Local Yokels
I had a conversation with a colleague recently in which the subject turned to local food. Specifically, how people in the Toronto area are prone to blindly follow and buy anything grown locally despite the quality of the products themselves. My colleague suggested that most consumers want their farmers' markets to carry the same things that the grocery stores do (instead of the other way around) – i.e. expecting varieties of fruits and vegetables similar to the bland varieties grown in California that were mostly developed for easy shipping. They also suggested that certain local food producers create products of inferior ... market research, surveys and trends


Career Retail And Wholesale Grocery Stores Grocery Store Worker
Numerous job openings�many of them part time and relatively low paying�should be available due to the industry�s large size and high rate of turnover. Many grocery store workers are young, with persons 16 to 24 years old holding 30 percent of the jobs. Cashiers and stock clerks and order fillers account for nearly one-half of all jobs. College graduates will fill most new management positions. Nature of the Work Grocery stores, also known as supermarkets, are familiar to everyone. They sell an array of fresh and preserved foods, primarily for preparation and consumption at home. They also often sell prepared food, such as hot ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Plastic bags are killing us - Environment -
OAKLAND, Calif. -- On a foggy Tuesday morning, kids out of school for summer break are learning to sail on the waters of Lake Merritt. A great egret hunts for fish, while dozens of cormorants perch, drying their wings. But we're not here to bird-watch or go boating. Twice a week volunteers with the Lake Merritt Institute gather on these shores of the nation's oldest national wildlife refuge to fish trash out of the water, and one of their prime targets is plastic bags. Armed with gloves and nets with long handles, like the kind you'd use to fish leaves out of a backyard swimming pool, we take to the shores to seek ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Opening day ahead for Supercenter
The shelves are stocked, the ovens fired and the roll-back signs are firmly in place as Walmart employees prepare for the grand opening of their new Supercenter on Hutton Ranch Road off of U.S. 93 in north Kalispell. The store will open its doors to the public at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 16, following a ribbon-cutting ceremony where store associate Rebecca Gadilauskas will sing the National Anthem and the American Legion will present colors. The Walmart Foundation also will award $60,000 in grants during the ceremony to Montana State Giving Grant and the Special Olympic Winter Games of Montana. Employees have had roughly five ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Stutzman's Bi-Rite in Falls closing its doors
Stutzman's Bi-Rite Supermarket, an East Side institution at East Bailey Road and Myrtle Avenue, is closing its doors June 19. Marconi, the owner, said he is retiring and selling the business. Marconi, a Hudson resident, said he has been running the store since he graduated from Mount Union College in 1966. "I've been here full time, seven days a week," he said. "I had the opportunity to sell to another organization, making it possible for me to retire." Marconi said he's looking forward to spending more time with his family, doing some volunteer work and continuing his hobby of scuba diving. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Imagine that you are a grocery store manager in your town
And according to recent research, the biggest reason people lose their jobs is a poor attitude. One employer says, “Attitude is more important than how ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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WikiAnswers - How much does a grocery store manager make
There are different types of managers in the Grocery business all with different pay. There are Department managers (Dairy, Produce, Bakery, Meat, etc.) that oversee a single department, then there are store managers (normally 3-4 per store) that oversee overall store operations. Where I worked, Department Managers start at around $17.00 per hour. The Store Managers would start around $19.00 per hour and go up from there. The Store Director position, which is the high man on the totem pole, starts at a salary of about $60,000 per year and goes up to about $85,000 per year, depending on your experience and how long you have been ...
Out of these jobs at a grocery store, which would a 16 year old be ...
I am looking for a job and there is a grocery store I am considering applying to. Here are the jobs they have you can apply to. Baker Bakery Clerk Bakery Manager Cake Decorator Cashier Deli/Seafood Clerk Deli Manager Department Manager Front End/Customer Service Manager Loss Prevention Officer Maintenance Technician Manager Trainee Produce Manager Semi-Skilled Handyperson Sign Clerk Skilled Handyperson Stocker Utility Clerk I was thinking only Stocker, Cashier, and Sign Clerk would be able to have a 16 year old work. What do you think out of these that a 16 year old would be able to work? 2 weeks ago (Tiebreaker) Answerer 1 ...