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Advanced Packaging Tool

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Hi v_dulcimer- I was unable to access this bookmark. If this link is access controlled, could you please consider providing access to me? If the site no longer exists, you may want to consider deleting the bookmark.Thanks This article introduces the building blocks of an event driven business process architecture, describes the basic types of sub-models in an end-to-end BPMN model and discusses ways to address the challenges in modeling, programming and monitoring of event driven business processes. You'll learn how to model events as information that services can consume and understand the significance of business event ...
is a project dedicated to porting APT to certain mobile operating systems. The project has currently completed a port to the iPhone OS . : There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a tag.
"Among the promises of open source software is that there is no vendor lock-in. It's a promise that new open source startup ForgeRock is aiming to deliver upon by supporting and extending the OpenSSO open source single sign-on and identity management platform formerly supported by Sun Microsystems." PICO PROJECTOR RUNNING LINUX, SMALL AND PORTABLE BUT BIG IN FEATURES "A Linux powered pico projector, this could be my next preferred traveling companion. Watching the movies I want while traveling, on a 70 inch projection, sounds right." FLUENDO HOSTS FREE WEBINAR AIMED AT UNDERSTANDING THE LEGAL IMPLICATIONS OF LINUX DEPLOYMENTS market research, surveys and trends
Offline Package Management for APT
This article is about Offline Package Management in Debian. Debian is a pretty well known project. One of the things that makes Debian very popular is APT (a.k.a Advanced Packaging Tool) which allows remote package downloads, upgrades and dependency resolution. Unfortunately it does require a network connection - unless you use apt-offline . In Debian, when you need to install a package, you usually would fire up the apt-get command and the software would just install without any hand holding. While APT is really very cool one of the main reasons for its success is the Debian Policy. The Debian Policy is like the brain of the ... market research, surveys and trends


Student research report: Desktop Linux in Government
This research report by a third-year graduate student examines the growing use of desktop Linux among governments in the U.S. and globally. Drawing on published research and comments from industry analysts, the author hypothesizes that desktop Linux may be nearing a tipping point within government settings, after which adoption can be expected to accelerate. The paper was written as a class project for a course on Managing Technological Change, at the East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. Introduction Linux and the Open Source Software movement have affected worldwide computing -- first in the data center and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
News | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials
Valve Corporation has today rolled out their Steam Mac OS X client to the general public and confirmed something we have been reporting for two years: the Steam content delivery platform and Source Engine are coming to Linux. This news is coming days after we discovered proof in Steam's Mac OS X Client of Linux support and subsequently found more Linux references and even the unreleased Steam Linux client. The day has finally come and Linux gamers around the world have a reason to rejoice, as this is the biggest news for the Linux gaming community that sees very few tier-one titles. As long as I can remember I had been ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Coherent reports record-breaking quarter
Quarterly operating income reaches its highest ever level as Coherent discusses its "outstanding" financial results. Coherent’s president and CEO John Ambroseo was in a suitably buoyant mood yesterday as he disclosed the company’s financial performance for its third fiscal quarter. “Q3 was very good for Coherent as we achieved record revenues, record orders and record operating income,” he told investors. “Our third quarter operating income was the best in the company’s history and we are encouraged by record-setting orders. And coming off some key design wins, our product pipeline is brimming.” For its third fiscal ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Nanometrics Reports Second Quarter Financial Results
a leading provider of advanced process control metrology systems used primarily in the fabrication of semiconductors, high-brightness LEDs, data storage devices and solar photovoltaics, today announced financial results for its fiscal second quarter ended July 3, 2010. Highlights for the second quarter include: -- Record revenues of $50.8 million, up 37% quarter-on-quarter and 250% year-on-year; -- Gross margin of 55.1% including improved product gross margin of 57.6%; -- Operating margin of 25.4%; -- Record high quarterly earnings of $0.51 per diluted ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Advanced Packaging Toolkit
Advanced Packaging Tool Kit Major product features. • Cuts design time of substrates with bare-die components. - Chip-on-Board (COB) ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
IARPA - Solicitations - Office of safe and Secure Operations ...
The semiconductor electronics industry continues to scale in accordance with Moore's law, and is currently developing the processing and design infrastructure to realize the 22 nm technology node and beyond. However, analysis tools, instrumentation, and methods have not kept pace with the need for improved analytical capability. Numerous challenges arise in the wake of such rapid progress. Complex circuits with rapidly decreasing critical dimensions will have die-level visual and non-visual defects at the nano- and atomic-scale, which will demand increased resolution in tools that are able to analyze areas as large as ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
About Linux - Knowledge Base
Login is for authorized groups (e.g., UITS, OVPIT, and TCC) that need access to specialized Knowledge Base documents. Otherwise, simply use the Knowledge Base without logging in. Close On this page: Linux, originally created by Linus Torvalds, is an operating system that is freely distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License. It behaves like Unix, but does not come from the same source code base. Linux is available in both source code and binary form. Linux offers standard Unix features, such as multiuser support, multitasking, networking, and POSIX compliance. It supports all the standard Unix utilities and can compile ...
Advanced Packaging Tool at AllExperts
APT front-ends can upgrade the system or specific packages. Packages can be installed or removed. When installing one or several packages, APT front-ends can list the dependencies of these packages, ask the administrator if packages recommended or suggested by newly installed packages should be installed too, automatically install dependencies and perform other operations on the system's packages to allow the installation of the packages. Similarly, to update one or several packages, front-ends can install, remove or update other packages. APT is often hailed as one of Debian's best features, giving Debian the ...
How to change computer's time using Fluxbox (Linux) | Ask MetaFilter
It went from 25 minutes fast to 35 minutes slow, and it's driving me crazy! I don't know what to ask Google to get a useful answer. Thanks! aniola: I don't know what to ask Google to get a useful answer. Don't google! Here, I'll show you - this is easy, and if you're running Linux, you should know: 1) Open up a command terminal, sometimes also called a 'console.' 2) Now, what you want to find is a command that lets you change the time . In Linux, if you want to find a command that does something, you just type apropos and then the thing you want to do. In this case, you type apropos time ...