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Special Report on

Air Force Knowledge Now

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Raj Verma is the senior assistant to the Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) for Secretariat of the Air Force/Financial Management (SAF/FM). In this position, Raj leads a team whose mission is to institutionalize knowledge management in the USAF Financial Community. He has 21 years' experience as U.S. Air Force ...
(AFKN), a methodology promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration across the Air Force. By focusing on social, behavioral and cultural aspects of knowledge sharing, AFKN was able to generate more wide spread success than most Knowledge Management systems, which focused primarily on capturing information through ...
Air Force Warfare Center officials improve warfighter support
 -- At the Air Force Warfare Center here, lessons learned supporting ground troops in Afghanistan and Iraq are being shared with the aviation community and incorporated into the training as quickly as they're developed. Meanwhile, officials at the center's operational arm, the 57th Wing, are ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
SIGNAL - AFCEA's International Journal
The explosion of online social media is profoundly changing how people produce, consume and share information. Social media rapidly turns monologues into dialogues and broadcasts into conversations. The result is a rich environment in which ideas are shared, questions are answered and collaborative relationships ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Managing Technology: Unlocking Ideas - Nextgov
Great ideas often get trapped in federal bureaucracies, but cutting-edge agencies are tapping into next-gen Web technology as the key to unlocking the power of information sharing. Government chief information officers, public affairs offices and knowledge management shops are embracing social media tools to foster ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Support functions go to contractor for $270 million
billion. Early detection through that annual PAP ... percent of the women tested were positive for. HPV infection. There are 18 varieties of the virus. It has been determined that ...... Miles, Air Force Knowledge Now pro- gram manager. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
US Air Force Lets Web 2.0 Flourish Behind Walls - PC World ...
The U.S. Air Force is using Web 2.0 technologies to better support its missions despite wariness about security, a civilian technology official of the service said last week. The new techniques, including blogs, wikis and personal profiles, are coming out of an initiative by Air Force Knowledge Now (AFKN), a ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Command and Communities of Practice
education classes across the Air Force, the debate rages: �Are leaders born or made?� From the perspective of those being led, the answer might be more often than not, �Who cares?� The pertinent issue for these people is not whether nature or nurture produces leadership but how the organization ensures that ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Aerospace Hub: Creating Synergy
New Ohio Aerospace Hub Director Kerry Taylor says Ohio is ripe for a renaissance, and all it needs is a spark. The Aerospace Hub could be that spark. August 23, 2010 - Air Force veteran Kerry Taylor has been tapped as the first director of Ohio's Aerospace Hub of Innovation and Opportunity.  Last September, Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland designated the Dayton region as home of the Aerospace Hub, with the University of Dayton as the lead partner organization. In January, the state awarded a $250,000 seed grant to jumpstart the initiative, including hiring a full-time director. Taylor was selected from a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Boise State Politics creates Clarity
Oh yea? I am pleading ignorance on this one. Just curious, what did OU offer? BSU comes to Norman for the first game and maybe OU will come to Boise? Why would the #3 team in the country do that? Did you catch that? The #3 team in the country. All your babble means nothing. CFB has BSU ranked #3 in the country! No one cares that you don't think BSU is worthy. One more time in case you didn't catch that, The #3 team IN THE COUNTRY! LOL...come on Ghandi, you're smarter than that or at least I hope you are.  Rankings make no difference,....your stadium seats 30,000 and ours seats 80,000+.  Not the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


What is AFKN
Air Force Knowledge Now (AFKN) is a virtual workspace that connects people .... You will receive an e-mail titled “Air Force Knowledge Now Document Change” ... market research, surveys and trends
Knowledge Management in the DoD
May 13, 2009 ... Air Force Knowledge Now (AFKN)/FM Knowledge Management (FM KM). Collaboration: Anytime … Anywhere. 36. Agenda. Page 37. Portal Access ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
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Air Force Knowledge Now. Randy Adkins. Director. AF Center of Excellence. HQ AFMC/A8C/A9L ... 1999 – Current: Director, Air Force Knowledge Now (WPAFB) ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Feb 7, 2008 ... we are heavily leveraging the capabilities provided through the Air Force Knowledge Now and the establishment of Communities of Practice, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Joint Human Systems Integration (HSI) E-Learning
this need, a Joint HSI Community of. Practice (CoP) has been created (Figure 3.) Located within the Air Force Materiel. Command's Knowledge Now system, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Joann Hague - Google Wave Help
Jo-Ann Hague, a contractor through Triune Group, is a Principal Analyst for Air Force Knowledge Now (AFKN). She is a member of the Financial Management Knowledge Management (FM KM) Support Team, working on behalf of SAF/FM to advance its mission through cyber-collaboration and virtual communities.   Ms. Hague is an ... market research, surveys and trends
Question about The AIR FORCE and ASVAB? - Yahoo! Answers
When i go into the air force in the summer of 2010 right out of high school, I want to be able to be a medical service apprentice. Is there high expectations on this profession and do i have an advantage in ASVAB since I am right out of high school? how does this work There are currently no comments for this ... market research, surveys and trends
What are some great jobs in the Air Force for people ...
If plenty of Aspies can thrive like so in the civilian world, then Aspies can sure as hell make a difference in the military world. Now, what are some ideal Air Force jobs for people with Asperger’s? Observing members: 0 Composing members: 0 I suppose it depends on the proclivities and skills of the person ... market research, surveys and trends