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Special Report on

Alaska Coastal Management Program

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“Alaska is the only arctic state, holds more than 50% of the nation's offshore waters, two-thirds of the nation's coastline, 40% of the nation's surface water, and over 50% of the nation's wetlands and total fish harvest.” 1 Alaska is also unique among coastal states in that nearly 90% of its vast land area is owned by the federal and state governments (60% and 30%, respectively). With nearly 34,000 miles of shoreline, Alaska has millions of acres of tidelands and submerged lands. The federal government owns submerged lands within state jurisdiction in the National Petroleum Reserve and the ...
BP oil spill in Alaska - was an improved clean up use? - Time to ...
The Associated Press is reporting an oil spill yesterday near BP’s Prudhoe Bay field on Alaska’s North Slope. The spill contaminated roughly 8,400 square feet of snow-covered tundra, according to the account. Keep an eye on this one. A spill from a Prudhoe Bay pipeline in 2006 revealed a major corrosion problem, drew strong Capitol Hill interest and led to an overhaul of pipeline safety laws. A state Department of Environmental Conservation official said it is not clear how much spilled or what caused it, but that no oil reached the bay, according to AP. The official said BP quickly sent crews to contain the spill ... market research, surveys and trends
Rep. Paul Seaton's March 29th Newsletter | Seward City News
Greetings from Juneau on this 70th day of the legislature. We are in the midst of a windstorm today but the large number of raven who inhabit downtown Juneau are loving the swirling drafts between and above the tall buildings. Tina and I enjoyed an excellent marimba concert and dancing Friday night and were impressed with the new Thunder Mountain High School venue. This weekend was the annual Legislative Shoot sponsored by the Alaska Correction Officers Association – that is legislators, staff, and gun club members organized on three person teams shooting shotgun (trap) + archery + small bore rifle + pistol. I was paired ... market research, surveys and trends


Coastal Management Plan - Bristol Bay Borough Alaska Coastal ...
the standards of the Alaska Coastal Management Program. ...... collects a 3 percent raw fish tax that averages $300000-$1 million paid directly to the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
DRAFT Evaluation Findings
NOAA approved the Alaska Coastal Management Program (ACMP or Coastal Program) ... continental shelf totals 830000 square miles, or 74 percent of the nation's total. ...... Alaska received approximately $12 million in 2001 CIAP funding, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Looking at Cohoe: Aurora wants to test old Kasilof well for gas
Faced with the pending expiry of some state leases southwest of Soldotna on Alaska�s Kenai Peninsula, Aurora Gas has filed paperwork with Alaska�s Division of Oil and Gas to re-enter the Cohoe No. 1 well, to test for natural gas. The company is negotiating with the Alaska Department of Natural Resources over possible unitization of the leases, which expire on Sept. 30, Aurora Gas President Scott Pfoff told Petroleum News Aug. 18. The unitization agreement would include a commitment to shoot some 3-D seismic in the leases, Pfoff said. But Aurora has filed the drilling paperwork in case the unitization deal falls through. �We ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
CINGSA applies to RCA
With gas utility Enstar Natural Gas Co. wanting to be able to use a planned new gas storage facility on Alaska�s Kenai Peninsula by the summer of 2012, to avert Southcentral Alaska gas deliverability shortfalls during the following winter, the race is on to fast track the Kenai gas storage development. In a recent flurry of activity, Semco Energy, Enstar�s parent company, and MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co. announced July 28 that they have formed a joint venture to develop the facility and that the joint venture has filed for a certificate with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska. And on July 26 the Alaska Department of Natural ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Alaska Coastal Management Program: Natural Hazards
DGGS provides support to Alaska Coastal Management Program (ACMP) personnel and coastal district plan- ners regarding natural hazard issues. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NOAA Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management : My State ...
The local community pursued the designation of Kachemak Bay as a National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR) to preserve the lifestyle and economy of the region. Kachemak NERR, Homer, AK. The Alaska Department of Natural Resources oversees the Alaska Coastal Management Program . The primary authority for the Coastal Program is the Coastal Management Act of 1977. Alaska has a three-tiered coastal zone based on the proximity to the land-sea interface. Local coastal programs may also establish more specific boundaries. While the Coastal Program was originally established under the Coastal Management Act of 1977, between 2003 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Coastal Zone Planning
"partnership between, state, and local governments in the planning and management of coastal resources." Each of the thirty-five states with coastal waters was encouraged to develop a Coastal Management Program (CMP) . To gain state support, Congress incorporated several incentives in the act, including federal assistance in planning, federal aid in coastal land acquisition, and a consistency provision that provided states with a measure of control over federal agency actions once the state CMP was approved. The Alaska Legislature passed the Alaska ...
Alaska at AllExperts
Alaska is the largest state in the United States in terms of land area (it is larger in area than all but 18 of the world's nations) at 570,374 square miles (1,477,261 km²), over twice as large as Texas , the next largest state. If a map of Alaska were superimposed upon a map of the 48 contiguous states , Alaska would overlap Texas , Oklahoma , Kansas , New Mexico and Colorado , and if the state's westernmost point were superimposed on San Francisco, California , its easternmost point would be in Jacksonville, Florida . Alaska also has more coastline than all of the contiguous U.S. combined. One scheme for ...
What is the best marine biology college? - Yahoo! Answers
I am in the 10th grade and need to find a college to tart looking at. I want to do marine biology but i dont know what college i should go to. please help! Kudos to you for getting a head start on the college search! Lots of students wait too long to do so. Before you start looking for colleges, though, there are a couple of things that you should do in high school. First, be sure to take as many science and math (yes, math) classes as you possibly can. Talk to your guidance counselor or whomever makes your schedules and mention that you have an interest in marine biology - they should be able to help you pick classes that ...