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The controversial No Child Left Behind Act is due to expire this year, and as Congress works on renewing it, U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski wants to fix one of the law's more glaring problems. No Child Left Behind uses an unfair and unhelpful way to judge how well schools educate children. Under the law, schools are ...
and the first Alaskan candidate of either major party on a national ticket, as well as the first female vice-presidential nominee of the Republican Party. Since the defeat of the McCain–Palin ticket in the 2008 election, there has been speculation that she may run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 .
The Anchorage Daily News demands leaders stop criticizing Mark ...
Just when you thought the Anchorage Daily News could not possibly lean any more to the left, the paper once again exceeds expectations. Did you see the editorial in Monday’s paper calling for the mean, nasty, impolite mayor of Anchorage, Dan Sullivan, to leave the Daily News’s golden boy, Mark Begich alone? market research, surveys and trends
375 Inconvenient Truths! - Watching &
After the rush of Climategate and the abject failure of the warmists and their settled science to influence politicians at Hoaxenhagen we now see the appalling Met Office and the biased British Bullshit Corporation trying even harder to prove man made global warming is real. So to balance their idiotic standpoint ... market research, surveys and trends
Unsheathed: Rest in Peace Anchorage Daily News
Drawing the rhetorical sword from it's sheath when attacked. An Ordinary Barbarian takes on elitists, the media and smear merchants both inside the arena of ideas and, when their rules call for it, outside the arena of ideas. Viewer discretion is advised. Some material may not be suitable for liberals. If ...


Poll finds GOP got bump up: Former Gov. Sarah Palin |
Complete coverage, video and photo galleries of Sarah Palin, from Alaska's governor, to GOP's vice-presidential candidate, and now private citizen. (section) PHOTOS Sarah Palin Wide variety of galleries following Sarah Palin, from Wasilla childhood to political celebrity on a global scale. LOCAL SURVEY: ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Pebble Blog |
Some Alaskans have said that if the Pebble mine goes forward, the state first should review its water quality standard for copper, which at certain concentrations can harm a salmon's sense of smell, researchers say. Looks like that review is underway. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game this year completed a industry trends, business articles and survey research
Bering Sea pollock survey finds fewer fish than anticipated ...
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists in Seattle presented their preliminary findings to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council's Groundfish Plan Team, which is reviewing stock assessments prior to issuing a full report in November. The pollock fishery in the eastern Bering is the ...
Anchorage audit faults former mayor, assembly
An independent audit examining Anchorage's financial matters during former Mayor Mark Begich's last months in office faults both Begich and the assembly. The audit, first reported by the Anchorage Daily News, concludes that the administration of Begich, now a U.S. senator, did not provide key reports to the Anchorage Assembly, and assembly members did not demand them. The reporting came under scrutiny because in late 2008, during the last months of Begich's administration, the national economy crashed and city investments lost millions of dollars. Two weeks after Begich left office, his successor, Acting Mayor ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Alaska DMV panel censors vanity license plates
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - There's no question Alaska drivers love personalized license plates. One in 20 Alaska vehicles has them, according to a recent survey by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, ranking the state 13th in the nation. What did you see on the way to work? AKRAISD? TRBL? UFF DA? Some plates are a mystery. Some are good for a laugh. But what happens when they have the potential to offend? That's when the DMV steps in. The Division of Motor Vehicles in Anchorage has a team of expert decoders who go through every personalized plate application to nix the obscene, the offensive and the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Anchorage Daily News article, date Feb 13, 1998 by Helen Jung
Click here to email our Circulation Department for subscription information. Return to Anchorage Daily News home page . ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Report on Coffey finds five disclosure problems - APOC: Staff asks ...
Anchorage Daily News. Staff. Date: June 16, 2004. Section: Alaska. Page: B1. Assemblyman Dan Coffey probably violated state laws by failing to list some ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics PrintPa9e
Anchorage Daily News. Close Window. Second Knik Arm bridge report puts cost at $686 million. STATE ESTIMATE: A four-lane span would cost $811 million. ...
Anchorage Daily News Article on Chickadees on 11/23/00
Imagine using all that Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing and pie just to keep warm tonight. Then imagine doing it all over again tomorrow. By Elizabeth Manning Daily News Reporter (Published November 23, 2000) When you stuff yourself today, think of the chickadees. ...
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People watching the 7-pound male, on display at the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, come away amazed that a sea creature -- or any animal, for that matter -- has the smarts to unscrew the lid on a plastic container. But it's no big deal, say researchers who tell stories of these intelligent, crafty ...
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twice in the "Public Service" category, in 1976 and 1989. The 1976 Pulitzer was for its series "Empire: The Alaska Teamsters Story," which disclosed the effect and influence of the Teamsters Union on the state's economy and politics. The 1989 series was "A People in Peril," which ...
Alaska: Moving to Palmer, alcan alaska, anchorage daily news
I am a recent law graduate whose first post-law schooljob will be clerking in Palmer Alaska. I am wondering where the best place to live would be (reasonably priced since I have all my school loans). I am also MOSTLY concerned with advice on the best way to move up there. I am currently in Vermont. (1) Fly up, and ...
How did the US acquire Alaska? | Smart QandA: Answers and facts ...
Share this credible answer with others. Simply paste this code into your blog or Web page: How did the US acquire Alaska? In 1867, Russia sold Alaska to the United States for $7,200,000. The ...