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When Jill Little, merchandise and marketing director at John Lewis, recently announced that the retailer was to introduce a value range, it was widely seen as a smart move. The homeware products line has been specifically designed to help John Lewis defend its 'Never knowingly undersold' slogan against supermarkets that have moved into its territory. At the launch, Little said the value range would be 'benchmarked' continually against Tesco's own-brand products to ensure it remained competitive. Targeting the competition John Lewis may or may not be aware of it, but it ...
The word brand has continued to evolve to encompass identity - in effect the personality of a product, company or service.
Branding and Social Media | Thoughts & Notions | Blackcoffee
An overwhelming number of social media “experts” are calling for companies to surrender control of their brands to a social media empowered public. Even Forrester Research went as far as to suggest that the day of the “brand manager” is dead, calling for a complete overhaul of marketing, in which brand managers are replaced by “brand advocates.” Consumers and companies have always co-owned their brands. Remove either the company or the consumers from the equation and the brand ceases to exist. Brand managers simply manage the relationship, by managing expectations. So, what’s changed? In the past companies promised a targeted ... market research, surveys and trends
Product development and brand positioning strategy | Strategic ...
Marketing conversations are often dominated by ‘branding’. Brand advocates talk about such topics as building the brand, defending the brand, brand essence, brand equity, brand this, brand that. The brand focus usually has the premise of an existing category, a known battlefield where your brand is fighting it out with a slew of others. Yet, one of the high impact moves with a new or repositioned brand is to shift or redefine the playing field. When this is succussfully done, at we call these players “category makers”. Category making is one of the most powerful strategies for creating a strong defensible market position. ... market research, surveys and trends


Brand Management | Perspectives
that promotes itself as “Pecsi” instead of “Pepsi” in Argentina.  For many Latin Americans, including myself, it’s a humorous nod to how the Spanish pronunciation of foreign words (and in this case a brand) can sometimes create a new term that eventually become part of the vernacular. But seriously, Pepsi altered its brand to resonate more strongly within the local market and initial results show that it’s working to drive not only awareness but also sales.  The question now is how should Pepsi manage the success of this campaign while not causing damage to its brand?  Localization of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Brand Strategy | Touchpoint Insights
What is a “brand gap”? Simply stated, it’s when – as a corporation – who you say you are doesn’t connect with the reality of who you actually are. Most commonly, these brand gaps exist between an organization’s “vision” or “brand values” as articulated and promulgated by the executive suite, and the staffers who should be delivering on them. But did anyone bother to let the staff know what those promises actually meant, or how to interpret them in their daily interactions? If not, the customer experience isn’t going to match up to expectations, and dissatisfaction (if you’re lucky) occurs. Over the last year we’ve had a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The SCOOTER Store Partners With Branding Leader
/PRNewswire/ -- The SCOOTER Store announced today it has selected an integrated Omnicom team to join its network of agency partners. The company is revamping its roster of agencies to include a new team that provides a deeper understanding of the U.S. healthcare market and proven expertise in branding and direct response. The Omnicom team is led by Zimmerman Advertising and Daggerwing, and also includes Porter Novelli , Javelin Marketing Group and AdelphiEden.   The announcement signals a major shift in direction for the company's approach to brand management and messaging used in communicating with U.S. healthcare ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
BaWang Group Announces 2010 Interim Results
HONG KONG, Aug. 23 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Financial Highlights For the six months ended 30 June 2010 2009 Change RMB ('000) RMB ('000) (%) Revenue 930,810 681,090 + 36.7 Gross profit 619,152 450,726 + 37.4 Profit from Operation 186,188 128,538 + 44.9 Profit attributable to equity holders ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


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Sep 30, 2009 ... Brand Management, Brand Strategy, Branding, Differentiate the brand experience,. Direct Marketing, Emerging Marketing Channels, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Strategic Brand Management - Microsoft PowerPoint - Strategic ...
Brand Management. • Dialed up emotion with rational equity speak to head AND heart ..... Energy Strategy report: “Energy Strategy for the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Oswald - Semiotics and Strategic Brand Management Laura R. Oswald ...
Semiotics has important applications to strategic brand management by helping ... of brand strategy, consumer research, and semiotics – a branch of ...
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Bajaj Auto is creating a new brand strategy focusing on 4 brands ...
Bajaj Auto is looking to style itself, as a “garage of independent brands like Hindustan Unilever” wherein marketing and branding focus is limited to four motorcycles — Boxer, Discover, Pulsar and KTM — as well as the autorickshaw, while the parent brand takes a back seat. The entire organization will also be realigned, along these brand verticals, as part of the radical change in strategy.To quote the current CEO Rajiv Bajaj “The Bajaj brand is very diffused, covering everything from heaters and hair-oil to insurance and financial services. Correcting that problem is the biggest opportunity ...
Marketing: Brand Management, collage materials, writing a term paper
2- I am writing a term-paper about marketing, the topic that I chose is Brand management. Please i need to know what are the main points that I should mention regrading brand management The following is the draft content: 1.   Brand Management? a.   The total approach b.   Defining the brand c.   Types of brands 2.   Brand management - Agencies 3.   Process a.   Defining the brand b.   Guiding the market research team by setting the agenda and criteria c.   Selecting the stimuli, such as product-benefit statement, pictures, product samples, ...