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Business Process Definition Metamodel

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The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) implemented a business process management and workflow solution to drive change efforts across its organizations. E-commerce takes the proper steps to move towards a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to maximize the flexibility of their IT structure. A world leader in communications strives to streamline their customer billing system. Process Management Maintains Clear Workflows for Knowledge Sharing in Oil & Gas Well Engineering Industry BPM helps Equifax align its global operations... Business Process Management (BPM) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enables ...
that produce a specific service or product (serve a particular goal) for a particular customer or customers. It often can be visualized with a flowchart as a sequence of activities.
workflow modeling tools « AFR200, my dutch bot
tool in this field. The search have been unsuccesful most of the time. On the one hand, standards in BPM are still changing and evolving, it is not clear if we should use XPDL or BPMN, and where BPEL should come into play. On the other hand, workflow technology seems to be closed to enterprise solutions (oracle, ibm or fujitsu offers BPM suites, which are not easy/cheap). But this is coming to an end. The next 4 tools are the best i found out there, in the google space field: * [lightweight!] TWE, Together Workflow Editor (community edition) [ link ]. It is a java-based tool, emerging from previous Enhydra JaWe editor. It ... market research, surveys and trends
Things BPMN - Vishal's BPM corner: BPM Terminology
BPMN - Business Process Modeling Notation - A standard notation orgininally defined by BPMI and subsequently owned and released by OMG. Pl note it is just a notation and has no serialization. It does define a mapping to BPEL4WS. BPEL - Business Process Execution Language - This is the OASIS standard for orchestrating web services to execute business processes. BPMS - Business Process Management Suites - A term used for product (or a set thereof) that provides definition and execution of business processes. BPDM - Business Process Definition Metamodel - A meta model proposal for serializing BPMN diagrams. It is in RFP stage. ... market research, surveys and trends


State of the Business Process Management Market 2008
Jul 30, 2008 ... showed 65 percent of BPM deployments integrate three or more ... 256 CIOs of companies ranging from less than US$100 million to more than US$1 billion. ..... Business Process Definition Metamodel (BPDM). A newly released ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Conceptual Models and Model-Based Business Metadata to Bridge the ...
Business Objects (US$ 894 million), SAS (US$ 679 million), Cognos (US$ 622 ...... nizing a promotion of a single product (e.g., a 30 percent discount on a brand of soap) shown ...... Business Process Definition Metamodel. (BPDM), 2004. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Border Patrol Looking To Expand Unmanned Air Drone Operations With Department ...
states that the Central Intelligence Agency may be using faulty “hacked” programming code made for operating its unmanned Predator drone aircraft, there's also the matter of the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency, which is seeking to strengthen its partnership with the Department of Defense (DOD) to better monitor the US-Mexico border with surveillance drones. Retired Air Force Major General Michael C. Kostelnik, who is now assistant commissioner to the Border Patrol's Air and Marine office, before a House of Representatives subcommittee last month that three specific DOD programs “are being tested or ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
'The Invisibiles' Gives Voice to Brutalized Migrants
TUCSON -- The women and children are raped. They are kidnapped. Those who can not remember the names of their relatives in the United States with money, have the tips of their tongues cut off. Those who can not pay the kidnappers are tortured, chopped into pieces and their bodies burned in boiling pots of diesel oil. Some are still alive when they are thrown in. The Mexican government knows this, but does nothing to stop it. These are the “Invisibles.” These are the stories of migrants traveling on foot from southern Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. They are traveling north through Mexico, risking their lives to help ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Microsoft PowerPoint - Lonjon - BPDM - Tutorial
Business Process Definition MetaModel. Business Process Definition. Metamodel. Tutorial. Page 2. BPDM. Agenda. ○Introduction. ○Language structure ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Business Process Management (BPM) - Enterprise Architecture ...
Business Process. Definition Metamodel. (BPDM). OMG. Execution language and/or notation language, as MDA metamodel. Business Process. Runtime Interface ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Approaches for Measuring the Management Effectiveness of Software ...
process management such as Business Motivation Model (BMM) specification [BMM],. Business Process Definition Metamodel (BPDM) [BPDM]. Even Gannt, PERT ...
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Is there a standard semantic model for business strategy ...
My new company LeveragePoint is built on a semantic platform (SMW+, triple store, etc.). Our business is to support the activation, embedding and evolution of strategies at organizations, at this point we focus on marketing strategies. The platform integrates the implementation and communication of strategies with learning and collaboration. We try to be as standards based as possible. We use DC and FOAF and are implementing SKOS and SIOC. Is there something similar for business strategies? If not is there anyone interested in developing one with us? This would need to cover the following types of strategies: Economic Value ...
Metadata at AllExperts
"information") are data that describe other data. Generally, a set of metadata describe a single set of data, called a resource. Metadata are of special interest in various fields of computer science , e. g. information retrieval and the semantic web . Although many consider them a powerful tool to bridge the semantic gap , they are criticized severely by others. The term was introduced intuitively, i.e. without exact definition. Because of that today there is a whole variety of definitions. The most common one is the literal translation: *Metadata are data on data. As for most people the difference between data and ...