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Special Report on

Cathedral Place Management

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Cathedral Place Apartments is a 192 unit Section 236 project located in Mobile, AL. The Project was developed in the mid 1970's and is sponsored by the Archdiocese of Mobile. At the time, the HUD Section 236 loan program was one of a few avenues to finance housing specifically for the elderly. In a 236 project financing, the original loan was placed with an investor at the prevailing interest rate, but HUD provided a subsidy in the form of an Interest Reduction Payment (IRP). The Project was required to pay interest at a statutory rate of 1% while the IRP made up the difference between 1% and the prevailing rate, in this ...
the terms "kathedrikos naos" (literally: "cathedral shrine") is sometimes used for the church at which an archbishop or "metropolitan" presides. The term "metropolis" (literally "mother city") is used more commonly than "diocese" to signify an area of governance within the church. There are certain variations on the use of the term "cathedral"; for example, some pre-Reformation cathedrals in Scotland now within the Church of Scotland still retain the term cathedral, despite the Church's Presbyterian polity that does not have bishops. The same occurs in ...
Land Strategies Farming Blog: Dairy Crest v Wiseman – Where Would ...
Welcome to Land Strategies blog,a regular round up of news and comment about consumers, the food they buy and the places they buy from, aiming to provide British farmers with an easy way to keep up to date with consumer trends. Dairy Crest and Robert Wiseman Dairies have just announced annual results. Both process huge quantities of milk (2.1 billion litres for Dairy Crest and 1.6 billion for Wiseman) but their business models could not be more different. Wiseman supplies only fresh milk, sold mainly under a retailer’s own brand name. Dairy Crest is diversified, selling fresh milk, plus cheeses and spreads. It owns well ... market research, surveys and trends
Epiphany Cathedral School of Venice Makes Walt Disney World Their ...
Students from Epiphany Cathedral School of Venice traveled to the Walt Disney World Resort to take part in the Disney Youth Education Series Program  (Y.E.S.) “Disney’s Production Arts and Sciences.” On May 13th the group participated in Disney’s Animation Magic program and on the 14th Disney’s Ocean Discoveries program  Each year, groups from around the world travel to Walt Disney World to take part in one of the several Disney Y.E.S. programs offered throughout the Resort. Most of the programs take place in and behind the scenes of the world famous Theme Parks. Areas of study include physical ... market research, surveys and trends


City's property values drop — again - The Business Journal of ...
The decrease, by as much as 20 percent for some downtown Milwaukee hotels, is also likely to result in the shifting of property taxes among owners throughout the city or force city officials to either raise the 2011 tax rate or trim the overall city budget. “Assessors may be under pressure to get the maximum value they can because the city needs the money, but the assessor’s office has been very fair,” said Bill Bonifas, a vice president and broker at CB Richard Ellis ’ Milwaukee office. The InterContinental Milwaukee hotel’s assessment led the way for valuation decreases for downtown properties ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Questions remain over management of Pitt, CMU funds
As it turns out, the one that could end up costing the University of Pittsburgh most or all of the $65 million it had entrusted from its endowment was not one of those alternative investments. The university has said little publicly about its decision to go with Westridge Capital Management or the allegations of fraud that now surround how the firm's managers may have spent the money. But experts say "enhanced indexing," the sort of strategy used by Westridge, is by itself a relatively traditional form of investing, even though it has some nontraditional elements. The former lead consultant for Wilshire ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Circulator was my idea
5 years after launching the Circulator bus service, few would disagree that DDOT has created a compelling service and brand. But success creates its own problems. Now everyone wants the Circulator in their neighborhood, and many want a stop within a short walk of their home. Catering to every such request could dilute the service and the brand. Already, the different routes serve different purposes, with the Mall loop filling a very different niche than the route through Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights. While catering to loud or connected residents sometimes passes as inclusion in local government, DDOT has instead launched ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Tonight's Fundraiser to Help DTC's Former House Manager Manage Hospital Bills
Since January 17, Tonja Bigelow-Brown has died three times. She died first on an operating table at Medical City Dallas, where surgeons cut her open to find the source of an E.coli bacterial infection that caused her fallopian tubes to rupture. She was revived that night, waking briefly out of anesthesia to see doctors peering down into her bleeding gut. Tonja Bigelow-Brown with some of the medications fighting her (nearly) deadly E.coli infection ​Her heart stopped two more times after that and when she came to days later in ICU, she was told bluntly that she had two weeks to live. A smiling intern shoved a bill into her hand ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


310 - Work Order Request
Cathedral Place Management. ABN 91 867 743 476. Work Order Request. Tenant: Unit : Home Phone: Work Phone: Mobile: I/We the undersigned hereby give ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Ecoroofs & Other Green City Strategies in Portland, Oregon
City Public Works Code 17.38: Stormwater Management 1999. ... Cathedral Place Ecoroof – retrofit on existing roof membrane ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
815 S. Cathedral Place, Richmond VA 23284. (804) 828-WELL, ... He continued, "And that's the way it is with stress management. ...
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Would you like your business to be more prosperous? Would you also like a more harmonious work environment that both invigorates and supports you and the people you work with? How would you like to think more clearly and be more productive? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you might want to consider the use of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement. Join the multitude of businesses in this country that have embraced its teachings and enjoyed its many benefits – benefits that can indeed help create a peaceful, successful and profitable work place. So come. Come take a journey into the ...
Roofing: Leak-- Cathedral ceiling/tile roof, concrete tile roof ...
I`ve been in roofing for 30 years. I`m a roofing contractor in California. I have in depth expertise in residential roofing, especially wood shakes and shingles, asphalt composition shingles, and to a somewhat lesser extent with hot tar systems, tile, and all the other residential systems on the market. Experience ROOFING..HISTORY........ My father was a roofing contractor in the 60's and 70's. I started roofing in 1972 when I was 18 years old, in Encinitas, California. Since 1975, I've been in San Jose, California. I earned my contractors license in 1977, when I was 23 years old, and immediately started a ...