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Special Report on

Certified Information Technology Professional

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Job opportunities should be favorable; those who have earned professional recognition through certification or licensure, especially a CPA, should enjoy the best prospects. Much faster than average employment growth will result from an increase in the number of businesses, changing financial laws and regulations, and greater scrutiny of company finances. Accountants and auditors help to ensure that firms are run efficiently, public records kept accurately, and taxes paid properly and on time. They analyze and communicate financial information for various entities such as companies, individual clients, and Federal, State, and ...
recognized for their technology expertise and unique ability to bridge the gap between business and technology. Unlike other certifications that recognize only a narrow scope of skills, the CITP credential recognizes technical expertise across a wide range of business-technology practice areas. The CITP credential is predicated on the fact that in today’s complex business environment, technology plays an ever increasing role in how organizations meet their business obligations, and that no single professional has a more comprehensive understanding of those obligations than a Certified Public Accountant. An increasingly ...
The Value of the CITP Credential
as an information technology professional. There are 1,600 individuals who hold this credential, which means they are recognized for their unique ability to bridge between business and technology and they have achieved a combination of IT-related certifications, degrees, continuing education and business experience providing them with a wide range of documented IT competency. During 2009, more than 235 new credential holders were added, a 90- percent increase over the number added in 2008.  We attribute the significant increase in numbers to the changes that we made to the body of knowledge. The CITP credential holder possesses ... market research, surveys and trends
Why Privacy Matters (or Should) to Nonprofits | NTEN: The ...
Highlights from recent media coverage of privacy-related incidents and trends shows increased risk for the nonprofit sector related to privacy. Many nonprofit leaders aren't prepared to deal with this issue and that could mean dire consequences should the proper safeguards not be in place and a breach or theft occur. Have you mitigated your privacy risks? "Data Theft Creates Notification Nightmare for BlueCross" (March 1, 2010, The BlueCross' original breach occurred in October 2009, but five months, $7 million and 110,000 work hours later, they are still dealing with the issue. Imagine what your ... market research, surveys and trends


Professional trends in accounting for 2003 | Accountancy Article
A number of important developments will affect accounting professionals in 2003. New regulations, changing job responsibilities, emerging technologies and specialties, and a more moderate hiring climate are a few of the key issues. Individuals who adapt quickly to these trends will be in the strongest position for career advancement this year. WANTED: A DIVERSIFIED SKILL SET Accountants continue to assume broader responsibilities, undertaking more of an advisory role with their clients. They are expected to think big-picture and understand how financial data impacts every aspect of a business. As a result, public ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
2008 Year-In-Review & 2009 Executive Predictions — NEWS - The CPA ...
If anyone ever needed more proof of the dynamic world in which we live, 2008 has been perhaps one of the best examples in decades. With hurricanes, a tumultuous financial market and an historic election, we�ve gotten more than our share of change lately. In addition to these notable, perhaps seismic, social events, the year 2008 has also provided us with notable events in technologies that hold the promise of reshaping workflow practices in professional tax and accounting firms. While most of these new innovations have been under development for years, the widespread adaptation of them in the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
TASC, Inc. Names Mark Leary Chief Information Security Officer
TASC, Inc., a leading provider of advanced systems engineering, integration and support services to the Intelligence Community, Departments of Defense and Homeland Security and other federal agencies, has named Mark Leary chief information security officer (CISO). (Logo: ) (Logo: ) "The growing sophistication of the cyber threats against both government and industry requires assertive and integrated measures to defend our national security," says Barbie Bigelow , vice president and chief information officer ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Capella University Names Larry A. Isaak as its Next President
an accredited online university* that has built its reputation by providing high quality online degree programs for working adults, has named Larry A. Isaak as its next president. Isaak, who currently serves as president of the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) and is the former chancellor of the North Dakota University System, will take over for interim Capella President Mike Offerman in November. Offerman will remain with Capella as an integral member of the University's leadership team. "In Larry, we have found a leader who truly appreciates ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Improving Clinical Trials by Implementing Information Technology ...
licensed CPA and CITP (Certified Information Technology Professional), and is a member of several boards including the American Institute of Certified ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
ADS 467 - Information Technology (IT), Skills Incentive Program (SIP)
the DoS CIO, DoS Dean of the School of Applied Information Technology (SAIT), .... Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
WikiAnswers - How many years of training do you need to be a ...
The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the education and training required for an accountant. Most accountants and auditors need at least a bachelor's degree in business, accounting, or a related field. Many accountants and auditors choose to obtain certification to help advance their careers, such as becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Education and training. Most accountant and auditor positions require at least a bachelor's degree in accounting or a related field. Beginning accounting and auditing positions in the Federal Government, for example, usually ...
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what are the differences between a certified public accountant and a public accountant in terms of the documents that each are allowed to provide to a client,and fee schedule, training, and license requirements, Hi tonolilo, According the the US Department of Labor website, the basic job description for accountants and CPAs are the same. However, getting certified not only provides professional recognition and a higher salary, but it can also lead to other designations, such as, Business Valuation (ABV), Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP), or Personal Financial Specialist (PFS). Many jobs require ...