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Julia has delivered change projects in the consumer products industry for 20 years, for clients including Tesco, BhS, Trinity Mirror, The Kingfisher Group and B&Q. She has a strong IT background and has developed IT strategies and implemented systems for companies including Whirlpool, Reebok, Tesco, an NHS Trust, two retailers and a music company. Prior to creating CMG in 1999, she led an IT development company, and held roles at a business, The Disney Store, and Ernst & Young. Julia serves as a Trustee for The Consortium for Street Children.   Alan Russell Client Partner Alan is experienced in managing large ...
' Headquarters and recording studios and The Royal Chiswick Laundry. It is now named Island Studios and is occupied by Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands (architects), Nick Stewart & Associates, (music management), Frost Meadowcroft , (commercial property consultants) and the Change Management Group. The property is situated in the western corner of St Peter's Square , that was laid out and built from 1827, opposite St Peter's Church, Hammersmith . In the basement of the rear of the building is the former studio of Island Records known as The Fallout Shelter, 47 British Grove. Many musicians began their careers or ...
Retail News for 15 September 2009 | Change Management Group
The owner of B&Q was yesterday embarrassed into bringing forward publication of its first-half results, after accidentally publishing some of the data ahead of schedule in an “administrative error”. Tesco and Fortis finalise insurance partnership 1500 jobs to be created. Tesco enjoys a Korea break with Homeplus On the fifth floor of the 24-hour Tesco, golfers are driving practice balls high into the roof. Yards away, diners are sipping wine and scoffing steak and risotto in a plush Italian restaurant overlooking the neon skyline. Dunnhumby’s data looks good as profits rise 71pc Dunnhumby, the data-crunching ... market research, surveys and trends
Shot of Jaq » Developing The Devop
Within the hidden war inside software companies between agitated sysadmins and frustrated developers, Paul Hammond and John Allspaw from Flickr want to stop the madness. Jono Bacon and Stuart ‘Aq’ Langridge explore whether two old warring enemies can find peace and what needs to be done. Remember, we are just the very, very start of the conversation! What do you think? Are you a sysadmin? Are you a developer? How do you think we can help code writing and server deploying friends seek peace, or don’t you think a problem exists in the first place? Do you think it can be solved or will the personalities never meet ... market research, surveys and trends


20 Shortcuts On Organizational Change Management
20 S H O R TCU TS O N ORGANIZATIONAL CH A NGE MA NA GEMENT IF YOU CAN’T EXPLAIN IT TO YOUR GRANDMOTHER, FORGET IT. LUC GALOPPIN If you would ask me to summarize our field of expertise in 20 points, this e-book would be my answer. It contains my personal view on the basics of Organizational Change Management. I use it as a companion to my trainings on Change Management because I don’t do PowerPoint. I do People ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Complementary Investment in Change Management and IT Investment Payoff
veloped by their Organizational Change Management group led to the smooth implementation of the upgrade process and con- ... Ninety percent of enterprise resource planning (ERP) ..... $18.6 Million or $529/computer. In addition, the up- ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
UnitedHealth Vies With McKesson in Overhaul-Driven $11 Billion Tech Market
the largest drug distributor, are vying for billions of dollars in added sales by bulking up their information-technology units. The companies are expanding beyond their core business to help insurers cope with the health overhaul, which threatens to swamp industry computer systems, said Joanne Galimi , a Boston- based analyst for technology researcher Gartner Inc. Bracing for added taxes and regulations, insurers are upgrading long-neglected systems used to enroll members, track care and process claims, Galimi said. They also face a 2013 switch to a new government-mandated system for classifying diseases. Insurer spending on ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Rival Catholic group launched ahead of UK papal visit
Reformist group offers alternative to Catholic Voices, which has recruited 20 media-friendly members to explain traditional views Riazat Butt , religious affairs correspondent , Tuesday 24 August 2010 17.20 BST Both groups will hope to make the most of the media spotlight before and during Benedict XVI’s four-day tour of the UK A Catholic speakers' bureau is being launched ahead of next month's papal visit to provide alternative views on controversial church issues such as child abuse, women's ordination, married priests and homosexuality. Catholic Voices for Reform will go head to head with ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Change Management Group 2009 NHS Information Technology Survey
Change Management Group (CMG), the leading independent management consultancy, has .... Change Management Group Ltd | Island Studios | 22 St Peter's Square ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
CMM Key Practices for Level 5 - Technology Change Management
The purpose of Technology Change Management is to identify new technologies (i.e., tools, methods, and processes) and track them into the organization in an orderly manner. Technology Change Management involves identifying, selecting, and evaluating new technologies, and incorporating effective technologies into the organization. The objective is to improve software quality, increase productivity, and decrease the cycle time for product development. The organization establishes a group (such as a software engineering process group or a technology support group) that works with the software projects to introduce and evaluate ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Business Impact of Change Management
If your company is considering a major change project, anything from a software implementation to a merger/acquisition, this article may help you as it focuses on the results of studies (over the last ten years) on organizational change management (OCM) and its impact on obtaining a high project return on investment (ROI.) What advice would you give a friend or business associate if they said to you, "I just heard about this great investment and I am really excited about it because it has so much potential. In order to get involved, I have to put a lot of money down. And the only negative seems to be that the return on ...
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What are the biggest mistakes in managing change? | LinkedIn ...
1. Sacred Cows - In spite of what an organization might tell you there is always at least one. It's not inappropriate to have one or two sacred cows, but telling staff that everything is up for grabs and then protecting certain things leads to disillusionment. 2. Pain - Based on my experience, senior leadership is eager to get change underway; however, there comes a time in every change process when the pain begins. This is the birthing process of change and if you can hold on through this period you will usually start to get real traction. I find it interesting that it's often the leadership who want to throw in ...
Google Answers: What are the steps to consider when integrating ...
I would ideally like to use some of this reasearch in putting together a checklist / timeline. This integration must happen extremely fast with minimal impact to the business. Greetings Business Guy: I have located a few links for your perusal that I believe will be beneficial in integration by merger. A case study is available for download in PDF format from - the synopsis states "In order to welcome and orient new employees, and reinforce the company's culture and values to existing employees, Refinery customized the employee portal to identify upon login ...