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CMS Made Simple

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For the first time seven members of the core development met in person. Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, was the host city of this meeting. Core team members attending were (from top left): Samuel Goldstein (SjG), Tatu Wikman (tsw), Daniel Westergren (westis), René Helminsen (reneh), Morten Poulsen ...
13 Simple CMS Options
available to choose from, designers often have the need to work on small sites for clients that may only have use for a fraction of the features offered by the CMS. In theses cases the ideal solution is to use a simple CMS that may offer limited features, but will be easier for clients to use. If you’re ... market research, surveys and trends
The Best Way to Keep Your Website Fresh and Relevant
What does it take to update the content on your website?  Do you have to go through a rigmarole that takes too long and involves technical staff to transform your content into HTML or other code before someone updates the website?  Do you think this is a ridiculous process and that you should be able to directly ... market research, surveys and trends
CMS Made Simple Showcase Vol. 1: Gorgeousness! | Pixelita Design Blog
for quite awhile and it is a great CMS that has a lot of functional modules, including the Front End Users (FEU) module (used in tandem with the Self-Registration module you can have a premium content web site in nothing flat!), Bookmarks, Calendar, Events Calendar, File Uploads, to name just a few. We’ve ...


Demand for document management and record management software is set to grow by over 7% every year for the next five years in the Asia/Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) region, according to new research by IT market research company IDC ( news , site ). "In India, Singapore, China, and Australia, managing content ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
CMS Made Simple Demo - About Shared Parenting
Shared parenting refers to joint physical and legal custody. In such an arrangement both parents share approximately equal parenting time and have the same rights that all custodial parents have. In Massachusetts, however, this is not the norm. There is no presumption of joint custody. Shared parenting, if ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Print Page - New plugin released - image carousel 1.0b
Just released a plugin for creating image carousel like the one in ebay (auctiva) but without flash, only with javascript and CSS. Please report any bugs. Here ( you can see a working example of javascript. You can download plugin here ...
Three (Small) Things That Squarespace Needs To Do Now
Did you know that there is a rather large and healthy company working night and day to beat WordPress, working to build the best consumer and business CMS platform that the world has ever seen? They want to reinvent the game, break all the rules, and make beautiful websites sing for the little guy. And, I must say, Squarespace does nearly all of that. Really, I pay them more than $10 a month to host and manage my website; they are a strongly built and well thought out platform. The company’s success speaks to this: their last funding round was a $38.5 million deal that was just to fuel the company’s growth. It ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Hospitals work to keep patients safe, and at home
DECATUR, Ga. (MarketWatch) -- About one in five Medicare patients suffers complications or other health problems that send them back to the hospital within a month of going home -- and a lack of communication between hospitals and patients about follow-up care is a major reason why, experts say. But with new Medicare rules coming soon that will slash payments for return visits, hospitals nationwide are testing a simple solution to a problem that can lead to higher costs and sicker patients: They're spending more time on discharge instructions to patients and their doctors and other caregivers. Joe Howly, a commodities ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


CMS Made Simple (CMSMS) Quick Reference Guide
CMS Made Simple (CMSMS) Quick Reference Guide. For Version 1.0 - by Roger M., January 2007. Editorial support: Patty H., Hannah B. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Templates (the design) - College of Natural Sciences, University ...
CMS made simple is a complex tool that makes the process of website creation ... When you first install CMS Made Simple there are some basic templates that ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
overview of content management systems typical components cms made ...
Nov 18, 2005 ... portal: cms made simple. • e-commerce: zen cart. • blogging: wordpress ... cms made simple (3). • users and groups. – users: manage users ...
PQRI Made Simple for Reporting the Preventive Care Measures Group
PQRI Made Simple. For Reporting the Preventive Care Measures Group. January 2009 Is This Your Situation? ...
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Which is the best cms out of the box for seo?
So far I am really pleased with Wordpress and Drupal. Joomla takes a bit of work and needs a host to have mod rewrite etc (I think!). (I say Drupal but when I think about it Wordpress!) MovableType has been the best for me. I can use my own templates and have MT work within the format I specify. CMS Made Easy is ...
Do you use CMS Made Simple,Textpattern, SNews, Article Live ...
I'd like to see examples of developers pushing these CMS platforms beyond examples touted on their respective sites and I'd love to hear strengths and weaknesses from real developers. I have a background as a Web designer and some knowledge of PHP, I no desire to learn another library of tags to build a ...
Selecting right CMS - All-in-one vs lite/simple?!?
We should be prudent in choosing a CMS for your website since it may be with you forever. Eg: if one decides to choose on a particular CMS, and you find it is not its cup of tea after some time (eg 1 year). It may be a headache to transfer your contents from 1 CMS to another. As you know they are limited in ...