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Special Report on

Competitive Strategy Dynamics

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Presents dynamic analysis of a business problem through a model of a production-distribution system that shows oscillatory behavior. Policies to improve system performance are discussed, and numerous policy experiments are demonstrated. Includes full equation listing. Forrester, J. W. 1968. Principles of Systems . Cambridge MA: Productivity Press. System structure and behavior are differentiated, with examples showing how structure determines behavior. Rates and levels are described. Inventory model shows effects of delivery delay and resulting production cycles. Roberts, N., D. F. Andersen, R. M. Deal, M. S. Grant, & ...
The word ‘dynamics’ appears frequently in discussions and writing about strategy, and is used in two distinct, though equally important senses. The dynamics of strategy and performance concerns the ‘content’ of strategy – initiatives, choices, policies and decisions adopted in an attempt to improve performance, and the results that arise from these managerial behaviors. The dynamic model of the strategy process is a way of understanding how strategic actions occur. It recognizes that strategic planning is dynamic, that is, strategy-making involves a complex pattern of actions and reactions. It is partially planned and partially ...
Weird combination: EE, CA, GT, SD?
Musings of a management consultant aka business junkie (MSc EE, MBA) in the Netherlands. As an ardent reader of business books, magazines and e-letters, I plan to use this blog to share and reflect on ideas that I come across in my daily work and the business media. As I am authoring a book on strategy implementation and business architectures, you can expect to read about these subjects but also on technology and innovation, game theory, systems thinking, strategy dynamics, etc., etc. In my first post to this blog I mentioned that I studied Electrical Engineering (EE) at Delft University of Technology, specialized in Computer ... market research, surveys and trends
Text Book BE
*First, Break All The Rules What The World's Greatest Managers do Differently (Based on in-Depth Intervews By The Gallup Organization of Over 80.000 Managers in Over 400 Companies-The Largest Study of ;Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman ; ;1999 *Volume 1 Surface Production Operations (Designing of Oil-Handling Systems and Facilities) ;Ken Arnold, Maurice Stewart ;Butterworth ;1999 *Optimization Concepts and Applications in Engineering ;Ashok D. Belegundu, et al ;Prentice-Hall ;1999 *Calculus A New Horizon ;Howard Anton ; ;1999 *Analytical Mechanics ;Fowles & Cassiday ; ;1999 *Modern Actuarial Theory and Practice ;R.Booth, et ... market research, surveys and trends


Journal of the Operational Research Society - Resource-based ...
Correspondence: MH Kunc, School of Business, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Avenida Diagonal Las Torres 2640, Edificio C, Peñalolen, Santiago, Chile. E-mail: , An earlier version of this paper was presented at the 46th Annual Conference of the OR Society—Problem Structuring Methods Stream—in York, England, September 2004. Received April 2007; Accepted October 2007; Published online 9 January 2008. Top of page The resource-based view of strategy seeks to explain why some firms consistently outperform rivals in the same industry by acquiring a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
October 2005 Newsletter
Many thanks to all who contributed their writing, photographs, and information to this issue of the newsletter: Emmanuel Adamides, Brian Dangerfield, Richard Dudley, Meg Fryling, Valerie Gacogne, Justus Gallati, Shayne Gary, Jose J. Gonzalez, Andreas Gr��ler, Burak G�neralp, Mark Heffernan, Gary Hirsch, Hyunjung Kim, Birgit Kopainsky, Geoff McDonnell, Giovan Battista Montemaggiore, Michiya Morita, Leeza Osipenko, Oleg Pavlov, Anast�ssios Perdico�lis, Ying Qian, Michael Radzicki, Scott Rockart, Eti�nne Rouwette, Markus Salge, Burkhard Schade, Habib Sedehi, Birgitte Snabe, Warren Tignor, Silvia Ulli-Beer, Wayne Wakeland, and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Distressed Debt Investing Interviews Tanja Aalto
It gives me great pleasure to bring to our readers an exclusive Distressed Debt Investing interview with Tanja Aalto, a Managing Director with the Global Restructuring Group of Barclays Capital. She joined Barclays Capital in October 2009 after more than 12 years spent in the Financial Restructuring Group at Houlihan Lokey. Ms. Aalto has extensive domestic and international distressed experience having represented companies, creditors’ committees and ad hoc groups in connection with in-court and out-of-court restructurings, distressed sale processes and financings. She has advised clients across a range of industries with more ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
People Management: How to Maximise Your People and Your Potential
Managing people is both easy and difficult. The easy part is knowing what to do; the difficult part is getting people to do it. Or, as one wise wag said “the problem with common sense is that it’s not very common.” Today, as the storm eases just a little, it’s imperative that you understand the role your people play in the future of your business. A storm quickly sorts out the good from the bad and pirates will be forever remembered. If you got through (or are getting through) the storm, it is for one reason alone: your people. Today, the game is up. Up for you and up for them. Like a boot camp, truth will out. Good people will ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Competitive Strategy Dynamics
Competitive Strategy Dynamics. As a busy executive, why would you be interested in yet another approach to Strategy? Although existing ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Changes in Hospital Competitive Strategy: A New Medical Arms Race?
Address correspondence to Kelly J. Devers, Ph.D., Health Researcher, Center for Studying Health System Change, 600 Maryland Ave. SW, Suite 550, Washington, DC 20024-2512. Linda R. Brewster, M.B.A., is a consultant with the Center for Studying Health System Change. Lawrence P. Casalino, M.D., Ph.D., is with the University of Chicago. To describe changes in hospitals' competitive strategies, specifically the relative emphasis placed on strategies for competing along price and nonprice (i.e., service, amenities, perceived quality) dimensions, and the reasons for any observed shifts. This study uses data gathered through the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Wharton on Dynamic
Wharton on dynamic competitive strategy / edited by George S. Day and. David j. ..... Formulating Dynamic competitive strategies. Competitive analysis. ...
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While I undersand the difference between corporate strategy and ...
In my experience with a vast majority of my clients overlook their competitive strategy, they are too busy just trying to survive and broaden their customer base. That is where I have been successful by helping them look at their competitive position with regards to their customers, their products, their markets and their competition - constantly keeping this part of their focus. posted 4 months ago A Competative Strategy is outward looking and describes how the Organization/Corporation will interact with it's external environment beneficially/sucessfully. An external consultant can aid corporate citizens to look beyond ...
The Break-Even Point and The Break-Even Margin
The break-even point is defined as the point where sales or revenues equal expenses. There is no profit made or loss incurred at the break-even point. This figure is important for anyone that manages a business since the break-even point is the lower limit of profit when setting prices and determining margins. Obviously the break-even point becomes very important when calculating a strategy for net profit.  The break-even margin is a ratio that shows the gross-margin factor for a break-even condition. The formula is total expenses divided by net revenues multiplied by ...