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Special Report on

Cultural resources management

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Protecting Texas' historic and prehistoric places follows a standard methodology based on federal, state, and local regulations. According to Cultural Resource Laws and Practice: An Introductory Guide by Thomas F. King, cultural resources management involves the administration of “historic places of archaeological, architectural, and historical interest, and considering impacts to such places under the environmental and historic preservation laws.” While the practice of cultural resources management (or “CRM”) has evolved over many decades, the most important laws enacted by the federal government ...
This article is concerned with cultural resources in the widest sense: for traditional, archaeological and historic culture specifically see Cultural Heritage Management In the broadest sense, Cultural Resources Management (CRM) is the vocation and practice of managing cultural resources, such as the arts and heritage . It incorporates Cultural Heritage Management which is concerned with traditional and historic culture and the material culture of archaeology . Cultural resources management encompasses current culture, including progressive and innovative culture, such as urban culture , rather than simply attempting to preserve ...
Archaeologist Job (Boise, ID, US)
: Environmental/Sciences Interest Sub Category : Archaeology Job Title : Archaeologist Employment Category/Status : Full Time Type of Position : Regular Hire Country : U.S. State /Province : Idaho City : Boise Minimum Requirements : Masters degree in Anthropology or related field. Minimum 5 years professional archaeological experience including survey and excavation, laboratory analyses, technical report preparation, and agency and client coordination. Thorough knowledge of federal cultural resources regulatory compliance and experience providing regulatory consultation support for federal, state municipal and/or ... market research, surveys and trends
Arizona Legislator Sponsors Bill to Terminate Historic ...
- Arizona Legislator Sponsors Bill to Terminate Historic Preservation Property Tax Exemptions: Owners of historic homes in Arizona would have to pay property taxes just like anybody else to help pay for public schools and community colleges. That's if a state senator has her way. Sen. Linda Gray, R-Phoenix, wants to eliminate a 34-year-old property-tax classification for historic residences that cuts a homeowner's property taxes in half. - Arizona Republic - KAET Interview with Arizona State Parks Director Assesses the Legislature's Sweeping Damage to State Park System and Possible Means ... market research, surveys and trends


America's cultural resources, including archaeological sites and ...
2 percent (1.68 million) of acreage has been surveyed for archeological resources .... The mission of the BLM Cultural Resources Management program is to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Customer Information Management Customer Survey
This report summarizes customer responses to a survey questionnaire, conducted in the summer of 1996, dealing with coastal information management and NOAA 's Coastal Services Center ( CSC ). Customers provided information about four areas of emphasis: general coastal management matters, geographic information systems ( GIS ), remote sensing and image processing, and other information resources (such as net and web technologies). Tables and charts are used to present percentages of persons answering and their responses to specific questions. Brief commentary is used to explain the purpose and meaning of questions asked. CSC ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Friends of Weymouth Sends Out Notices for Membership Renewal
This year’s mailing includes a new brochure describing all the many things that go on at Weymouth Center as well as some information on its history and restoration. One of the many activities held in 2010 was the HeadStart workshop for the children in the spring. Weymouth Center celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2009. These were years packed full of concerts, art and literature series and many other events. The 2010-2011 season coming up is already planning a busy schedule. On Aug. 13, an Elliott’s-catered indoor “Picnic in Provence” will be hosted by Women of Weymouth as a fundraiser gala evening. An arts and humanities ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Park considers more hands-off approach to elk management
The attempt to reintroduce elk into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park has been successful enough that Park managers are considering a more hands-off approach to managing the herd. “Since we released the first elk into the Park in 2001 we have been gathering data to assess the long-term viability of elk in the Smokies, along with evaluating the impacts of elk on the Park’s natural and cultural resources, and their interaction with humans both in the Park and on surrounding lands,” Smokies wildlife biologist Kim Delozier said in a press release on Monday. “Based upon the slow growth in numbers from 52 ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Guidelines for Preparing Cultural Resources Management ...
Title Page y Title, including phase of work (IA, IB, II, and/or III), municipality, and county y Author(s), including contributors. If an ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NPS Office of Policy: NPS-28, Cultural Resource Management (Contents)
technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Anthropological Studies Center (ASC): Cultural Resource Management
Cultural Resource Managment involves inventorying sites, evaluating them, and somtimes mitigating the adverse effects of development projects and construction. ASC staff has extensive experience in: archaeological survey (inventory) recording historic buildings consulting with Native American tribes evaluating resources according to State of California and federal standards providing advice to landowners and developers to help them comply with CEQA and Section 106 of NHPA The following is based on excerpts from “A to Cultural Resource Management for ...
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Archaeology: Becoming an Archeologist, liberal arts colleges ...
Hi, I am looking into a career as an Archeologist and was wondering if jobs are readily available, what schooling is needed, and what colleges are available as close to Spokane, Washington as possible. Any help would be great. Thanks! Answer Hi Nicolas: Well, let's start with the last part of your question.  I have a friend from Spokane who got her degree in Pullman (Washington State), and is now a professional archaeologist. There are good 4-year programs at both Washington State and University of Washington.   Most large public universities have decent archaeology programs.  The program at University ...
Difference between CRM and ERP? - Yahoo! Answers
Clean Room Model, reverse engineering and recreating of a design without infringing copyrights and trade secrets, see Clean room design Cluster Resources Manager CRM114, a spam filter Communication Resource Manager, part of the X/Open specification for distributed transaction processing, see X/Open XA CRM32Pro, a multimedia SDK to develop cross-platform games. In marketing Cause-Related Marketing In biology Cis-regulatory Modules In medicine Cardiac Rhythm Management In analytical chemistry certified reference material In archeology Cultural Resources Management In aviation Crew Resource Management or Cockpit Resource Management